With a spike in the number of people turning health-conscious these days, it has become essential to be aware of the types of nutritious diets that one must follow. However, no matter whichever diet you follow, make sure you include avocados in it.

Avocados are considered to be the tastiest as well as versatile foods which can go with anything. Be it your daily meal salads, tacos to burgers, avocadoes add flavour and nutrition to an insipid diet. Moreover, they are extremely beneficial to upgrade men’s health due to their nutritional content.

But before we begin explaining avocado benefits, let’s get the basic clear.

What is an avocado?

Avocados have the roots of their origin planted in the trees of Central America. They generally grow in warm climates. They have an inner creamy delicious flesh and a ridge-like outer skin. Avocados are generally considered to be berries due to their pulp-like structure and single seed.

Types of avocados:

There are various types of avocados with their respective health benefits. Out of the lot, Haas avocados are the most common ones, as they account for 80% of avocado consumption in the world. The most delicious of all the avocados are Fuerte avocados which are primarily grown in California.

Other types of avocados are Choquette, bacon, Tonnage, daily 11, Macarthur, Shepard avocados which abound their own nutritional values and come in different shapes and sizes.  

Now that we are clear regarding what is avocado, let’s jump on some of the benefits of avocado, especially for men.

Avocado Benefits For Men

1. High Nutritional Content:

Avocados are basically known for containing some of the most essential vitamins such as vitamins C, E, K and B-6. Apart from these, they are also known to be the storehouses of a high amount of healthy fats, which have cancer-fighting properties. In a single cup of avocado, you can receive 21g of fats, which is a mix of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Avocado Benefits

Avocados also contain protein, that is, you can get 1g of protein in one serving. Did you know that they also contain omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for the healthy growth of hair? Therefore, avocados are a repository of all the health benefits that various fruits and vegetables promise.

2. Catalyst In Weight-loss process:

Avocados contain high fibre content which makes your stomach feel full. Combining this with the number of fats it contains, you can practically lose weight with eating more avocados and less junk food.

Be that as it may, you also have to regulate your consumption of calories and fats with the amount of exercise you do every day. If your consumption is higher than your need, you will start accumulating calories, no matter how many avocados you eat every day.

3. Increases your sexual libido:

As mentioned earlier, avocados contain vitamin B6, which releases certain hormones that make you feel good. Moreover, they are also said to indirectly increase sexual libido in men. This is one of the most unpopular avocado advantages. For the blood to rush to the sex organs, you need a stable, functioning heart. This blood flow is often hemmed in if you have certain cardiovascular diseases or are suffering from bad cholesterol levels.  

Now, with high monounsaturated fat content in avocados, you can reduce your high cholesterol levels and even prevent the risk of stroke. You can probably spice it up and eat it on your date.

4. Protects Your Eyes:

Avocados have a high amount of antioxidants, which provide a spike for your stomach to absorb more antioxidants from food. These antioxidants include lutein and zeaxanthin, which are essential for maintaining the health of your eyes. They reduce the chances of cataract and macular degeneration, quite commonplace, among adults.

5. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes:

Apart from maintaining a healthy bowel and making your stomach feel full, avocados have 13% of fibre content which reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes. According to the research conducted by Imperial College London, having a high fibre diet which has avocados in it, leads to 18% lower risk of developing diabetes.

6. Prevents osteoporosis:

More often than not, men undermine the importance of vitamin K, which is very essential for maintaining the health of the bones. Eventually, as and when they grow up, they are not able to continue doing certain physical activities which they did in their youth. 

Vitamin K helps in supporting bone healthy by escalating calcium absorption and reduction in calcium excretion through urine. However, even if you eat half of an avocado, you will gain at least 25% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin K.

7. Reduces the Risk of Depression:

Often, the traumatic incidents or the loss of someone special in your life leads to certain dark phases of depression which are hard to overcome. Such incidents often lead to the build-up of a substance called homocysteine which prevents circulation and delivery of nutrients to the brain.

That is why a depressed person often looks very pale and malnourished, even if they have sufficient consumption of nutrients. Moreover, excessive production of homocysteine disrupts the process of serotonin production, dopamine and other hormones which regulate mood, sleep and appetite.  

Avocados have high folate content which reduces the build-up of homocysteine. So, no homocysteine, no depression. Out of all the avocado advantages, this one is the important one.  

8. Helps In Detoxification:

Healthy bowel movement helps in effective excretion of stool which ensures a clean and healthy stomach. With high fibre content in avocados, your bowel movements are improved. According to research, dietary fibres in avocados help in spiking your immune system to another level and also prevent inflammation of any sort.

More often than not, in order to get quick results, men often resort to eating supplements rather than eating sufficient fruits and vegetables. However, all the essential nutrients and vitamins included in different fruits and vegetables in different proportions are found in one avocado itself.

This makes one of the most important avocado benefits of all. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say:

‘Have an avocado a day, and keep the doctor away.’