Is your friend going to throw a party soon? If yes, then you might want to give a pause to your excitement. A normal bachelor party or a birthday party involves boozing, night outs, and more boozing, which is going to be tough for your skin. You might say that why should I give up the fun for the skin? You’re right. None needs to do that. But what you do need to do is to prep your skin for the day/s and take care until that day. Below-mentioned are some friends’ party grooming moves that you need to follow to protect your skin.

Friends’ party grooming tips:

1. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is one of the best ways to prep your skin for a night out. It removes the dead cells of your face and makes it look refreshed and ready for whatever the next day has in wait for it. This will make your skin look healthy and fresh throughout the day. For this fresh look, you need to apply a small amount of scrub to your damp face and rub it gently in circular motions until there is enough foam. Remember, you’re rubbing your face, so you have the liberty to go gentle with it.

2. Cut the crap

Having a new haircut is one of the best party grooming moves that will certainly grab everyone’s attention. A new haircut will add more charm to your personality and you surely will receive many compliments, if the haircut suits you.

The type of hairstyle you’ll be wearing to the party will certainly be your choice. A buzz cut will certainly give you a new and edgy look if you haven’t tried it already. Otherwise, if you want to go all regal, you can give pompadour a shot.

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3. Pay attention to the details

It’s understandable to take care of your face and your hair as they are the most visible parts of your body. However, it is equally important to pay attention to all the minute details as well. For instance, pay attention to your fingernails. Are they neatly cut? Or are they long and dirty? If they’re not cut properly, cut them and give them a proper shape. You can even paint them if you want to, it’s completely your choice. In addition to paying attention to your fingernails, you also need to be mindful of the rest of the things. Check your breath at regular intervals. Alcohol and dehydration can turn your breath odorous. Trim out nose and ear hairs. No one likes to dance beside a guy whose ears are growing a thick mane of their own.

4. Let your skin enjoy some summer

We all know that winter is coming and so does the skin. It is showing the paleness and deserted cracks on your body. Well, you cannot carry this type of skin and enjoy let’s say, a secret pizza party. You’d have to do a secret pizza party grooming for this one. What you can do is get your winter body tanned.

Before you enter the sunless tan, make sure that you exfoliate your skin first and moisture it regularly which helps in fading the tan away regularly.

5. Put your mind and body in taking care of your skin

As the party days near, you need to start taking care of your skin like never before. You might think that it’s easy to use a Gram or Snapchat filter to portray your face all good and spotless, why give so much effort for a few hours? You can use it the easy way, but the harm to your skin on the party day is real. There’s no filter in that. It’s prudent to take some time out of your schedule and take care of your skin properly.

If you think that taking care of your skin is going to make you effeminate in front of your friends, then you can tell your friends that men’s skincare is a real deal and that they should too. Along with daily moisturizing your skin, you need to go the extra mile and indulge in some more skincare processes such as a sheet mask or natural aloe vera mask for your face.

6. Refresh your hair

Sometimes, the hustling schedule can make it impossible to meet all ends. You have to compete for the work before the deadline, attend the party at your boss’ house and also wash your hair. Washing your hair will probably make you appear late at your boss’ house which is not a good headstart for making a long-lasting impression. Instead of washing your hair all the way, you can just use a dry shampoo which goes a long way. It will give you the desired look without any greasiness or dryness. You can just spray at the roots and you’re ready for the party.

7. Hide that one hellish zit

Have you ever woken up excited on the day of the party only to be let down by one huge-ass zit on your forehead when you look at yourself in the mirror? We’ve all experienced this unfortunate and extremely frustrating incident. It had to happen on the same day, not the day before or the day after. And obviously it’s impossible to flex your friends’ party grooming moves when you’re conscious of that hellish pimple on your face. 

Under such circumstances, you have an only friend who’s going to help you in need. Concealer. If you don’t have it, then ask your girlfriend, sister, friend or mother to give it to you. Take a small amount and gently pat on the blemish and the zit does not need to see the light of the day now.

8. Walk with some flair and fragrance

When you’re partying all night, you’ll need some fragrance that is strong enough to last hours, even amidst all the perspiration and humidity. If you don’t know which ones stick the longest, make sure you buy the ones which have, ‘perfume, ‘eau de parfum’ and ‘eau de toilette’ written on it.

Additionally, you can keep certain notes such as sandalwood, musk, oud, and amber in mind as they are generally included in classic scents such as Givenchy Gentleman and Creed Original Vetiver. Whichever one you, make sure that you apply it on your neck and wrists. It lasts for a longer period.

These are some of the friends’ party grooming tips that you need to follow before the final day. Hope you found this article helpful!