Who doesn’t love a Mexican dish which includes nachos, burritos, and quesadillas? When you taste any of them, you will experience an instant desire to explore the entire Mexican cuisine. And trust us, you will not get disappointed with it. 

So, to make your work easier in this pandemic, here is the list of some of the amazing Mexican cookbooks which will be the perfect guide for you to cook a Mexican dish for your bae.

8 Best Mexican cookbooks to read!

1. Esteban Castillo’s ‘Chicano Eats’

Esteban Castillo’s ‘Chicano Eats’ is one of the most interesting Mexican cookbooks including the traditional recipes from his family’s roots in Colima of crispy fried potato tacos, tomato, and cheese to his unconventional recipes which showcase his queer identity.

Dishes such as Duvalin Jello, which is a three-layered chocolate hazelnut gelatin, and Alitas de Gusano which is chicken wings mixed with tamarind chile sauce are his specialties.

2. Diana Kennedy’s ‘Art Of Mexican Cooking’

‘Art Of Mexican Cooking’ is one of the most comprehensive and detailed Mexican cookbooks that you will get. Diana Kennedy has spent most of her life reading and studying Mexican cooking in Mexico. 

Due to her study and her contribution, she can be considered one of the major contributors to Mexican cooking recipes. She has featured more than 200 classic recipes in her book, along with detailed explanations of each and certain cornerstone techniques that can make your cooking a success story.

3. Bill Esparza’s ‘L.A. Mexicano’

The author of ‘L.A. Mexicano’, Bill Esparza had won a James Beard award for his coverage of the L.A. taco scene. In this book, he has included some of the interesting stories about the development of the Mexican food scene in L.A.

In addition to this, he has also included some of the recipes from the best-known Mexican restaurants, street-food stalls, and restaurants. These recipes range from tamales to cocktails.

However, this book is not only a collection of food recipes, but it also consists of the profiles of the local chefs and food personalities along with some of the author’s tips and precautions to take while consuming and purchasing ingredients.

4. Bricia Lopez and Javier Cabral’s, ‘Oaxaca, Home Cooking From The Heart Of Mexico’

Written by Bricia Lopez and journalist Javier Cabral, this book holds paramount significance as it accounts for Oaxacan cooking which is considered to hold traditional importance due to its involvement of local ingredients in its recipes.  

The authors share the recipe of a homestyle bean, egg dishes, moles, and stews along with Oaxacan salsas and snacks. As much as Oaxacan cooking is important and holds traditional importance, it is a bit too intricate and difficult to do.

However, the book makes the work easier for you. Apart from describing the recipes of Oaxaca, the book also ventures to describe the people, culture, and other dishes of Oaxaca which makes the food and recipe so indelible.

5. Adan Medrano’s ‘Truly Texas Mexican’

The author in this book, ‘Truly Texas Mexican’ accounts for 100 recipes that range from the regional Texas specialties which have been so integrally protected by the age-old families in Texas.

He describes the basic Texas-Mexican dishes such as flour and corn tortillas, homemade chorizo and eggs, Carne guisada, potatoes with roasted poblano strips, etc. In addition to this, he also explains the roots of Texas-Mexican cuisine and its historical importance in different Mexican food recipes.

6. Jocelyn Ramirez’s ‘La Vida Verde’

Jocelyn Ramirez’s ‘La Vida Verde’ is one of the best vegetarian Mexican cookbooks in which she has described the traditional Mexican dishes as entirely plant-based dishes. For instance, she has tried to make ceviche with hearts of palm instead of fish, soups with walnut meat along with sun-dried tomatoes instead of chorizo, and tacos al pastor which is originally made with pork, she has created it with jackfruit.

Jocelyn Ramirez also runs Todo Verde which is a plant-based Mexican catering business. Her idea of consuming plant-based dishes rests not on maintaining a diet and a figure but is associated with having more fun and innovative ways of making and eating Mexican dishes than they are originally eaten or made.

7. Marcela Valladolid ‘Casa Marcela’

Marcella Valladolid, author of ‘Casa Marcela’ is the host of Food Network who has described some innovative and unique Mexican food recipes in her book. These recipes serve as a window to view her life and how she likes to serve food to her family, friends, and guests. Her recipes are a mixture of her life which she spent in Tijuana, San Diego, and partly in France.

As mentioned earlier, the book ranges from classic Mexican dishes such as traditional salsa and fish tacos to some innovative and unique dishes such as salmon mixed with tangy roasted tomatillos Huila waffle, and candied popcorn with chipotle honey butter syrup.

8. Fany Gerson’s, ‘My Sweet Mexico’

Fany Gerson’s, ‘My Sweet Mexico’ is one of the bestselling Mexican cookbooks which was nominated for a James Beard Award. To get the result that we see today in her book, she rambled the streets of Mexico, visited innumerable bakeries, candy shops, and even ice cream parlors to make you experience the taste of some of the traditional and age-old sweets through her words.

The book consists of some of the best-known Mexican bakery goods such as campechanas, pan de Muerto, garibaldis, and conchas along with rice pudding and flan impossible. The author has also thrown some light on the Mexican culture of candy which was created by the nuns who were living there during the Spanish colonial era.

These are some of the amazing bestselling Mexican cookbooks which are created as a result of the authors’ hard work and determination not to mention their passion for Mexican cuisine. 

In these books, you will not only find the how-to’s of making a delicious Mexican dish, but also the author’s advice of making food, their opinions of the particular food dish, some of their interesting incidents in relation with the food and the historical context of the dish. Therefore, when you are done making the Mexican dish, do not forget to savor the cookbook too!