Who said only women could have all the hair coloring fun? Guys look amazing with purple hair, so if you’re looking to try something new and switch up your look, here’s all the inspiration you need.

2020 was the year of trends and guys all over the world very coloring their hair funky and mad colors like green, pink, blonde, fire orange, rainbow, etc. Among all those bizarre hair color trends, the one that stood out was: purple hair. On that note, this is the perfect time to color your hair and show it off on Instagram! 

From soft lavender to dark plum, from bright fuchsia to subtle lilac blonde, we have got you covered inspiration wise. Check out some of the funkiest purple hair color ideas that will give you the change you are looking for!

Things you should know before getting purple hair

Well, before you go all out on your look and explore purple hair ideas for men. Here are some things you should know and keep in mind:

1. Think about the maintenance before you take the leap

Purple hair looks gorgeous, but it is no child’s play. Maintaining dyed hair is quite difficult, and it needs a special routine. Certain treatments need more maintenance than the others, and purple hair color is one of them. No matter how well you take care of your hair, some amount of fading is inevitable. Therefore, you would like to get a salon appointment every two to three months. 

2. Show your stylist a picture of your desired hair color

You should always bring pictures with you when you meet your stylist. Purple hair ideas are like taking the plunge. If it goes wrong, you will hate it. Therefore, it’s best to sit down with your stylist and show him/her pictures of your desired look. It will be then easier for the stylist to give you exactly what you want. Just go on Pinterest and type “purple hair ideas for men” and you will find loads of options. 

3. Some amount of hair damage is inevitable

This is a no-brainer. Coloring your hair damages it and colors like purple hair are not easy on your hair. So, you should know what you are getting into. Yes, some amount of damage can be prevented by taking extra precautions. And, damage can also be reduced by investing in good-quality colored hair products like serums, hair masks, etc. You can also DIY hair masks at home. 

4. Your hair has to be protected from the sun

Just like your skin, our hair needs to be protected from the sun. And, damaged and colored hair is more prone to sun damage than natural hair. The sun can cause your purple hair color to fade faster and even make it look brassy. Thus, it’s important to protect your hair color with products that have UV protection. Hats are a good way to go! 

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Popular purple hair ideas for men

Here are the most popular and trendy purple hair ideas for men!

1. Purple Hair with ashy undertones

purple hair

If bright purple isn’t your thing, worry not! Try a purple hair color with ashy undertones. Ashy undertones like silver or pale blue complement the purple and also help to tone it down. 

Thus, if you don’t want a striking hair color and are aiming for something on the subtle side, this is your best shot. This hair color works best if you have a fade on the side and a stubble beard.

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2. Purple Dip Dye Hair

This is another great purple hair option if you want to balance the blast of color with a neutral tone. This purple dip dye hair works best on men who have naturally dark hair: almost jet black hair. The purple won’t be too striking, yet it will be quite noticeable. The purple and black creates a perfect amalgamation of colors and overall brings a subtle look. The purple dip dye hair is also great for men with professional careers. 

3. Lavender Hair

A stunning mix of blue hair dye and strong purple hair color makes the perfect shade of lavender. Lavender has been the hottest color for quite some time now. Therefore, this is the perfect time for you to jump on the wagon and get picture-perfect lavender hair! Don’t worry about not being able to pull this one off as lavender is versatile. Lavender complements every other color so you can pair your outfits accordingly!

4. Purple locks on curly hair

If you have extremely curly hair and think that hair coloring is not for you, then you’re certainly wrong. Purple locks look perfect on curly hair. This is one purple hair color idea that can go straight from adorable to incredibly sexy! Women love curly hair and what’s better than curly hair but with a splash of color in it? This is one of the most popular purple hair ideas and you definitely have to give this a shot! 

5. Purple Block Cut

Thanks to K-Pop and BTS, this purple block cut is all the hype now. And, why shouldn’t they? This is one of the best purple hair ideas for men and it looks absolutely ravishing! All your friends will be in awe of you. Not only does this look handsome, but it is also bold and will make you stand out! Thus, if you’re looking to take a bold plunge, the purple block cut is for you. 

6. Blonde and Purple Hair

This is another purple hair idea that is more on the subtle side. If you have been thinking blonde hair for quite some time now, this is all the inspiration you’ll need. Just add a few drops of purple hair color to your boring blonde and it will stand out!

7. Pink + Purple

We saved the best for the last! If you want to make an appearance and shock everyone, try the striking pink and purple hair. An extremely bold look, you will need guts to pull this one off! And once you get this, there’s no looking back! 

These were all our purple hair ideas for men. Let the creativity flow!

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