Wedding festivities are the perfect occasions for any man to flaunt their ethnic closet. The greatest part of Indian wedding outfits is their variety. From Sherwanis to Pathani suits, men have a varied choice of basics to rock. Therefore, if you do not wish to make such fiascos, here are some amazing 7 footwear options for you to try along with a brief guide on various accessories that will go with your ethnic jutti or mojra. 

However, when it comes to footwear it is a bit confusing. Of course, you cannot match your Sherwani suit with Derby shoes. It does not only look weird, but it looks extremely unstylish. Not that many men have refrained from doing it for reasons still unknown. 

7 footwear options that will rock your ethnic look

1.The classic Kolhapuris
7 footwear options
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Kolhapuris emanate a more casual and comfortable ethnic look in a wedding festivity. If you are not the groom or somebody directly related to the groom, these classic Kolhapuri sandals will be the right fit for you. 

The best match will be that of a cotton embroidered kurta and pajama with a pair of light brown kolhapuris. However, these are the classic ones. There are various variations of the Kolhapuri sandals as well. 

One of them is a brown leather one which is also gaining traction recently. Be that as it may, if you want to add your zing to it, you can wear a bright red, blue, or yellow Kohlapuri instead of the common brown color. 

The perfect match will be pairing a monochrome outfit with a bright-hued Kolhapuri. This will turn eyeballs in your direction for all the right reasons. 

Another version of Kolhapuri sandals is a modern one that can suit best with indo-western suits. These will be the right fit for the ones who like to mix and match Indian and western styles. 

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2. Closed toe ethnic sandals

If you are the groom or directly related to him, it’s best to up your game and wear something more stylish than a Kolhapuri. 

Ethnic sandals work best with all types of sherwanis and ethnic pajamas. They make you look stylish and also ensure comfort. They are the perfect fit for all your heavy embroidered suits. What’s interesting is that they are available in different colors. So, you have more options as to which one will work for you the best.

Closed sandals are one of the best footwear options for men. These will accompany your overall ethnic look and make you a man of taste and some style.

3. Ethnic mojaris

Mojaris are closed shoes with a slight inward turn on the toes. This type of ethnic jutti or mojra is extremely versatile and stylish. Especially, pairing a tan brown mojaris with cream coloured silk pyjamas and a kurta set can make you debonair even in an ethnic look. 

If you want to make it chicer, you can wear a dark red or brown Nehru jacket over top. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can also wear a pair of embroidered mojaris. 

4. Leather mules
7 footwear options
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More often than not, people tend to overlook mules as the footwear option. But, if styled properly, you can properly style it, you can make them versatile with any piece of ethnic clothing. Be it a traditional kurta to a trouser, these leather mules are extremely worth investing in. 

5. Ethnic slip ons

Ethnic slip ons will be the right fit when you wear a salwar-kurta set in a neutral colour. If you want to make it more stylish, you can wear a printed jacket with a Chinese collar. These closed-toe ethnic slip ons will help you to give a comfortable and put-together look.

6. Classic loafers
7 footwear options
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These classic and stylish loafers will help you emanate complete gentleman vibes. The best thing about these loafers is that they can go with traditional as well as formal wear. You will never regret investing in this footwear.

7. Strappy leather flats

Strappy leather flats are the perfect options for one who has a contemporary taste. By wearing these leather flats, you emanate debonair and elegant vibes which will create a long-lasting impression on everyone you meet. Plus, no other footwear is so comfortable as these strappy leather flats.

These are some of the amazing footwear options for you that can upgrade your ethnic look anytime and anywhere. 

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What are the other accessories that can complement your ethnic attire?

Styling good footwear with a good ethnic outfit is not enough. You also have to pay attention to how you accessorise as it reflects your style and personality. To create a long-lasting impression on the people you meet, make sure you include the below-mentioned accessories without forgetting:


Wearing a turban with your ethnic outfit is one of the common combinations that people wear during wedding functions. For those who don’t know, a turban is a long lightweight fabric that you can drape around your head in a certain style. These fabrics are available in various designs, ranging from dotted to floral. 

7 footwear options

A brooch is also another important accessory that can make you regal and elegant in your outfit. It is a pin that you can place on a lapel of your traditional jacket, sherwani suit or kurta. If the wedding is directly related to you, you can buy a brooch that has antique qualities in it or has a stone embedded in its design. 


Cufflinks are generally worn with a formal suit. However, you can also wear them with ethnic outfits, especially when you are merging Indian and western styles. It can give you a chic look. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, etc.


Kalangi is a brooch for your turban. It helps in elevating the look of your turban and making it more stylish. Such brooches are generally studded with diamonds and gems which gives you a regal look. Pair this with any of the above-mentioned footwear options that can help you to give a finished styled look that will not be forgotten.