To find out that your partner is cheating on you is one of the worst things that can happen to anybody, and we hope none of you has to go through this.

There might be times when you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you, but obviously, you cannot just go up and confront her on this. What most men start doing instead is build scenarios in their head, obsess over the idea of their girlfriends cheating on them, and this, in turn, starts destroying the relationship from within. 

We are here to help you look out for some signs that might help in strengthening or discarding your suspicions. While these are some signs that have generally been observed in cheating partners, they are not at all definitive factors to prove anything with surety. However, if you see several of these signs in your girlfriend, this might be the time to worry or confront her.

What are the signs your girlfriend is cheating on you?

1. Talking to someone way too much:

This is a pretty obvious sign that there might be something cooking up. If your girlfriend is talking to someone way too much, there might be a need for worrying. Since this is too obvious a sign, there are greater chances that your girlfriend would talk to that person only when she is not with you, or maybe deletes her conversations since there is a chance of you sneaking into her phone.

woman in white shirt using smartphone

girlfriend is cheating

If she is busy on her phone even when with you and doesn’t want you to see who she is texting, there aren’t enough defences to say that she might not be cheating.

2. She tells you she is busy, but wouldn’t explain where she has been:

If your girlfriend is away quite often and doesn’t even give very convincing or satisfactory explanations as to where she has been, you would straight away start feeling the distance and the disconnect. 

The time she once had for you starts decreasing abruptly, she is busy most of the time, and when you offer to take her out for the evening, she tells you she has to work, but is unable to describe the work to you. These signs are actually very evident and after some days, you are easily going to realize if you are facing this in your relationship. 

Again, this is not a sure signal to prove that your girlfriend is cheating on you, but it might be the time to be concerned.

3. She is making a totally new group of friends, and you do not know about them:

Finding a new group of friends can be good, but probably not if she doesn’t want to tell you about them and neither want you to meet them.

If it seems like her life is completely changing, with all that work and completely new friends, and she doesn’t want you to be a part of her new life, something might be up, behind your back.

4. She is mostly distracted, and in her own world, even when with you:

There are times when we might be present with someone physically, but our mind is wandering off too far away places and people. If you start feeling like you are sitting with your girlfriend, but her mind isn’t here with you, it might be at someplace else or with someone else.

You might be explaining to her something about your workload or your problems, but she doesn’t listen to them with the attention she once used to. The emotional and mental strength she once provided you, is suddenly gone.

We know how much it hurts to be experiencing this, but this might be one of the signs your girlfriend is cheating on you.

5. She wants you as far away from her personal life as possible:

If the one person who once shared every detail with you suddenly starts having secrets and doesn’t want you to intrude into her personal business, there might be something that she is hiding from you.

If you try confronting her on this, you might be told that you are being a jealous boyfriend who doesn’t give his girlfriend any personal space. Now, it is for you to understand when that line of jealousy is actually getting converted into a reason for being worried for yourself.

6. You cannot even touch her phone:

While personal space and trust are primary requirements in a relationship, you just cannot deny that there ought to be some transparency. If she starts keeping her phone on high security, and doesn’t want you to even touch it, or immediately snaps at you if you pick up her phone, there are great chances that there might be something on her phone that she is hiding from you. 

7. She is always ready to fight:

Nagging on a silly thing and looking for reasons to just lash out or start a fight might be a sign that she is not interested in you anymore.

Young couple in the bedroom communication discontent conflicts

If she starts telling you often that this relationship between you two doesn’t make her happy anymore, the way it once used to, and she feels like she is compromising over something, this is the time you need to start worrying.

8. She avoids talking about the future or isn’t very serious about the relationship anymore:

If you both once used to dream of your future together and now, all of a sudden, you feel like she is drifting away, and avoids talking about her future with you, this might be one sign that she is not happy in the relationship. 

While it is completely okay if the relationship was casual from the very beginning, there might be a need to worry if things have taken a shift.

If you see any or most of the above signs, your relationship definitely needs some working. As we told you, these signs do not prove that your girlfriend is cheating on you, but it certainly proves that your relationship is not on the right track. 

Look out for ways you can work it out with your girlfriend, and we hope it turns out in your favour 🙂