Long, full beards came into trend a few years back, and have stayed since. Over the years, men’s grooming has boomed increasingly with different styles and cuts in fashion. Men, of almost all ages, have come to embrace facial hair through these years, and to be honest, they absolutely love their beards and can’t hear anything bad about it, quite literally. 

While the clean shaven look seems new, it definitely is not.  Most of our dads and granddads shave at least twice a week and keep it all clean. It is mostly the younger generation that is crazy about beards and moustaches.

Moreover, a lot of men keep beards only because they are in ‘trend’ and look ‘fashionable’, even though it might not even suit their face types a lot of times. If a beard doesn’t even suit your face type or you grow a patchy beard, for that matter, we do not see the need to necessarily maintain a beard. In all, the point is that the look should suit you, and if you are having a struggle keeping a beard, it might not be the right choice for you. 

Also, it might be an indication that you need to opt for the clean shaven face.

What are the benefits of a clean shaven face?

Now that we think we have tried to convince you that a clean shaven man doesn’t look all that bad, let us also talk about some benefits of being cleanly shaven.

1. Regular grooming ain’t all that easy:

Growing a beard might be an easy task, but maintaining it surely isn’t. Especially when you are a workaholic and spend most of your time in the office, taking out the time for regular grooming looks a very huge task. 

Only a few people, who put in a lot of time and effort into it, can actually carry off a perfect beard or a trimmed stubble well. The rest of us just keep struggling most of the days, running behind perfection and yearning to find the perfect look for ourselves.

man shaving himself
clean shave

If you are one of those many, we would suggest going for the clean shaven face look. Why struggle so much, when you can look good even without your facial hair. 

2. Beard gives you the lazy look:

Unless you visit a professional frequently, or you are quite perfect at grooming your facial hair, that scruffy beard ought to give you the lazy, lousy look most of the time. This is the reason you are required to trim your facial hair or keep a clean shaven look at professional places or workplaces, for decency.

You must have seen for yourself that a clean shaven man somehow looks more energetic, young, and enthusiastic than a man with a beard. If you are having a bad mood someday, your facial hair is likely to exaggerate that mood and show you as someone who is deeply stressed and depressed.

3. Clean shave never goes out of style:

While beards have been in fashion for some years, we just cannot disagree with the fact that a clean shaven look is an evergreen. It doesn’t ever go out of style completely, and let’s face it, a clean shave is never going to disappoint you.  Your facial features also get a lot more enhanced when you are clean shaved, while they might get concealed beneath your scruffy beard. 

4. Helps maintain hygiene:

An underrated benefit of shaving is maintaining personal hygiene. Facial hair may contain fungi and bacteria that attack your hair follicles, which might affect you in some or other way.

Grooming your facial fuzz regularly can help you with this. But shaving it all is always a better and easier option, isn’t it?

Also, shaving helps in removing the dead cells from underneath the skin. If not shaved regularly, this pile of dead skin cells can actually impact your hair follicles and lead to acne.

5. Clean shave makes you look more attractive:

Most women like and prefer their men to be cleanly shaven. A moustache with a French cut also looks hot, in our opinion.

Attracting women can be one good enough reason for you to shave off all those hair and charm your audience.

6. Shaving prevents razor bumps:

Tired of ingrown hair or razor bumps? Well, shaving regularly is the solution to your problem. When you do not allow your facial hair to grow too long, the chances of them entering a neighbouring hair follicle significantly decrease. 

Shaving daily ensures that even if a razor bump develops, you can locate and dismantle it easily before it grows big and depreciates your look.  Avoiding the hair shaft from being pulled out helps in overcoming the problem of razor bumps, which is quite common among most men.

7. Refreshes the skin and makes you look younger:

Shaving creams and their antiseptic action keeps the skin free from fungal or bacterial attack, neutralizing any danger of skin infections.

The beard look might suit some guys a lot, but the neat look works for almost everyone. Especially if you are working in a corporate environment, it becomes all the more important for you to keep yourself trimmed and clean, because you wouldn’t want to look lousy or unkempt in front of your colleagues and seniors. With their facial hair removed, it is a common fact that most men tend to look more energized, refreshed, and younger than their years

Whatever you choose, the clean shave look or the beard look is up to you. But, remember to choose wisely because your facial hair and the way you style it can actually make a lot of difference in your overall personality. Try new styles and new looks, and let people tell you what suits you the best.

Also, if you are too lazy and don’t want to give in so much time for maintaining your hair, we definitely suggest you go clean. A clean shave look will not only provide a room full of opportunities to sport any outfit but will also save your time and money in grooming and maintaining the beard. So, take your razor, and go for it!