Things start getting out of place when you do not meet your partner for a long while, don’t they? With time, the number of interesting and steamy conversations you make with your partner starts decreasing. Well, it happens with most of us. What is the solution and what can you do to add a little bit of spice? We would suggest sexting.

It is definitely a good option to spice things up after some boring workdays for both of you. A good satisfactory night after several hours of work at the office, isn’t it what everyone yearns for? 

However, sexting is not all that easy either. There are a lot of things that can go wrong or words that you can say wrong, while you are sexting with a female. And you must do it the right way, for it is generally like a make or break thing in the case of women. If you are good at sexting, you are already a little high on the priority list. 

What are some good sexting tips for guys?

A lot of things are very important to be made sure of while you are sexting a woman. We are here to list out some of these things for you, so that the next time you sext, you do not go wrong.

1. Take time:

Trying to reach the sexting level right when you are talking to a woman for the second or third time, is definitely not so good an idea unless you are very sure that it is something that she wants. Experts suggest that you should start sexting only after you have had at least 2-3 dates in person. 

If you have met before and reached a consensus and understanding between the two of you, it would be a great factor in making your sexting experience better.

Also, you must gauge what mood is the other person in, or what are they doing. There is absolutely no harm in asking what they are doing right now before starting a sexting conversation.

2. Use correct grammar:

Your text just automatically becomes a lot better if you use the right grammar, and girls are very particular about this, to be honest. They notice things like these quite well, the way you talk, your grammar, what you call them, etc. 

So, you must start paying a little more attention to what you write. Do not just copy-paste one message to every girl you are slightly interested in, adding a personal touch to the conversation is what every girl likes and admires in men. 


3. Do not start with the dick pic right away:

Honestly, while sending her a dick pic might sound like a great idea to you, it can be a real turn off for most women if that’s the first thing you do while starting the conversation.

If you have made sure that she is in a private place and the mood at the moment and you feel like you have been going well, you might take it to the level of sending her a picture. But remember to be sure about it, because it generally doesn’t turn out to be that great most of the time.

4. Foreplay:

In addition to the above point, a little bit of foreplay is essential before moving on to the graphic part. This is also important to understand her response and whether she is interested or in the mood right now.

 It is very important to understand how to start a sexting conversation, say a thing that will turn her on, or start with a compliment. Make sure you do not just try to assert your preferences, you must also make sure that you prioritize her preferences. 

Do not rush everything. Try to make her imagine and let her catch up with your pace. 

5. Be descriptive:

Making a person feel satisfied on the other end of the screen is an arduous task, but not if you follow the right steps and do not overdo things.

You need to be descriptive and vivid throughout the sexting process, and try to engage your sextee completely, making sure that they are getting turned on and are interested in the conversation. 

Texting dirty is about being vivid, and it is the details that make the conversation more appealing to the other person. In addition to asking if the other person is enjoying herself, you can also talk about your own arousal. Hearing that you are aroused turns on the other person as well.

6. Follow up:

While most of you do not really pay attention to this step, let us tell you it is one of the most important things that you need to do if you want to continue and aren’t here just for one-night sexting. 

A small text like “Last night was amazing” is a good way to keep her engaged and not let the series of conversations just end up in the middle or take an unwanted turn. Tell her how you enjoyed yourself and can’t wait to have another experience of the same sort. It will surely send shivers down her spine and make sure it’s all comfortable between the two of you.

While sexting might seem really easy to most men, that is generally not the case. For most women, sexting is an important part of the relationship between you two and it’s great if you stand up to her expectations.

Make her feel wanted, tell her what part of her body arouses you the most, and how you can’t wait to experience the same things in person with her. Make note of the things she likes and remember to incorporate the same in all your future conversations.  

We hope these sexting tips for guys make you understand how to begin and what are the do’s and don’ts in a sexting conversation. So, what are you waiting for? Find the perfect time and get on it because is as important as any other thing in the virtual or long-distance relationships. We hope you have a good experience the next time!