If you’re still thinking that grooming yourself will make you effeminate and somewhere your masculinity is jeopardized, then you’re living in an entirely different era. Wake up! Grooming is the most important part of your life and if you’ve not been paying enough attention to it and abstaining from investing in the required products, you’re refraining from becoming a better version physically and mentally. When you groom yourself impeccably, you build a confident aura around you which is palpable to everyone who meets you. Taking care of your skin, your hair and yourself generally says a lot about you and that’s why you need to start grooming right now if you’ve been doing it already. Below mentioned are some of the basic men’s grooming products for you to start with!

Best Men’s grooming products & significance

1. Trimmer

Trimmer is one of the most important grooming products not only for grooming your moustache or your beard but also for your body hair. Nobody likes to grow or see a thick mushy mane on their body. Therefore, it’s very important to trim it regularly. 

2. Deodorant

More often than not, a man’s body scent is a turn on for women. However, this does not mean that you should abstain from using deodorant. It is of paramount significance to spray some of it before you step out of the house as diet, dust and perspiration can make your body odorous. This can plummet your reputation and make you look clumsy and unkempt. To prevent this, always wear some of it, make sure not much, before leaving your house.

3. Lip balm

Lip balm is, believe it or not, is one of the best men’s grooming products. It is not going to make you effeminate, don’t worry. However, if you do want to kiss your crush, make sure that your lips are soft and not chapped. Always keep your lips hydrated with a lip balm and by drinking enough water in a day.

4. Shower gel

If you want to elevate your showering experience, then make sure that you buy a shower gel for yourself. A soap can never replace a shower gel, just so you know because it helps in fighting off the microbes effectively and also adds refreshing fragrances to your body.

5. Exfoliating scrub

If you’ve only heard the word scrub in a woman’s skincare jargon, then you need to indulge more in your grooming routine. Scrubbing helps in removing the dead cells of your body and also ceases the growth of ingrown hairs. See, these are not only girlish problems. They are extremely common and gender-neutral. It’s important to follow a grooming routine where you should use an exfoliating scrub every night before you sleep. 

6. Hairstyling products

Admit it, that you and every other man in this universe would love to experiment with different hairstyles even though you associate hair and every related thing with girls. Once you admit it, you need to realise that in styling your hair the way you want, you need to use the correct hairstyling products that match your hair type. Using a hair product for curly hair even when you have a straight and a frenzy texture, might ruin your hair and make it dry. So, make sure that you use the correct hair styling products on your hair. 

7. Moisturizer

A moisturizer is one of the top men’s grooming products that should be used for a healthy face and body. More often than not, exposure to the outer atmosphere can make your skin dull and dry. It’s necessary to moisturize, nourish and soften it. 

These are some of the essential products that top the list of men’s grooming products in India and. With that said, let us now have a quick look at some of the most important men’s grooming tips that you should consider. If you’re an amateur, these pointers will prove to be of your help.

5 tips about using men’s grooming products

  • Trim or shave the hair off your ears and neck

As mentioned previously, no one likes to see or grow a thick mushy mane, especially not in their ears and neck. Ew! If you don’t want to get that reaction from your girlfriend, you should visit a salon and get your monthly trims done. In addition, this will render a clean and neat look to your overall personality. 

  • Trimming the eyebrows

No one likes to see two black caterpillars joining in the middle of your forehead for no apparent reason. So, it is highly recommended to trim your eyebrows regularly. Trimming them gives more sharpness to your face and enhances your face shape. 

  • Cut your nails regularly and clean them

Having long, dirty nails is no possession to boast over. Although it’s needless to mention, the point needs to be stressed as your nails and how you take care of them says a lot about your personality. Make sure that you take good care of your nails, don’t cut them too short and don’t keep them too long. You don’t want to hurt the client with whom you’re shaking your hands. 

  • Brush your teeth daily

Your teeth don’t need to be blindingly white, but it does matter that you clean them. People should not know what you’ve eaten last night or the afternoon. When you have food stuck in your mouth, it distracts people as their attention is hooked by that. So, make sure that you clean your teeth and check if there is any food stuck in your mouth after you’ve had your dinner or your lunch.

  • Trim your nose hairs

You may think that your nose hairs aren’t that visible, but trimming them can make a huge difference to your face and believe it or not, people do notice. 

These are some of the grooming tips that you need to keep in mind and inculcate in your grooming routine. Make sure that you use the basic men’s grooming products that were mentioned previously. 

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