After a point in time, everyone’s hair starts to thin. If your hair has started to thin, you may think it’s a curse. But in reality, you can be stylish with thin hair too. In fact, for most classic men’s hairstyles, thin hair is ideal. This article is about 7 Classic Mens Hairstyles.

Ever heard of the popular 1920’s men’s hairstyles? We are talking about the quiff men’s hairstyles and the suave ducktail men’s hairstyles. Whether you have naturally fine hair or your hair has started to thin due to age, there is a wide range of men’s hairstyles that you can pull off! 

To look one’s best, it is important to choose a men’s hairstyle according to the quality and texture of your hair. While thin hair can prove notorious to deal with at times, the right hairstyle can make your hair look fuller in volume. So, it doesn’t matter if you have thin hair, we have got you covered! 

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7 Classic Mens Hairstyles.

Buzz Cut

One of the most classic men’s hairstyles for men with thin hair is the buzz cut. Getting a buzz cut is a perfect way to make your thin hair appear thick. A short men’s hairstyle, the buzz cut will help you disguise the sparse strands while blending in with a receding hairline. 

The buzz cut or army cut is when your head is shaved all over and only a short bed of hair is left too. A buzz cut looks great when paired with a beard. The beard draws attention to your face and away from the hair on your head. 

Therefore, if you are insecure about your thin or fine hair, you should get a buzz cut.

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Pompadour with Undercut or Ducktail men’s hairstyle

Remember the popular 1920’s men’s hairstyle? Luckily, it’s coming back! The ducktail men’s hairstyle is simply slicked-back hair. This is a light and airy take on the pompadour which lends itself well to fine hair. In the ducktail men’s hairstyle, the hair is slicked, pomaded and combed back to the sides. 

7 Classic Mens Hairstyles

A simple yet sophisticated hairstyle, the pompadour with an undercut is usually worn with a central part that runs down the back of the head. If you want a slightly nuanced version of this 1920’s hairstyle, go for an extreme fade on the sides to focus attention on the pomp. 

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The Ivy League Hairstyle

Commonly known as Liam Payne’s Ivy League Hairstyle, this men’s hairstyle is ideal for men with fine hair. Think about the hairstyle that Liam Payne sports. A signature hairstyle is a style that makes a statement.

Cut close to the head, this hairstyle makes your hair look full, and the skin fade on the sides draws attention to the middle and makes it stand out. This hairstyle will make you look like you have a lot of hair when in reality you don’t. 

This classic men’s hairstyle is a testament to the fact that you don’t need a lot of hair to look sexy! 

Slicked Back Curls

Curly-haired men, we haven’t forgotten about you! If you have fine hair that happens to be naturally curly too, you should consider growing out your locks a little bit longer. Trust us on this one! Growing out your locks will not only create room for more curls, but it will also help you achieve volume and fill the gap in between the strands. 

But, be careful. You shouldn’t grow your hair out too long as that can have the opposite effect. Keep your hair medium-length. That will be ideal for slicked-back curls. To slick your hair back, use some pomade that will give you the hold. This will give you the rockabilly classic men’s hairstyle look.

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Quiff men’s hairstyle

We stand by the quiff-inspired men’s hairstyle. Thoroughly messy, this quiff men’s hairstyle is a refreshing look that is perfect for every occasion. This hairstyle takes advantage of the thin hair cowlick that will create an unexpected look. The quiff men’s hairstyle will make your hair look like it’s been tossed around the waves from the sea!

7 Classic Mens Hairstyles

A slight variation to the quiff men’s hairstyle is the quiffed side-swept. It is a spiky and memorable look that is also asymmetrical. This will make you stand out from the crowd. All you need is solid wax or gel to style this haircut.

Textured Crop

The primary reason why thin hair can look unattractive is that it sits flat. To solve this issue, go for a short textured crop. Longer fine strands can become heavier and may make your hair look flat. But, shorter textured strands will add volume to your hair, irrespective of whether your hair quality is thick or fine. 

In addition, by adding texture, these classic men’s hairstyles will make your hair point upward instead of falling flat. 

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Undercut Faux Hawk

Last but not least, we have the undercut faux hawk for thin hair. When spread out, thin hair can look bare and messy. This is why it’s better to bring your hair to one spot. An undercut men’s hairstyle with a faux hawk is ideal for thin and fine hair. 

This hairstyle will not only make your thin and fine hair look denser by concentrating the strands into one segment on your head, but it will also draw attention to that segment. Thus, all the fine and bare parts will go unnoticed.

If you have a sharp bone structure with high cheekbones and a Superman-like jawline, the Undercut Faux Hawk will be perfect for you!

7 Classic Mens Hairstyles

These were some of the classic men’s hairstyles for thin hair. Remember to take care of your hair to make it look healthy and full!

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