With different styles of hats gaining traction these days, it is important to know some of the different hat materials which ensure comfort and style. Doesn’t matter if you wear a fedora, bowler, gambler or a safari, if the material is inappropriate, you will not be able to pull off the hat the way you want. 

In addition, considering different hat materials is also essential when it comes to the maintenance of the hats. You can even consider various stretching techniques for hats based on their materials. Therefore, it’s really important to keep an eye for the fabric of the hat, otherwise, you might damage the hat as well as your entire look. 

In order to make your work easier, this article enlists some of the top hat materials and their optimum usage. 

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9 Different hat materials of premium quality

1. Felted wool hats

Felted wool is considered to be one of the best and dream hat materials due to its lightweight and soft texture. Made from sheep’s wool which is rolled and pressed, moistened and then heated so that the fibres interlock together to make an extremely soft fabric. The felt is available in a variety of colours which makes this hat material one of the popularly chosen and sought after. 

different hat materials
2. Cotton hats

Cotton is one of the most versatile and comfortable hat materials which are commonly found and worn by people. Many don’t know this, but cotton is also known as the ‘tomato’ of fabrics. Why? Because like tomatoes, cotton is also abundantly found and it’s a popular choice for the people. 

You can find cotton hats almost everywhere. They are extremely durable, packable and in comparison to other hats, they are very lightweight. Therefore, they can be your perfect companions for adventurous voyages. 

3. Toyo hats

Also known as paper braids, Toyo hats are concocted with the help of weaving the paper strands in the form of a straw and then producing in the desired style. Due to their cost-effectiveness and durability, these Toyo hats are gaining traction and have also become a style statement for some of the fashion influencers. 

Be that as it may, these hats are not strong like straw or raffia and once crushed, they cannot be moulded in their original shape. And as such, they are made from water, it is advisable to keep them away from water. 

4. Straw hats

Straw is one of the popular choices to make different types of hats. There are various types of straw that are used in order to make hats, which are distinguished on the basis of durability, colour, strength and texture. 

For instance, raffia is one type of straw that is primarily used in making packable and crushable hats. On the other hand, the straw which is made from toquilla palm is normally used to make Panama hats. 

Under normal circumstances, you can weave any straw to make some of the best hats for you, however, some of them are handpicked on the basis of their texture, colour and pattern. 

As mentioned earlier, the paper braids or toyo hats are made from paper materials in the form of straw which are strong, light, durable and cost-effective. On the other hand, the felted wool hats are made by pressing and rolling the wool, followed by moistening and heating it to get a good, soft fabric. 

5. Fur felt hats

You’ll be surprised to know that fur felt is made the same way a wool felt hat is made. However, when you touch both of them, you’ll realise that fur feels softer and has a velvety texture in comparison to the former one. Why is that?

Fur felt is actually made by the concoction of highly refined and lighter fabrics, which are mostly derived from rabbit, hare pelts and beaver. Once you’ve worn a fur felt hat, you might not like to wear any other hat for a long while. Its incredible soft touch and the guaranteed comfort will not make you part from it for a long period of time. 

6. Acrylic hats

Acrylic hats are other forward-looking hats that have a plethora of benefits including resistance to moths and the sun. Not only that, but these hats are also very cost-effective and are available in a variety of colours. 

7. Nylon

Invented in 1935, it is not that common to use nylon as a material for hats. Nevertheless, it is generally used in the mesh backs of trucker hats. 

A complete Nylon hat can make you feel extremely hot and sweaty especially if you live in a tropical country.

8. Polyester hats

Similar to nylon, polyester is seldom used as a material for making hats. However, they are blended with cotton which gives hats an excellent quality. Be that as it may, these hats do not ensure premium quality comfort and are generally less breathable.

9. Metal hats

Metal hats are another forward-looking, vanguard hats that are, as a matter of fact, made from the toughest of materials. If you are trying to channel a tough-boy- construction worker cum British royal guard look- then this particular hat should be your primary choice.

These are some of the different hat materials which are extremely common and used by many. However, make sure that you think about the pros and cons of each and then decide which one suits you the best!

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