This year, the internet is convinced that it is time to ditch the 7-inch and 9-inch inseam shorts. Instead, 5-inch men shorts pants are considered more flattering! Walk into any men shorts sale, and you will see that these shorts usually come in three lengths, the 7”, 9” and the 5”. We are going to talk about the latter because honestly, they are the best! This article is about 7 men shorts pants brands

Men shorts pants are the ultimate summer clothing essential. It allows you to live your best life and enjoy the summer breeze during the most annoying months of the year. Even though men wearing shorts of 5-inch length is nothing new, but it is one of the biggest fashion comebacks of this decade. 

In fact, these shorts are also an ideal choice for the awkward in-between weather between spring and summer. They are a perfect compromise that will guarantee your 100 per cent comfort before everything else!

Below, we have rounded up a list of the best 5-inch men shorts pants. Without further ado, let’s see which one works best for you!

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7 Best 5-inch men shorts pants

1. Goodthreads Men’s Slim-Fit 5-inch Inseam Oxford Short

The Goodthreads Men’s Slim-Fit Oxford Shorts is one of the best options under men shorts pants. One can never go wrong with a pair of slim-fitted Oxford shorts. Perfect for summer, this is an affordable version that won’t break the bank. 

These shorts feature button-through back pockets and front slant pockets that will hold all your stuff. These shorts come in over 9 colours but go for a neutral-toned one for summer. The material is made of a lightweight cotton and spandex blend that is super comfortable!

2. Nike AeroSwift Men’s 5-inch Running Shorts

It is a crime to not mention Nike men shorts when we are talking about men shorts pants. If you are looking for a pair of shorts that is perfect for the gym or for running the extra mile, Nike men shorts are ideal for you. The Nike AeroSwift Men’s 5-inch Running Shorts uses a bold technology that promises exceptional mobility and lightweight comfort. Besides, these shorts are sweat-absorbent making them perfect for your workout. 

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3. J.Crew 5” Stretch Short

Go to any men shorts sale, and you will definitely spot a J.Crew among them. The five-inch inseam stretch shorts are undoubtedly one of the best pieces of clothing J.Crew sells. The J.Crew 5” Stretch Shorts feature a convenient zip fly and are made out of an elastane and cotton blend. They have the ideal amount of stretch you need and still maintain a sophisticated outline. The best thing about J.Crew men shorts pants is that they are sustainable, so you won’t have to worry about the environment!

4. Ten Thousand Session Shorts

A strong competitor to the Nike men shorts, the Ten Thousand Session Shorts are field-tested on professional athletes. A minimalistic pair of shorts, the Ten Thousand Session Shorts are engineered to be the lightest-weight, and perfect for any kind of running or long-mile gruelling workout. 

It also has an anti-odour and anti-chafe boxer brief liner that takes care of everything! One thing’s for sure, your comfort will be at the top priority if you choose these shorts!

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5. The Olivers All Over Short

The Olivers All Over men shorts pants is all-around, all-weather, versatile shorts. It is dependable and a must-have in your closet. This short is a little scratch over the length requirement, that is, it is 5.5. But, the incredible quality and comfort can let that slide. The tailoring experts at Oliver have curated this special four-way stretch and moisture-wicking men shorts pants that will keep sweat and everything else at bay!


A truly dependable short, Olivers won’t disappoint. 

6. Chubbies The Dark N’ Stormies 5.5” Flat Front

Chubbies is known as the ultimate college dude brand for men shorts pants. They are well-suited for every man. The flat front design features in the Chubbies The Dark N’ Stormies are comfortable and will stretch to any extent. Perfect for young men and college students, this pair of shorts doesn’t feature an elastic waistband. Instead, it comes with a durable button and is still as comfortable. 

The Chubbies The Dark N’ Stormies 5.5” Flat Front come in a range of versatile colours, so you will get one for every mood!

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7. BDG Washed Out Volley Short

It’s time for purple summer. The BDG Washed Out Volley Short is the ultimate summer men shorts pants. If you go to a men shorts sale and don’t score yourself a pair of BDG Washed Out Volley Short then that’s a shame. Featured in the best colour collection, this is one colour no man can have enough of in their wardrobe. 

These are classic volleys shorts that mimics the classic shorts trend from the ’70s. A vintage pair, these are super comfortable and will prevent your thighs from chafing against each other. To lean into its vintage look, try to style these men shorts pants with a classic white shirt and some cool high-top converse. 

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These were 7 of our most recommended 5-inch men shorts pants. The takeaway from this article is the very existence of 5-inch inseam shorts is a blessing to mankind. A distinct summer item, these 5-inch shorts are not only incredibly comfortable but also super fashionably. Therefore, if you want to stay on top of your fashion game, these are the men shorts pants for you!

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