Although the fashion world has seriously taken a dip in this pandemic, there have been extremely bold and stylish fashion trends that have been extremely influential in this season.

From large blazers to lavender pastel tops, the fashion trends of 2021 have gained a lot of traction, so without any further adieu, let’s explore some of the most important ones.

8 Best fashion trends of 2021

Here are the top 8 trends of 2021 as under:

1.Black masks 

Wearing masks is now a necessity and that goes without saying. Also, necessity is a mother of invention, so why not invent something fashionable and debonair out of the basics? One of the most stylish ways to protect yourself is by wearing a black mask as it is a perfect stylish addition to your outfit.  

If your creative wheels are constantly whirring inside your head, you can also wear cotton or a silk mask, but make sure that you avoid wearing something that hinders your safety. Make safety and protection your priority. You can style your black mask with an oversized blazer or a trench coat. If you are looking for something casual, a simple white shirt and blue jeans would work the best.

2. Pastel hues

Pastels have been topping the fashion trends for years now and it is still trending, no wonder why. They are perfect for summer and spring collections. In addition to this, they are extremely versatile as they can suit any skin tone. You can style a lavender jumpsuit with white sneakers for a casual look, or wear a yellow pastel trench coat over a white top for a professional yet informal look.

Apart from being one of the stylish and chicest fashion trends ever to be discovered, pastels have an aesthetic appeal to them that is unmistakable.

3. Add some yellow to the mellow

Adding a soft yellow color to any outfit you wear instantly makes you look appealing and adds depth to your overall appearance. More often than not, people have been quite speculative about the color, but the key is in using the right shade which works with your skin tone and your outfit.

You can mix a light brown coat with a pastel yellow shirt along with wide-legged jeans and white sneakers. And voila, you are good to go! Subtle, but unmistakably effective.

4. Jackets and coats

Jackets and coats are yet in for a long haul. Oversized shoulder pad jackets are especially useful in creating a perfect silhouette and enhance the shape of your body. It helps in making your body look curvaceous as it tightens around your waist and elongates the length of your legs.

One of the best ways to look fantabulous with these jackets is to wear shorts in a similar color. However, make sure that you stick to the lighter colors such as pastels.

Another layer that has been in trend these days is wearing folk-inspired coats. Just wear a coat with intricate embroidery and you will attract maximum eyeballs in your way and for all the right reasons.

To rock this look, you can wear a folk coat on a fully black or white piece which can make you look extremely interesting.

5. Bags

The best accessory with which you can complete your outfit in your bag. However, you can always go fancy and add those fringes on your bags which can give you a boho-chic look. Trust us, that look will never fail you.

The best thing about this is that it will never fail you and you will rock in the outfit with this no matter what. The best way to look perfect with a bag with fringes is to choose darker colors like black and brown.

Be that as it may, if you want to save all the trouble and just start with the basics, you can opt for a simple light yellow bag. This will give you an extremely timeless and chic look. It is not necessary to go for pastel yellow shades, you can go for any shade of yellow, ranging from mustard to lemon. However, do make sure that it suits your outfit and works best with your skin tone.

6. Head scarfs

Head scarfs give the perfect retro vibes no matter what and they have undoubtedly made it to the 2021 clothes trends. They have the power to make you look sleek, boho, and confident, all at the same time. They are the perfect way to protect your hair from all the dirt and dust in the air and also add a pastoral look to your outfit.

To rock this, you can choose a silk fabric with a floral design or even a cotton one with complex floral patterns. Choose bright colors such as yellow, red or even a mixture of all of them. In addition to just wearing them on your head, you can also just loosely tie them around your neck or wrist when you do not wish to wrap them on your head.

7. Accessorize it with some blues

In the end when you feel that something is missing in your outfit, just add something blue and you are done. You can accessorize a dark blue with a monochrome outfit or wear some blue earrings. Blue will never fail you, trust us. It is the most versatile color especially when you are trying darker shades such as black or grey.

8. Knee high boots

Did knee-high boots ever go out of fashion? We don’t think so. So, here we are, mentioning that you can always level up your outfit to a few more notches with knee-high boots in black, brown, or white color.

Knee-high boots work best when you are wearing them with a floral mini dress or skirt. In addition to that, you will be able to pull off them while wearing casual skinny jeans and a white shirt. It emanates sexy, effortless vibes that a girl would ask for.

These are some of the top 8 fashion trends of 2021 which you can look out for this year.