We always see guys in basic shoes in browns and blacks repeatedly. If you find yourself dragging out the same pair of black shoes for every juncture, you may be stuck in a style furrow. Even wearing sports shoes in your basic blacks, browns, and whites is an ordinary sight. It might be the moment to reboot your shoe-drobe this season with some fun footwear colors to jazz up your attire and create a statement. Here are some 7 Fun Footwear Colors to Experiment With!

While these choices are so effortless to wear (they go with everything!) and are the original Fashion choices, prospects are even you might get bored with them. They are not the most unique fashion choices. 

7 Fun Footwear Colors that a fashion-forward guy must try out with for his fresh pair of chucks.

1.Violet colored magic

These purple-colored shoes, a personal favorite, are extremely cool and unique. Much more stirring than your favorite kicks, these violet slip-ons are ideal for when you want to get observed.

Unique and trendy, they are a sophisticated choice for every event. Get your blue jeans and add in a salmon pink or white shirt and you’ve just nailed a slayer weekend look.

2. The neon addition
7 Fun Footwear Colors

Neon-colored sneakers are what a streetwear lover desires in his shoes. With mustard, luminous yellow, grey and black, this color surely is a piece of appraisal. 

Approach these sneakers with a pair of straight-fit black chinos, a white shirt, and a fedora hat for a clean appeal. There are many options available if you want to level up from your boring pair of white sneakers and try different fun footwear colors.

3. Teal glamour

Amidst green and sea blue, teal is certainly an unconventional color option to go for. It’s a unique color, mainly when found in footwear. Facilitating proper breathability and freshness, they are the go-to option for summers.

Go bold and outstanding in rich navies and reds for a vivid look to bring out the teal in your shoes. Pair it with navy trousers, a maroon tee, and a navy blazer. 

4. Maroon royalty

Maroon shoes are bold and eye-catching. The vivacious hue is quick to draw focus and become a dominating attribute of your outfit. This color is the epitome of luxury as it gives an ethereal and elegant look. As they are gallant enough to make a statement and stand alone, it would be only prudent to keep the rest of the outfit simple and delicate. Pair it with a standard black tux, a crisp white shirt, and keep in mind no tie. 

5. White leather flats

While not a conventionally popular color of footwear, white has surfaced as a fashion favorite for 2021. White slip-ons are truly versatile and look great on each man. Try these white flats and going back to other colors will become a difficult decision.

Keep it effortless with a crew neck printed white tee, Bermuda shorts, and white criss-cross flats to have a fuzz-free shopping binge.

6. Chic peach color
7 Fun Footwear Colors

Peach and corals, often believed feminine (though that’s not the case) are a great shoe color option in 2021. There’s no man hotter than the one who method a peach pair of slip ons with confidence.

Couple the colors with pastel shades, such as light blue or mint green, or go with coral with either pink or orange. As for essentials, white looks fresh with coral and pink whereas grey offers a softer substitute to standard black.

7. Statement blue

All colored shoes are inclined to look great when paired with their color, but blue looks principally incredible when paired with blue garments. This color of blue, a perfect party-wear color choice is what everyone should opt for.

Set out for a monochromatic appearance with a blue pair of trousers, a blue shirt. Brownie points if you accessorize the attire with blue suspenders.

Pro tips to ace your footwear story

7 Fun Footwear Colors

A formal look can be altered into a different look by just adding fun footwear colors to your style.  We have rolled down a handful of ways of amping up the style quotient with footwear:

  1. Try out loafers or funky sneakers as these days people choose comfort over style. You can couple your sneakers with kurtas as well to make them look edgy.
  2. Couple up Garfield or Mickey Mouse print shoes with baggy and ankle-length cargo pants and knotted shirt.
  3. Add something dazzle with remarkable metallic heels or color-rich pumps.
  4. Go for big bold colors and gorgeous heels that can be paired with all-white simple and classy attire.
  5. Pastel shoes are your standard shoes that go with any and every outfit and are correctly termed as a universal fashion pairing.
  6. Formal attire is generally seen as plain and dull, but you can lighten it up by adding a pair of canvas shoes with a striking doodle print. 
  7. A boring, ordinary jersey dress can give a diverse look if you pair it with shoes that have a delicate, but quirky print.
  8. Adding a clog to your shoe-drobe can improve your look.
  9. An elegant suit can be coupled up with floral print shoes, just to add a little aspect of peculiarity.
  10. Shimmering arrow-like prints, zigzags, squares, and a lot of other shapes can be worn with several outfits.
  11. If you are touring in a gang, or having a major vacation, a fun thing to do would be each person wearing a pair of shoes with a similar print, for a theme party like Halloween, Christmas, or Holi.

Therefore, whether you adore the teal pair of espadrilles or are more into the surprising uniqueness of some peach suede slip-ons, there are choices for every guy on this list. Old conventional colors can make your outlook boring and monotonous.

Try out with different fun footwear colors with unusual outfits and you will rock the looks.