It is often said that women are many things, but being straightforward is not one of them. Men all over the world universally agree that women don’t always communicate clearly about what they want. And, that can be confusing. 

Besides, women don’t like to initiate a nasty end to a relationship. Thus, instead of saying they want to end things, they just wait for the relationship to fizzle out. Breakups can be difficult and in some cases, you can see them coming. So, it is best to be prepared. 

While you may sense that something seems off, there are subtle clues and signs she wants to break up. However, keep in mind that these signs don’t always mean a big breakup, but also a major roadblock in your relationship. 

In today’s article, we have discussed some clues on how to tell if your girlfriend wants to break up with you. Keep reading!

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7 Signs she wants to end the relationship

Here are 7 obvious signs she wants to break up or end the relationship:

1. Your girlfriend is selectively telling you information

One of the most obvious signs she wants to break up is when you feel disconnected from your partner and you suspect that she is selectively telling you information. If your girlfriend doesn’t feel close and connected to you, the conversations will start to feel different.

When your partner seems disinterested in telling you about their day or life, it is one of the major signs she wants to end the relationship. This is also one of the first signs that intimacy is starting to fade.

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2. Your girlfriend starts to act cold

Wondering how to tell if your girlfriend wants to break up? Her usual cheery disposition around you is starting to get cold. Your girlfriend is supposed to be sanguine around you, seem interested in you and your conversations. But, if she starts to act cold and curt, it is a bad sign. 

An easy way to understand this is if your girlfriend only replies to you in one or two words, avoids talking to you, and seems disinterested in general, it is one of the signs she wants to break up with you. 

3. Your girlfriend and your future plans don’t line up anymore

One of the most elementary ways in which you can tell that your partner and you are headed in different directions is when your future plans don’t line up. For instance, if you always knew that marriage was in the plan for you, and your partner says that they don’t want to get married, it speaks volumes. 

Just to assume that you two would always end up together because your family approved or you dated for years, does not mean that your girlfriend wants something permanent. In addition, if both of you already planned a future together and now she seems apprehensive, it is one of the obvious signs she wants to break up. 

4. Your girlfriend views spending time with you as an unavoidable chore 

One of the most apparent signs she wants to break up or she is losing interest in you is that she treats spending time with you as a chore. In a healthy relationship, it is not uncommon for couples to spend an awful amount of time together, and that usually transforms into a routine. 

While it is healthy for couples to spend some time apart, if your girlfriend or partner starts to treat spending time with you as something unavoidable like a chore, it is not a good sign. Couples in any relationship need to have boundaries and spend time with other people, but if it feels like your girlfriend is unenthusiastic about your dates, it can be concerning. 

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5. Your sex life has changed

Wondering how to tell if your girlfriend wants to break up and end things? Take a close look at your sex life. A couple’s sex life and relationship in the bedroom speak volumes about how things are between them. 

Couples go through ups and downs, and changes don’t always mean that a breakup is coming your way. However, a change in a couple’s sex life occurs shortly before the big breakup and end of the relationship.

If you notice a change in interest or your dirty talk isn’t reciprocated, the overall attraction seems dim, or she just doesn’t seem into it, it could be one of the signs she wants to end the relationship. 

Thus, when you observe a change of interest in the bedroom, it might be time to sit down and talk. 

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6. Your girlfriend starts to criticize you more than she compliments you

Some amount of criticism, otherwise known as constructive criticism or feedback is healthy in every relationship. But, if it starts to seem like that your partner or girlfriend criticizes your actions more than she compliments you, it is not a good sign. 

In some cases, it can also feel as if your girlfriend doesn’t treat you well anymore. Besides, if the criticism takes place in front of other people, say friends and family, it is a concerning sign. 

7. If your girlfriend and you don’t fight or argue anymore

This might seem contradictory to whatever we discussed so far but, trust us on this one. It is unlikely for couples to agree on every single thing, thus, not only is it normal to have disagreements, but it is also healthy. 

However, if your girlfriend seems overly agreeable and avoids arguments of any kind, it is a sign that she has become apathetic towards the relationship. That is, it is one of the signs she wants to break up.

These were some of the signs she wants to break up. If you sense any of these, you must sit down and have the talk before things get messy. 

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