How it delights us to hear compliments like ‘Oh, you look much younger than your age’ or ‘What do you do to make your skin look so young and beautiful’? Everybody loves to hear praises for how they look younger, but we know how difficult it is to maintain your skin over the years and defy your aging.

It takes a hell of a lot of effort and a perfect skincare routine to look naturally younger.

How to look younger?

Here are a few ways you can pay attention to some of your body parts that are definitely going to make you look naturally younger than your years.

Here we have tips to look younger:

1. Trim it up:

Well honestly, excess of hair on any body part, especially your face, might make you look a little older sometimes. Trimming your hair that looks bushy on your eyebrows or your ears, or maybe small hair that peep out from your shirts and give an unpleasant look can certainly be a great idea.

Most men start having grey hair on their faces and well as other body parts which scream of your advancing age.  A silver shampoo for your hair can also prove to be beneficial, as it neutralizes the yellow undertones in grey hair.

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look younger

2. Shaving/taming your beards:

Your beard is most definitely one of the first features anyone looks at when they see you. Most of the time, an unruly or ungroomed beard might make you look older. Keeping it long, short, or clean-shaved can be your choice, but grooming your beard regularly must be like a habit if you want people to look at you and feel like “Wow, he doesn’t look his age.”

With age, most men lose definition in their cheeks and jawline, and the beard is the one feature that can be kept perfectly groomed to give you a sleek, young look.

3. Take care of your skin:

Your skin is bound to contract, and develop wrinkles with growing age, and such differences can be very profoundly spotted unless and until you take super good care of your skin and do that extra mile work to protect your skin from aging. Wearing sunscreens, applying lotions and lip balms regularly would work in your favor. Sun exposure is also one leading factor for visible aging and never wearing any sunscreen is similarly a leading cause behind most men looking older for your years.

Retinoids are one product that keeps old cells from dying, providing a more youthful look to a man.  It also keeps the skin more stretchy, preventing it from breaking down. One can always start with a small amount of retinol intake to see if their body has any sort of reactions to it or that it doesn’t suit them well, and it can be increased over a period of time.  

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look younger

4. Maintaining healthy habits is essential

Your body is conditioned in a way that it starts giving up easier and quicker as you advance with age. However, if you want it to function the way it did in your 20s, you must work towards your body, give it enough time, in the sense that you need to drink enough water daily, exercise, not smoke and get yourself enough sleep. Good sleep and a good intake of water are a few things that immediately show up on your skin, making you look a lot more energetic and vibrant even at an advancing age. 

5. Your attire is the making or breaking point: 

Your clothes can make you look younger or older than your years. Try to be well versed with the latest trendy fashions and wear the latest clothes.

Just do not overdo it by wearing something that doesn’t look good at you and always try to be subtle and minimal, yet classy with your clothes.

6. A good diet:

If your intake of sugar is quite high and you are still wondering why you look so older than your age, you now know the problem.  Yes, dear, it is the candies and fried foods that are appearing on your face. Sweet foods lead to inflammation of body parts, which makes you look older quite often. High amounts of sugar intake also lead to the development of a special type of molecule in the bloodstream, which destroys the elasticity of the skin.  

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We believe it’s time for you to cut down those huge levels of sugar intake. Also, have a look at some foods that you need to take to look younger.

7. An eye cream can prove to be a good option:

Eyes are the windows to the soul and when somebody looks into your eyes, they are bound to pay attention to the skin around your eyes as well.

An eye cream can’t miraculously change the texture of your skin, however, it can reduce the heavy wrinkles and fine lines to a great extent and help in making you look a lot younger and fresher. Hyaluronic acid in creams also reduces the depth of wrinkles to a large extent. Substances like bark extract and caffeine detoxify the eyes and give men a more youthful look. 

Other cosmetic artificial methods include botox and are quite common among men. The botox process involves the injection of botulinum toxin into the body. This is a muscle relaxer that prevents the release of acetylcholine (which is a neurotransmitter) and paralyzes the skin of the face, including the wrinkles and the face lines that produce wrinkles.  However, apart from being highly expensive, botox surgery might also involve a few risks and you must seek professional advice before opting for botox, to look younger.

So, if you want to decide to look younger for your age, these are some do’s and don’t’s that you must necessarily follow. Working for your body and skin is essential, in every age and for everyone. 

We have listed out for you a few ways to look younger. Hope it helps!

Thank You!