Mens Clothing Brands From India are gaining global recognition due to their innovative style and some amazing fashion chutzpah. These styles are extremely versatile and can suit any occasion, be it a party or a casual get-together. Plus, they also fit everyone’s needs and offer a wide range of clothes starting from shirts, t-shirts, pants, chinos, trousers, types of denim to blazers, jackets, and whatnot. 

Therefore, here’s a list of men’s clothing brands in India that is curated just for you. 

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8 Mens Clothing Brands From India


Based in Mumbai, Raymond is the largest integrated manufacturer of fabric in the world. This clothing brand is known for its suits, shirts, formal as well as casual wear, which are offered in premium quality material. Raymond is the first choice for top executives as well as someone who is just starting out in his career. This is possible because of its affordability as well as the high thread count that it provides for every apparel. 

Mens Clothing Brands From India
2. Mufti

Many don’t know this, but Mufti is an acronym for Minimum Use of Force Tactical Intervention Miscellaneous. It is a Mumbai-based brand and boasts of owning 1200 multi-branded outlets. The company primarily focuses on developing men’s casual outfits.

3. FabIndia

One of the best things about FabIndia is that it composes all the clothes from 100% pure cotton which adds to its clothes a soft and comfortable feel. 

Made from organic material, FabIndia stays true to its Indian roots and showcases some brilliant Indian silhouettes that is both comfortable and trendy at the same time. 

4. Monte Carlo

Based in Ludhiana, Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd. boasts of an exorbitant variety of stylish clothing for men, women and kids at an affordable price. Monte Carlo has always been associated for their trendy winter wear by the Indian masses. 

Every piece of clothing offered by the brand is high in fashion quotient, affordability, and all this without compromising on the level of comfort.

5. Flying Machine
Mens Clothing Brands From India

Owned by Arvind Mills, Flying Machine is India’s first home-bred jeans brand, which is also the oldest fashion brand in India. The brand is known for its sharp and crisp casual wear that will always help in elevating your look no matter where you go.  

In addition, Flying Machine takes care of your budget and offers some of the most stylish shirts at affordable prices. 

6. Provogue

An offshoot brand of Raymond, Provogue, one of the best men’s clothing brands, is based in Mumbai. It has been running since 1997 and has always been successful in projecting some of the best debonair contemporary clothing. 

It has diversified from clothing and now offers watches, footwear, inner garments, as well as fragrances.

7. Arrow

The striking qualities of any piece of clothing are fabric and fittings. If they are not up to the mark, no matter how good the piece is, you will never be able to pull it off. 

And this is exactly what Arrow has continued to believe since its establishment. It pays close attention to the quality of the fabric and its fittings. Consequently, it is ranked as one of the most trusted apparel brands in India.

8. Indian Terrain
Mens Clothing Brands From India

Indian Terrain Fashions Ltd. is one of the leading fashion brands in India today, which continues to multiply at a fast pace. Due to its extensive diligent attitude towards quality over quantity, it offers nothing less than the best quality shirts, jackets, trousers, sweaters, etc.

These are some of the best clothing brands for men in India that cater to the needs for casual wear. If you are looking for more street-style fashion, you can consider Capsul, VegNonVeg, Jaywalking, etc. They are some of the best streetwear brands that can make you look stylish daily. 

With that being said, you can only have a knack for choosing the right kind of clothes, when you have a good fashion sense. Here are some of the best styling tips for men to hone their fashion sense.

5 Essential style tips for men

1.Pay attention to details

Exquisite style lies in detail. Make sure that you do not leave your house without ironing your outfit and getting that crisp look. Learn how to wash certain fabrics as not all fabrics are supposed to be washed normally. Remember, if you do not respect your clothes, the clothes will not respect you. 

Mens Clothing Brands From India
2. Make a good investment in your footwear

More often than not, people are not serious about their footwear. For almost their entire lifetime, people continue to wear running shoes. However, the adage, ‘you can judge a man by his shoes, cannot ring more true.  

Shoe aid in reckoning a person’s social status and presumably, their profession. Therefore, investing in high-end shoes is a must as they complement every outfit and go with nearly all occasions.

3. The fit is everything

It’s completely natural to wear baggy clothes at your home. However, when you have to go outside, make sure that the clothes you wear fit you.  

Well-fitted clothing tells a lot about your personality and you as a person in general. Therefore, whenever you go out shopping, remember that if a piece of clothing does not fit you, no matter how good it is, do not buy it. 

4. Wear your confidence well

No matter how chic your clothes are, you will not be able to pull them off, if you do not have confidence. Lack of self-confidence is a major turn-off for a lot of women. 

Regardless of a large paycheck and impeccable fashion sense, if you don’t wear your confidence well, you might not be able to create a lasting impression on the people you meet. The other person might just sense your lack of self-confidence in your aura.

Therefore, if you feel that you are insecure or not confident enough about yourself, make sure that you work on that regularly. Be mindful of your postures and the gestures you make. Non-verbal communication is a subtle yet effective mark of confidence. 

5. Don’t pay much attention to fashion trends

Fashion trends are very enticing. With the large following, you might desire to buy those pants that your favorite celebrity is also wearing. However, don’t fall into this trap. 

Firstly, these fashion trends are ephemeral. They keep on changing continuously, and therefore, it becomes quite impossible to keep on buying clothes as per the changing trends. 

What you can do is focus on buying clothes that transcend the ephemeral fashion seasons. You can pay attention to the basic pieces of clothing and certain timeless patterns and colors which will remain stylish even after a generation. 

Considering these styling tips, you can now shop in some of the best men’s clothing brands in India and buy the necessary yet timeless outfits that will help you accentuate your personality. 

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