Love it or hate it, Red Bull is undeniably one of the greatest energy drinks of our generation. The Red Bull craze began in the early 2000s and there has been no looking back since. 

Even though Red Bull lost a bit of its steam in the mid-2000s, it’s back again with some of the greatest red bull cocktail recipes. Therefore, Red Bull is even better than ever! 

Red Bull cocktails aren’t just the easiest to make, but they are also some of the booziest and charged alcoholic beverages. Yes, they are popularly known as super chargers and one drink will either make you burst with energy or get you super drunk. 

Here’s everything you need to know about red bull cocktails. 

What is Red Bull?

You must have heard the popular catch-phrase, “Red Bull gives you wings”. But, what is the Red Bull story? Where did it come from?

Red Bull Cocktail

Currently, Red Bull is synonymous with extreme sports drinks and energy drinks all over the world. Red Bull is one of the highest-selling energy drinks in the world. And, it is marketed as a way to boost energy and improve physical performance. 

Red Bull was first sold in Austria in 1987. It is a carbonated beverage that contains caffeine and energy-boosting components such as taurine and vitamins. Other ingredients include sugar, citric acid, vitamin B group, artificial sweeteners, baking soda, additional flavors, etc. 

Red Bull has two equally popular sugar-free variants, the Red Bull Zero and Red Bull Sugarfree. 

Alcohol and Energy Drinks

Before diving into the amazing red bull cocktail recipes, here is a precaution you should know about. There is a precaution that must be noted before you combine any liquor with an energy drink to make a cocktail like the red bull cocktail. 

While alcohol is a depressant and energy drinks are stimulants, combining these two may have serious effects. An energy drink like a red bull can mask the effects of the alcohol causing you to drink more. Therefore, you should be very careful about the amount of red bull cocktail you consume. Sometimes, you don’t realize how intoxicated you are and this can cause you to drink a lot. 

A recent 2014 from Northern Kentucky University has linked risky behaviour and the possibility of alcohol dependence with the combination of alcohol and energy drinks like red bull. 

But that doesn’t mean that you need to be a spoilsport or curb your enthusiasm at a party. Instead, be responsible and make sure you don’t over-drink. Everything is good but only when it comes in the right quantity. If you are a lightweight, you would like to stay clear of this drink. And, if you think you can handle it, then do so at your own expense. 

The 7 Best Red Bull cocktails

Here are some of the best Red Bull cocktail recipes that you should try once in your life.

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1. Vodka Red Bull

The Vodka Red Bull is a guilty pleasure drink that you just can’t get enough of. If Vodka is your go-to alcohol, this red bull cocktail will be your favorite in no time. The red bull cocktail ingredients include two ounces of vodka, ice cubes, and one whole can of red bull energy drink.

An easy-to-mix drink, the Vodka red bull cocktail will be ready in under 3 minutes. Just pour the ingredients into a highball glass filled with ice and you’ll be good to go! 

But remember to be careful, as this one can give you a nasty hangover! 

2. Excitabull

The Excitabull is one of the most popular red bull cocktails there is! A hardcore drink whose Redbull cocktail ingredients are Vodka, peach schnapps, one can of red bull, and cranberry juice. To make this red bull cocktail, just mix vodka, peach schnapps, one can of the red bull into a highball glass filled with ice and top it with some fresh sweet cranberry juice. 

A delightful red bull cocktail, this one will leave a lingering sweet taste in your mouth. 

3. Pink Bull

A delightful pink drink, this red bull cocktail is an all-time favorite of drinkers! The ingredients include one can of citrus, 3 fluid ounces of vodka, half cup citrus juice of red grapefruit, and 8.33 ounces of red bull energy drink. Just mix all the ingredients in a cocktail glass filled with ice and top the red bull cocktail with the grapefruit juice. You can garnish with a cherry! 

If you have all the red bull cocktail ingredients to make this drink, then it makes a perfect house party drink! 

Note: This red bull cocktail recipe is for two servings. If you are making only one drink, half the ingredients. 

4. Blue Bull 

For this blue bull cocktail, you will need one ounce of rum, equal parts vodka and blue curacao, sweet and sour mix and one can of red bull energy drink. To make this drink, pour the alcohol and sweet and sour mix into a shaker. 

Next, pour the drink into a glass over ice and top it with the red bull energy drink. If you want to add an extra touch, you can garnish with an orange wheel or a cherry. 

5. Bull dog margarita

The bull dog margarita also called the beergarita is an amazing supercharger red bull cocktail. You will need one ounce of tequila, lime concentrate, one can of red bull, a light beer (Corona, preferably), and coarse salt to coat the rim of the glass. 

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6. Irish Trash Can

Another supercharger red bull cocktail, for this you will need equal parts gin, light rum and vodka, half an ounce peach schnapps, triple sec and blue curacao, one can of red bull. 

Pour and combine all the ingredients in a glass and turn over a red bull can into the drink. Let the red bull can sit as it will continue to pour over and replenish the drink. 

7. HPNOTIQ  Green Lantern

Another amazing red bull cocktail, this one is a must-try. You will need two ounces of HPNOTIQ, one-ounce vodka, and one can of red bull. Just combine all the ingredients in a small glass filled with ice and garnish with a lemon wedge. 

These were our must-try red bull cocktails. You will surely have a great time making and drinking them! 

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