Men’s shoe for leisure is an underrated part of men’s fashion apparel. While shoes may seem like just another essential that you need, putting a little more thought and effort into what you wear can elevate any outfit. 

Besides, shoes aren’t just for style, they are for comfort too. We don’t mean that you should spend hours deliberating over what footwear to choose. The point here is to look through then men’s shoe size chart, and find at least one pair that you feel comfortable in. 

More important than fashion, remember that shoes are made for walking. Therefore, with the right footwear you should be able to walk easily. Men’s shoe for leisure should be stylish, made to fit well, durable and long-lasting. Lastly, it should be something you feel most comfortable in. 

If you are looking for men’s shoe for leisure and men’s shoe size, we have got you covered. Here are some of our top recommendations for men’s footwear that fit the men’s shoe width chart!

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7 Best men’s shoe for leisure

1. Merrell

Price: $84

If you are looking for comfortable shoes for leisure wear, Merrell’s is the first brand that should come to your mind. Merrell is a legacy brand for footwear and is the top choice of hitchhikers and travelers around the world. Their shoes are extremely comfortable and let you walk miles and miles without making your feet tired. 

Merrell is celebrated for its functionality and durability. Check out the Range sneaker line from Merrell. This customized designed shoe fits all men’s shoe widths and comes with reliable traction and air-cushioned insole support. For $84, Merrell shoes are a steal!

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2. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

Price: $149.95

The New Balance Fresh Foam is so great that it is often compared to the Adidas 4DFWD 3D-Printed Shoes (2021). These men’s shoe for leisure is great on every front. The style is impeccable, the shoes are heavily cushioned with the ideal amount of bounce back and the redesigned upper feels like fuzzy socks on the feet. 

Some may argue that the price is a little too high but trust us on this one. It is totally worth it!

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3. Keen’s The Glenhaven

Price: $60

Keen is a trustworthy brand that is known for making tried-and-true walking shoes. Keen offers excellent quality with the most stylish designs. This is one men’s shoe for leisure that will make you look “work” but feel relief. The Glenhaven, just priced at $60 is a steal. It has a leather upper and comes with a bungee-closure lace system. Besides, this shoe is made to fit all men’s shoe widths and comes with lots of arch support. 

If you decide to wear Keen’s to the office, you will be within the dress code yet incredibly stylish and super comfy.

4. Vionic’s Bruno Oxford

Price: $150

If you are looking for something more on the business casual side, check out the ultra-chic Vionic’s Bruno Oxford. This is a comfy shoe that is classy and sophisticated enough for a suit but at the same time versatile enough to be worn with jeans. The best thing about the Vionic’s Bruno Oxford shoes is that it fits the men’s shoe size chart and comes with a wingtip design. Besides, this piece of footwear also has podiatrist-designed comfort enhancements and features an extra supportive footbed. 

The Vionic’s Bruno Oxford is everything you need in a pair of shoes! 

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5. Greats’ Stylish Sneakers


Looking for sneakers that are comfortable and stylish? Greats won’t disappoint you. This is the best-selling style from the Brooklyn-based indie sneaker brand, Greats. In just a short span of time, Greats has amassed more than 1300 rave reviews from fans and a loyal customer base. When so many people go crazy over one pair of shoes, you know that this is something.

This men’s shoe for leisure is the perfect balance between work and play. Great’s Stylish sneakers come in a wide spectrum of colours and designs, but our favourite is the leather brown ones. These are ideal for leisure wear and are versatile. You can style multiple outfits with just this pair of shoe. 

6. Toms Canvas Classics

Price: $50

Look through any men’s shoe width chart, and you will find Toms Canvas Classics on it. The Toms Canvas Classics are a cult-favourite. Everything seems to work for this shoe. It has an easy-going silhouette, padded suede insoles, and a comfortable lightweight rubber outsole. On top of all these features, Toms Canvas Classics is also available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and textures. One can build an entire footwear collection out of Toms Canvas Classics. 

If you are looking for something that speaks both work and leisure, go for something in navy blue, or charcoal grey. 

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7. Johnston & Murphy’s Waterproof sneakers

Price: $169

Last but not least, we have something in case it’s rainy weather in New York. The Johnston & Murphy’s waterproof sneakers are the best men’s shoe for leisure. They are a strong competitor to all the other brands. This pair of footwear comes with a neoprene lining and water-repellent leather upper. All the shoes in Johnston & Murphy’s line are practical but nothing beats the waterproof sneakers. 

Their weather-resistant technology makes it ideal for every season in every city. Besides, these can quickly transition between workwear shoes and causal leisure shoes. The call is yours. In addition, they are pretty durable and can last you a good few years if you take care of them.

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These were all our recommendations for men’s shoe for leisure. Pick your favourite one and have fun with your footwear!