The right kind of pants not only get the job done, but they also give you the confidence and the chance to make a lasting impression. And, the right types of pants are the most powerful item of clothing you wear. 

Wherever you go shopping, you should pick different types of pants for men first, and then build your outfit around it. And, trust us, there is a lot to choose from. From casual chinos to formal corduroy trousers, there are many types of pants to choose from that will suit a range of occasions. 

Whether you are going for a job interview or a first date, what you wear matters! And, in this case, it is the different types of pants for men. You need to know which ones to wear and how to style them to give yourself a dashing look. 

To inspire your  style, we have compiled a list of every man’s must-haves types of pants. Some of these are trending and popular while the others are simply wardrobe essentials. Read on to know more about the different types of pants for men! 

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7 types of pants every man should own!

Here are the 7 most essential different types of pants mens every man must own:

  1. Chinos

In the list of types of pants, at number one we have Chinos! Chinos are the most versatile types of pants for men. Whenever you are unsure about what to go for, chinos come to the rescue. They are easy to style, comfortable and relaxed, and also look good with everything. And, for days when it’s too hot to wear trousers and dress pants, chinos are the perfect alternative. 

If you style chinos the correct way, they won’t look too casual and fit the event. Keep in mind that when you are heading out to a dressy or formal event, pick colors that come in dark shades like navy blue, charcoal, grey, brown, etc. And, when you are planning to hang out with friends, have fun and choose off-beat colors such as sage green, light yellow, off-white, burgundy, etc. 

types of pants
  1. Corduroy Pants

The second most essential types of pants are corduroy trousers. Corduroy is the most underutilized material in men’s fashion but since there is a style revival going on, there is no better time to wear Corduroy pants than now! Corduroy pants are also durable so they will last you for a good few years. 

Besides, they are versatile and you can dress it down for a fun casual hangout or dress it up for an office event. Wear your corduroy pants with a smart turtleneck and you will look like a Harvard graduate! However, you should stick to the basic colors like beige and earthy tones. 

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  1. Drawstring Trousers

Drawstring trousers are the most fashionable types of pants for men right now, and we all can see why. Drawstring trousers either come in the lightweight sweatpant material or the trouser material, and either way, they are the ultimate comfort item.

Besides, they are the perfect option to wear on days when you couldn’t care less about what you wear. They are perfect for work-from-home days, running errands, going for a casual jog, or even brunch. Rock these drawstring trousers with a nice round neck T-shirt and if you are feeling especially stylish, throw on a statement blazer. You will turn heads with this look! 

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  1. Joggers

Yes, we know that joggers are causal but you easily take this comfy athleisure wear and make it high-fashion with a statement jacket. Joggers are not only casual but they are also bold and chic

You can of course play it safe and go for neutral tones like shades of grey, black or white. But, you could also take a risk and add your spin by choosing brighter hues and daring colors. Joggers are perfect for when you want to keep it comfortable and casual, but also want to look put-together. 

  1. Linen trousers

Not so long ago, linen trousers were discarded as lousy pieces of clothing. But thanks to designers and stylists, linen trousers are cool again! The shapeless cuts and clumsy fits are gone and replaced with tapered and modern pleats that make the perfect silhouettes. Also linen trousers suit every body shape and men of every body type. They are truly one of the essential different types of pants mens can own.

If you want to go for an old-school vibe that impresses, wear the linen trousers as a part of the linen suit. And, if you want to spin it in a modern way, pair them with a clean t-shirt and chunky sneakers. With linen trousers, you can either play it safe and go for the boring colors, but you can also elevate your style with cool daring hues. 

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  1. Cropped trousers

Long hemlines are a thing of the past. The modern man only wears cropped trousers. While these cropped trousers can look like a throwback to vintage 80’s fashion, they are a modern trend. And, you can pull these types of pants with a few tweaks here and there,

First and foremost, you can either pin roll your trousers or get them tailored to look cropped. Wear your cropped trousers with a formal dress shirt, classy shoes, and a long jacket to get the perfect look.

  1. Tracksuit bottoms

Last but not least, we have the tracksuit bottoms. Tracksuit bottoms types of pants are just a classier version of the lousy sweatpants. They are always on-trend and not to forget, super comfortable. You can rock this look with either classic athleisure wear or you can wear it with button-down and trendy sneakers. Instead of the denim trend, it’s time to hop onto this bandwagon.

These were some of the most essential types of pants for men. Remember that, good pants are always an investment so don’t go too cheap on them. And, don’t worry about not being able to pull them off. A little confidence goes a long way! 

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