Have you ever suffered through premature balding or are suffering right now? Have you wondered why? Well, there are a plethora of factors that play their role which makes you lose your hair. With the significant loss of hair, you might also suffer through anxiety, fear of being judged, extreme self-consciousness which hems in the normal activities that you do casually.

Before continuing to read the article, you should know that balding does not make you less attractive or interesting. There are a lot of hot bald guys such as Vin Diesel, Billy Zane, Jason Statham and many more. So, you need not develop an inferiority complex; just follow some grooming tips for bald men and you will eventually feel confident about it.

To make things easier for you, and help you develop that confidence, we have presented some tips that you can follow.

7 Best Grooming Tips for Bald Men

1. Cut All the Crap in One Go:

When you are suffering through premature balding, you feel your destiny is not entirely in control. All the ‘hair gods’ are playing the cards against you, which makes you lose self-confidence and lets your self-esteem go significantly downhill.

So, one way to deal with this, is to go bald entirely and be confident about it. When you take this bold step, you become less anxious and your self-confidence spikes significantly. According to studies, bald men are considered to be 6% more confident and 13% more dominant than their own coterie.

Now, after shaving your head, what do you do? You start maintaining it. As zero-maintenance and easy as it looks, it is not so. Keep your head shaved and the best time to do so is before and after the showers. That’s when your hair is soft and it becomes easier for you to cut them.

After shaving them, do not forget to moisturize them and use an appropriate shampoo that does not cause any side effects or reactions on your scalp.

2. Style Your Facial Hair:

Unless you want a ‘Vin Diesel’ or ‘Ashwin Mushran’ look, it is essentially important to maintain and style your facial hair. It helps in balancing your bald look and helps you achieve a stylish manly look. This is one of the most important grooming tips for bald men which should not be overlooked.

Whenever you want to style your facial hair, keep in mind which type of moustache or beard will suit your face type. Otherwise, you will end up having a messy facial hair look which will prevent you from perfectly grooming your baldness.

In order to style your moustache and beard, you will have to regularly trim them with scissors and make sure that they perfectly suit your face type. You can ask your friends or family members whether the style suits you or not and groom it accordingly.

After completing that step, do not forget to moisturize it, because moisturizing helps in nourishing your skin which keeps your skin smooth and soft.  

3. Trim Those Eyebrows:

The above-mentioned point brings to this important tip for bald men. Whenever you pay a visit to the salon for shaving your hair and trimming your facial hair, make sure you also style your eyebrows.

Grooming Tips for Bald Men

Make sure you keep your eyebrows trimmed and styled as they play a significant role in defining your face. Moreover, the way you style them helps you in keeping your face sharp. Do not go overboard and thin out your eyebrows completely. Just pluck out the extras and define them.

4. Add Fragrance:

Even though you have styled your facial hair, defined your eyebrows and shaved your hair, you will not be able to mark your presence confidently, if you do not smell good. In fact, your body smell can make you more self-conscious about yourself, not to mention your bald head. Therefore, adding fragrance or a signature scent to your body can create wonders for you.

Important point: This grooming tip is not only applicable to bald men but to all men in general if you want to create a good personality and a lasting impression.

Now, make sure that you do not go overboard with this tip. You do not want people running away from you, because your perfume is too suffocating to breathe. So, just apply it in three out of five places in your body in small amounts: chest, neck, wrist, forearm and lower jaw.

5. Play Smooth:

This is one of the most subtle grooming tips for men who are bald, which is often ignored. There are certain steps to be followed when you are shaving your head, especially for the first time.

The first step you do is, trim your hair. If you have chunks of hair on your scalp, you might want to cut it down into tiny, minuscule hair, so moving a steel razor over it, makes your work much easier. So go smooth while doing the entire process and moisturize your scalp with a mild balm.   

Also, after shaving your scalp multiple times, make sure you prevent the sebum from building up, which increases the dead skin on your scalp. In order to do so, cleanse and exfoliate your scalp at least twice a week.

6. Shield Your Dome:

One of the best grooming tips for bald men is to protect your scalp from sun rays. Your hair protects you from the harmful sun rays, but once they are cut, your head is fully exposed to the sun. This exposure, if gone unchecked, can lead to serious skin diseases, such as skin cancer.

According to a study published in the ‘Archives of Dermatology’ in 2008, one of the deadliest skin cancers is the cancer on the scalp. You don’t want that. So, protect your head by applying a high matte sunscreen not less than SPF 30 and cover your head with a baseball cap or hat, if necessary.

7. Let’s Ink It:

If your bald head seems boring to you after some time, try inking it. This is one the most creative grooming tips which will never fail you and possibly make you a trendsetter. Covering it with tattoos, has its own cons which might create some future skin problems. You can go for micro-pigmentation where your scalp is tattooed with tiny dots, giving an appearance of stubble on your head.

You can either go completely wild choosing different colours or you can match it with your original hair colour. The choice is yours.      

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