As men grow up in life, we encounter many adverse circumstances. Even though it is quite a natural phenomena, many of them are never able to adapt. On the other hand, there are men who have accepted life, the people and human nature as it is because nothing in this world accords as per our wishes. No two people are the same, even you and your sibling are different. 

The difference is the innate nature of human beings, and those who learn this sooner, either with experience or with inquisitiveness, get their life in their hands. Learning and accepting is a major part of emotional maturity in men. Your emotional maturity shows in the way you talk and communicate with other people, how you treat them and surprisingly, in your life choices, too. 

The best thing to see if someone is emotionally mature is the one who is calm when the rest of the world is going topsy-turvy.

Is the age factor a major marker of emotional maturity?

The greatest misconception about maturity is that it comes with age. No, emotional maturity is not a disease or a cure that has to come only after a definite period. The different stages of your life come with different challenges, lessons and opportunities, but regardless of these, the takeaway that remains with you forever is what you learnt and experienced. 

Emotional Maturity

There are men in their 20s who are more emotionally mature than men in their 40s. The reason being their curiosity and company. 

Here is the list of signs of emotional maturity

Are you looking for signs of emotional maturity now? Let us have a look at our emotional maturity checklist!

  • You think before you speak or do anything

If you think about your actions before you do and speak after you think, you are mature emotionally. Thinking and deliberating before you do any task shows your concern about the future and the consequences, is a sign of wisdom and wisdom is akin to maturity. 

The nonchalant nature has bidden farewell to you long ago. The only thing you are nonchalant about is what immature people hold it to their heart, what others think of you and how you want yourself to be presented in the world

  • You are serious about your responsibilities

You are well-aware of your responsibilities. You know where your privilege stands and how it has benefited you, yet you are conscious about where to work at and how you can start implementing changes in your life. Getting on with the routine every day you wake up and feel productive. 

In social life, you take responsibility for your actions, if you hurt someone or mess something, you are ready to apologize and make amends. But the responsibility is not your burden, it is rather a partner that guides you at every stage and with every person. 

For people who are immature, responsibility is a heavy term, but for emotionally mature men, it is the way that smoothes things up. It is not a heavy term for a boring life, but a mentor and guide that makes life easier to live with. 

  • You know your boundaries

The concept of maintaining boundaries is not alien to you.  This is one of the most beautiful signs of emotionally mature maturity. You don’t consider love as something devoid of boundaries as the majority of the other people have made the concept. It is an important principle to you that you can love people by creating healthy boundaries. 

In your professional life too, these boundaries play a great role in keeping your life and others’ life apart. It impacts your work and growth positively, which in turn uplifts your mental health and expands your social reputation.  

  • You are happy for your friend’s success

This might come as a shock to some, but almost everyone around us is jealous of others. The world has put us competing not only against our brothers and friends but against everyone. The most honest sign of emotional maturity in men is the feeling of happiness when they see their friend getting a promotion or going to their favourite university. 

This sounds pretty basic and kind of complaining, but many men feel jealous and even cut-off their relationship if the other person succeeds in something they couldn’t do

  • You know the root cause of your emotions

Do you trace back the answer by following and ruminating about the events that happened with you just to find out why you are angry or restless? If yes, then you are emotionally mature. Not everyone has enough sense about this trait because immature people hate responsibilities. Blaming others for your actions, mood and thoughts is easier than spending time pondering where you were wrong just to fix it up later. 

But this is not a habit of emotionally mature men. They take responsibility for their own thoughts and emotions. Even if they stray, as we all are humans, and end up hurting someone, they are not afraid to apologise. The regret of misdeeds is their greatest weapon that takes them towards emotional maturity. 

  • You tend to observe others and learn

You approach anything with the intention of learning. A laid-back attitude does not mean you don’t care, but you observe the actions and the ways of others. And if you have this trait, then it comes along with its offshoot, i.e. patience. Patience is involved in observing, and you have it. 

Curiosity has taught you many things when you observed, and hence it forms your experience of life. 

  •  You see a scope of change within yourself

You never consider yourself as a complete man who does not want to change, considers his manners and attitude as unchangeable, rather you are open to learning from others. You follow other people’s lead, the ones that have a greater experience than you. You are always changing and bettering your ways, unlike others who are puffed with self-conceit. 

It is a result of you observing others that have made you a learner and increased your experience. 

This was our emotional maturity checklist and while some person has it all, others might not because no two people have the same experience. In the end, maturity is your choice, if you want, it comes; else, it does not.