Blaming your parents for your childhood mishaps is easy. But when it comes to parenting a child, you realize how inimitably difficult it is. The slightest wrong decision can change the future of your child to an extent you can never imagine. This article will help you to know about 7 Tips For A First Time Dad!

Fatherhood cumbers uncountable responsibilities on your shoulders that can change the way you are and the way you perceive life. From taking the smallest of decisions such as the type of diaper that your child should wear to humongous education-related choices, fatherhood will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions that will never fail to surprise you. 

To be a perfect parent is not easy. At all. But you can strive to be better when it comes to decision-making and taking care of your child in the right way, especially when you are a first-time father. Here’s how.

7 Effective tips for a first-time dad to make parenthood easier

1.Create a work-efficient schedule and stay committed to it

Before the baby, things were simpler. You may not need to create a schedule or set a time to finish your work. But with the baby coming, things will be a little ill at ease. (A lot, actually) Under those circumstances, you have to make sure that you create a work-efficient schedule where you can divide your time between work and taking care of your baby. 

In addition, you will also have to help your partner in dealing with certain household matters. Therefore, it’s not an easy road, but it’s also not impossible. So, hang in there, things will eventually fall in place.

2. Make sure your baby gets adequate sleep

Generally, babies require 16-20 hours of sleep on average for the first five months. This implies that they can sleep during the day as well as the night. Therefore, it becomes the parents’ responsibility to teach their babies the difference between a night and a day.

When babies won’t sleep at night, you can sway them, jiggle them or even take them on a car ride. The most effective way to put them back to sleep is by making soft shushing noises. Make sure that their cribs are soft, comfy, and do not contain any toys or bumpers. 

3. You can also feed the baby

During the initial months after the baby’s delivery, the baby is only fed the mother’s milk. However, that does not mean that a father has no role to play in it. You can take care of the nutritional needs of the mother by taking into consideration her lactational needs. 

 7 Tips For A First Time Dad

After those initial months, a baby can drink milk from a bottle. During that time, you can help your partner to rest and take the responsibility of feeding your baby with a bottle. When you do that, make sure that after feeding the baby, you make them burp and then put them down. 

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4. Changing a diaper is not rocket-science

This is one of the major dilemmas a first-time father will surely face. However, it’s not as difficult as you think it is. Just make sure that you create a shield with the front of the diaper. Don’t forget to keep a hand towel by your side while you are changing the diaper of your baby.

In addition, it is essential to wipe the private parts of the babies from front to back to avoid an accumulation of body waste. Make sure that you are not letting your baby stay for too long in a wet or dirty diaper as it can cause rashes. You can throw the dirty diaper into a diaper pail.

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5. Angle is everything

Wondering what an angle has to do with a baby? Turns out that a good angle is necessary for digestion. When you angle your baby in a certain way after they are full, it helps them in proper digestion, less gas, and less vomit. 

In addition, take extra care when you swaddle a baby. You have to keep them at a specific angle and make sure that they are making a baby burrito with a soft blanket. This ensures comfort and coziness. 

6. Spend some alone time with your baby

Although your baby may be too small to register any memories, it is important to spend some one-on-one time with them. This will help in establishing a deeper bond and create indelible memories. So, take an opportunity to walk on the terrace, play with them, bathe them, etc. 

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7. Let your baby sleep on a crib or bassinet

This is one of the most important tips for a first-time dad. It is advisable to let your newborn child sleep in your room, either in a crib or in a bassinet. Make sure that your baby does not sleep in your bed. Moreover, to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), your baby should always lie on his back. 

 7 Tips For A First Time Dad

There is another unsaid rule in the first-time father sheet. Sleep when your baby sleeps. It takes Herculean efforts to resist watching your child sleep but make you need sleep too. So, when the baby is sleeping, you need to sleep too. 

These are some of the advantageous tips for a first-time dad to consider. Apart from this, make sure that you click as many pictures as you can of your baby and with your baby. These memories will be cherished later. Plus, to watch your child grow up is one of the miraculous things in life. 

You cannot be a perfect parent, because there is no such thing as a perfect parent. As long as you know that you are parenting a kid and not babysitting one, you will realize the enormous privilege that is bestowed in your hands by God. So, cherish this privilege and take care of your child. But don’t forget to take care of yourself as well. 

You got this! Happy parenting.