When it comes to buying clothes, one of the most important things to search for is their quality. If the quality is trash, no matter the price, the cloth is never going to look good on you. If you’re wondering how to master the dexterity of spotting men’s high-quality dress, then you’ve landed in the right destination. So, without any further delay, let’s find out some effective methods to spot high-quality clothes. 

8 effective ways to spot men’s high-quality dress


If you want to get the right outfit for you, the first thing that you need to look for is the fabric of the cloth. Is the fabric coarse or soft? Is it stretchable? Will it be torn in one or two washes? Does it lose its shape? It’s important to focus on these questions while you’re going out there to buy anything.

More often, there are certain fabrics that blend stronger than others. Materials like cotton or polyester and their blends often pull up easily only after a few washes and leave little white balls on the fabric. So, keep an eye on those. For stronger pieces of cloth, you should check out natural fibers and their blends. For instance, wool, cotton, silk, and cashmere. 

Under normal circumstances, men’s high-quality dress clothes are made from natural fibers, because they are expensive and durable. Blends only work when the proportion of natural fibers is more than the synthetic ones. 

Be that as it may, if a piece of cloth is made from natural fiber, it doesn’t imply that you will blindly purchase it. You also need to look out for its type of stitching, the thread work, and how comfortable the cloth makes you feel. 

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Impeccably designed jean cuff seams

If you’re not sure whether you should invest in a pair of jeans or not, then first you need to turn the jean cuff inside out. Check whether the in-seam of the jeans is stitched opposite to each other or just stitched to each other. The former design is generally associated with high-quality jeans whereas, in cheap quality products, the latter is followed.

Pay attention to the details

More often than not, cheap quality dresses do not pay much attention to details which render the outfit a shabby and unkempt look. 

If you want to invest in men’s high-quality outfits, you need to concentrate on minute details such as stitching of collars, shirts, pants, materials, etc. The consumption of time and effort in a high-quality dress is often reflected in the outfit. 

When it comes to details, the first thing that you need to look out for is seams. Check whether the seams are crooked, dotted, or just coming apart. Seams need to be straight. Anything other than that is of poor quality. If the fabric contains extra stitching, then you should go for it because that’s a good sign. It reflects the extra efforts put in by the designer. 

For instance, if the in-seams of polo t-shirts have threads that are sticking out and the stitching is not good, you shouldn’t invest in it, no matter how good it looks on you.

It is very important to pay attention to the details because these minuscule parts render the entire look.  

Does it have a lining?

If the clothes that you buy are perfectly lined, it will render a very unkempt look, no matter how chic the garment is. This is especially applied in the cases where you have to buy jackets and coats. Always look for the lined ones as they are of high quality, rendering comfort against your skin.

Keep an eye on different brands to find men’s high-quality dress

The biggest mistake you can make in the fashion world is to always buy clothes from one particular brand thinking that its clothes are the only ones that fit you or are more comfortable. No doubt that its clothes will be comfortable for you, but it’s always prudent to keep an eye on different brands and try the others that suit you. 

Are there any extra notions?

More often, men’s high-quality brand clothes go the extra mile and include some extra hooks, zips, latches, etc. If you spot a garment with extra notions, you should go for it and count yourself lucky, for it’s difficult to find a handy sewing machine. A reinforced seam is basically a cherry on top of the cake.

YKK zipper

You might be thinking what good could come out of paying attention to the zippers of a cloth, which is technically the most insignificant part of the garment? To start with, considering the zipper as the most insignificant part of the cloth is one of the biggest sartorial mistakes you can ever make here. The zipper is the most important part, as it helps in determining the quality of the cloth. 

When it comes to spotting a high-quality zipper, you should prefer a YKK zipper as it is one of the best quality zippers available in the market. High-end fashion brands generally use YKK zippers for their clothes, whereas low-end and cheap brands use a corresponding zipper to match their budget. 

The quality of the shoes

A look is generally completed by the type of footwear you choose to make. So, your footwear also demands to be in a tall men’s high-quality dress, otherwise, your entire look will be ruined even though your clothes are high-end. For spotting high-quality shoes, pay attention to the quality of the leather that the shoes have. In addition, also pay attention to the upper part of it and how it is attached to the sole. Don’t forget to take a look at the type of stitching done. If there are loose threads, then perhaps you should save your money from buying those and invest in something good.