Traditionally, men were only known to style short hair. However, with the advancement of time, with popular rock gods, skateboarders and some cool men artists rocking long hair, men have become intrigued with long hair. 

Although growing long hair will require some effort and time, you will certainly enjoy it once it grows as you can style multiple hairstyles for looking fashionable. From a clean slick hair look to a curly mane, you can try any hairstyle on your long hair to suit any occasion you want. 

With that said, you will find some of the modern long hair ideas for men in this article that will certainly compel you to grow your hair and similarly style them. 

8 sexy long hair ideas for men:

Man Bun:

The man bun is, by far, one of the most modern hairstyles for men that are in for the long haul. You can style a bun depending upon the shape of your face. The best way to style a man bun is to comb your hair back with fingers and just secure them with a band. You can leave out some locks so it seems like a messy man bun. You might not be able to make it on the first go, but once you get the knack for it, you will surely rock this look. 

You can tie your bun at the crown of your head and leave the locks at the nape of your neck. Make sure it’s not too tight or too loose. 


This hairstyle is just a sexier version of a man bun. If you don’t know what this is, then just have a look at Thor and you’ll surely be smitten. The greatest hairstyle to flex your jawline and the bone structure of your face. 

To rock this hairstyle, you need to take one-third of your hair and tie it in the form of a knot loosely at the crown of your head. Styling this hairstyle with a short or a medium beard will certainly make you a lust-worthy man among ladies!


Who said ponytails were just a thing for girls? Because, surprise, surprise, they are hell o’ the thing for men to look sexy and debonair in any outfit. A ponytail is one of the go-to hairstyles for men with long hair which takes less time and effort. 

Slick or messy, that’s upon you, make sure that you don’t tie your hair too tightly, otherwise, it will give you a headache and you won’t be able to put your mind into the things you’re doing. 

A slick look:

This is one of the ideal long hair ideas for men with medium length hair. A slick look will make you appear more confident, suave, debonair and stylish not to mention, mysterious anywhere you go. 

A slick look is generally advised with a formal suit and set-up as it complements the neatness. 

If you have brittle and fine hair, make sure that you opt for a high-shine look. But don’t put too much gel, otherwise, it will make your hair look oily and that’s what you don’t want in a formal set-up. 

However, if you have a curly thick mane, then more gel than the prescribed amount is advised, but be very careful to not go overboard. 

Thick long mane with a part:

Contrary to the common perception, parting your long hair can be one of the most impressive hairstyles that you can do on yourself. Be that as it may, if you decide to part your hair, make sure that you are well aware of your face shape and the quality of your hair. 

If you have a square face shape with straight hair, centre parting will be ideal for you. More often than not, many men struggle with getting an impeccable centre part. If you’re one of them, then read closely. 

Get a fine-toothed comb and use it on your damp hair. Now, draw a line sharply from the centre of your hairline to wherever you would like in the back. Once you’ve got your parting, you can then apply the serum on your hair through your fingers. 

If you have soft and round features with a bit more textured hair, you should experiment with a side part. While side parting your hair, remember to take a larger chunk of your hair and style it on the preferable side. 

Textured waves:

Textured waves which are highly popularised by Harry Styles, can go suit almost any face shape and environment. If you want to go the extra mile with this one, make sure that you style a layered cut hairstyle.

You can also apply a styling mousse to damp hair, to make those waves appear more effortless and stylish. Remember to air dry or dry with a diffuser once you are done applying a styling mousse to your hair. 

Once your hair is dried, you can take the front section and backcomb lightly to make it look voluminous and suave. 

Go blonde:

Going blonde with those long locks is one of the most unique things to do with your hair. It will certainly set you apart from the crowd and grab everyone’s attention towards you. And if you’ve been hitting the gym regularly, then you will certainly not look less than the beloved Thor. 

Once you get your hair blonde, you can style them in whatever way you want. Be it a man bun or a ponytail, you will certainly rock any hairstyle with this colour. 

Braid them:

Braiding is yet another phenomenon which is often considered effeminate in society. However, if you think about it, braids are one of the most modern long hairstyles for men that will certainly make you uniquely stylish. 

You can wear them in your office especially to style with your business–casual outfit and make a good impression in your presentation. More often than not, men opt for a subtle braided look which is also very suave.

For this one, you need to braid your hair very loosely in the back of your head. On the other hand, if you want to look more bohemian, you can always try wearing tight braids starting from the centre of your hairline to the nape of your neck.

These are some of the most stylish and sexiest long hair ideas for men. Which one will you choose for your hair?