When Nick Jonas sang, ‘It’s my right to be hellish, I still get jealous’, you would not have given it a thought at that time of the day. But when you realize that your girlfriend was jealous or she behaves in a weird sort of manner when you are around your female friends, you must have known that the lyrics ring true with your situation.

However, most of the time, there are situations when your girlfriend is just concerned about you and she is definitely not the jealous girlfriend type. But there is always a 10cm thick line between being concerned and being jealous that everybody needs to know.

There is this common acceptance of jealousy in relationships, as partners feel this ‘green-eyed monster’ (thank you Shakespeare), to be a confirmation of trust or well-being of that relationship. When in reality, jealousy is completely opposite to that.

There is no good or bad jealousy in a relationship. It is a commonplace problem that needs to be handled with care. So to save you from being ‘the meat which will be fed upon’ or to make you aware of the 10cm thick line, here are some of the most important signs of jealousy which are often disguised as concern.

7 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Jealous: Do you have Jealous Girlfriend?

1. She is annoyed by your past:

A jealous girlfriend would always see your ex as her opponent who has to be obliterated from the competition once and for all. But obviously, she cannot literally obliterate her, so any mention of her would flip the switch of her mind.

Jealous Girlfriend

Next time, if you are doubtful regarding whether id turning jealous or not, just talk about your ex and your past relationships and see whether her mood turns a 180-degree flip. But don’t overdo it; no girl would like to know what you gifted your ex on her birthday and how she reacted.

2. She will flirt with other men:

This might seem a little weird or bizarre while reading but a jealous partner would not miss a chance to flirt with other men in front of you. Through this action, she is trying to make you feel jealous because she craves for your attention. Moreover, while flirting with other men, she wants to check whether you need her as much as she needs you.

Not only that but sometimes she would also mention the names of some of her guy friends and how close they are to her. This is done to see your reaction and check whether you get jealous or not.   

3. She need details:

When your girlfriend asks you ‘how you spent the day, bae’, it’s cute. But when she asks you, ‘why did you wear a shirt which is not her favorite’, we are sorry to break the bad news to you, but it’s not cute. It is the ultimate sign that your girlfriend is jealous.

She would always want to be a part of everything that is happening in your life. From what time you wake up in the morning, till which boxers you wear, her presence is evident. This is not concern or care, but an exorbitant amount of jealousy. If your girl is doing this stuff, just don’t tell one of the details that you normally do and check her reaction. You’ll know.  

4. She goes haywire when you go undercover:

Were ever taken aback when you saw the notification blinking 30 missed calls of your girlfriend while you were driving home from the office? If yes, it’s probably better to rethink your relationship.

Going haywire and turning panicky you don’t pick up the calls or answer her texts, is a sure sign of jealousy and possessiveness. She cannot tolerate that you missed her calls. If you do, she probably will imagine reels of situations where you are dumping her or cheating on her with your ex or worse, her best friend.

5.  She is in a relationship with your phone:

Now, this is one of the most obvious signs of jealousy. When your girlfriend is jealous, she will make her day’s priority to check your phone, in and out. And when we say, we literally mean, check your phone.

For some guys, checking the phone is not a big deal. But when she starts reading every chat that you do with your guy friends, you will definitely feel offended. In doing so, she is basically ruining your privacy and personal space which everyone has a right to preserve, no matter how close you are to that person. 

6. You would always be a cheater in front of her eyes:

This one requires a lot of patience and consolation on your part. If you have a jealous girlfriend (we couldn’t be more sorry), you might have lost the count on how many times she would have accused you of being a cheat.

Although this shows clear signs of inherent jealousy budding in her, such actions also indicate a deep-rooted sense of insecurity that she communicates. And therefore, she would always find your female friends, your ex whom you have not seen for like an eternity, as competition. Don’t forget that even an inconspicuous amount of jealousy breeds from a strong sense of insecurity about oneself.

7. Stalking is her hidden talent:

Every future or potential girlfriend of yours has stalked you on social media. Believe it or not, they have unmatched sources and connections that they exploit to just get your Instagram handle.

But things turn a little serious when she is your girlfriend, and stalking is still her hidden talent. She will stalk you online whenever she gets the chance to do so. Through ingratiating your password of various accounts to keeping an eye on wherever you go with the GPS service you would always be under observation.

Some jealous girlfriends love to upgrade this game a notch higher. They would often stalk you offline, just to make sure that when you said you were going to the supermarket, you were really going there or not.

This is the last straw, guys. Whenever you find that your girlfriend is stalking you, be it offline or online and realize that she is interfering with your personal space, break it. Tears will be involved but don’t succumb to it. It is not a concern. It is a serious psychopathic behaviour which needs to be cured.

So, these are some of the subtle signs of a jealous girlfriend that are often overlooked by men, especially when they are disguised as concern. Now that you know the truth, don’t try to ignore it, rather leave if it is not controlled or fix it if it’s still small-scale.