Believe it or not, but choosing a cologne from high-end brands is fairly easy. These brands know the likes of the majority and that is why they will always have something in store for you. However, the downside of these brands is that they are very common, apart from being expensive. Chances are that the cologne of a high brand that you flex might also be the object of show-off by your neighbor. This article is about the 9 Best Cologne Brands For Men!

So, why not just step aside from the madding crowd and hunt for something obscure when it comes to choosing cologne brands? Certain small and up-and-coming cologne brands experiment with different fragrances which are certainly unconventional. They are made with rarer ingredients and so they do not fail to subjugate the more high-end perfume brands for men.

In addition, you will find that the fragrances propagated by these small cologne brands are sometimes weird and even bizarre. But there are also chances that these same brands would also surprise you with other fragrances. And the best upside of choosing such colognes is that no one else is wearing them and that makes you an interesting and unique person altogether. 

With that said, when you browse the web for research about the small cologne brands for men you will find that it is insurmountable to land on the right one. So, below-mentioned is the list of the best colognes for men that have unique fragrances.

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9 Best Cologne Brands For Men that will never fail to surprise you

1.Guy Fox
9 Best Cologne Brands

The founders of Guy Fox don’t believe in making a person smell like a summertime seaside or a blooming flower. Like, who wants to smell like that? If you relate with these guys and then this is the right brand for you. 

The names of each of their six blends are inspired by their friends. For instance, Mikul, their best friend, has a subtle tobacco fragrance, blended with grapefruit and basil. 

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2. Strangelove

The seed of creating the Strangelove brand by its founder Elizabeth Gaynes took place in Rome. She spent a significant amount of time working with Bornean oud farmers and took a liking towards agarwood scent.  

This inspiration was soon followed by the kind of essence that is professed by Strangelove, which is, strong, powerful, and that has pure-perfume potencies. There are in total five scents of Strangelove. Out of which ‘fallintostars’, is an extremely paradisiacal scent, fully blended with amber, rosewood, pink peppercorn, and Indian oud. 

3. Coleckt

What’s interesting about this up-and-coming Swedish cologne brand is that it’s vegan. By that, it implies that it is made by crushing a plethora of plants and fresh leaves, that make you smell like plants at the end of the day.   

This brand offers three different scents, out of which the Void is one of the most endearing ones. It has a bright and refreshing citrus fragrance.

4. Shocks Of Love

Shocks Of Love is not only a small cologne company that offers some of the best-scented perfumes but it also works with aromatherapy. The company has launched a set of six scent rituals that have therapeutic scents, fragrant essential oils, and are extremely fragrant. 

5. Snif
9 Best Cologne Brands

The best part of this perfume brand is that they will have you smelling exuberant without creating a dent in your bank account. Not only that, but they will also send you a cologne gift set containing a sample of full-size bottles. You can keep the ones you like and then return the ones you don’t.

Out of the lot, ‘Ex On The Beach’ is the best one. It is richly blended with a floral and musky-woody scent. It gives you an extremely refreshing scent that will last for a long period. 

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6. Heretic

A heretic is one of the best colognes for men that utilize ancient scent-making traditions with the help of essential oils and plant-based recipes.

The best one from the lot is Smudge which is made from concocting some of the perfect ingredients such as frankincense, patchouli, labdanum, styrax, and Sichuan.

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7. World Of Chris Collins

Who doesn’t know Chris Collins? He started as a successful model who was featured in many Polo campaigns. With many years down the line, he became a perfumer to ensure a luxury-level experience in his career life. 

Collins features a group of three fragrance collections which are, ‘Dark Romance’, ‘Renaissance’ and the red ‘Rubeus’. Just hearing these names makes you want to instantly buy them. ‘Renaissance’ has the most effective scent which is made up of some of the perfect ingredients such as cognac, cedar, and plum.

8. Krigler
9 Best Cologne Brands

Back in the year 1879 in Berlin, a man called Albert Krigler made his first perfume to please his wife-to-be Charlotte. This was the beginning of the magnificent perfume collection to please the bourgeoisie before the World War I era. 

The best out of the lot is ‘Mont Suisse 67’. It has a rejuvenating and crisp collection that will remind you of the Alps. In comparison to other cologne brands, this one is a bit expensive. But, it’s certainly worth it. 

9. Sigil

Similar to Coleckt, the refreshing fragrance of Sigil is a result of plants. It is a natural perfumery, which is derived from plant oils, absolutes, and tinctures. You might find its scent to be a little old-fashioned and old school. But somehow, you will still be drawn towards it for some reason.

‘Anima Munda’ is the best one out of the lot as it has a unique floral and woody scent.

These are some of the best up-and-coming cologne brands that have a unique and unconventional fragrance. With these brands, you do not have to worry about your neighbor or your colleague wearing the same perfume. So, in this summertime do not forget to try your hands with new and fresh scents as they will never fail to amaze you.