(Note : Physical beauty does not define you, what defines you is the purity of your character and the depth of your heart)

Essential Grooming Products For Men

Gone are the days when grooming was an all-women thing and ‘men’ didn’t groom themselves. With the passage of time, society has become more inclusive and grooming is an essential part of a modern man’s everyday life. 

Grooming is the key to looking clean and presentable. Just like clean hands give you a sense of hygiene, grooming inculcates personal hygiene and care to enhance and develop your overall appearance and personality.

So, if you are someone who is profound about grooming themselves, then grooming products are your best friends. Men’s grooming products are designed especially for men to suit their needs and hence investing in quality and basic essentials of men’s grooming products are extremely important. 

Here is a list of 9 grooming products every man must own to look and feel their best. 

 Hairstyling products and tools

Hair make-up an important part of a man’s personality and a good hairstyle make a man stand out of the crowd. Every man is a sucker of great hairstyles but what they lack are the right styling products and tools. The right flattening iron, curling tool, and a knack to using them and its likes are the key to amazing hair.

1. Trimmer

Trimmer is a holy grail in a men’s grooming closet and should be owned by every man. Gone are the days of razors and trimmers help keep the beard and moustache in shape but keep a man’s body hair in check too. A well-trimmed man is a well-groomed man.

2. Deodorant

No one likes to smell yucky, especially when you intend to be well-groomed. Deodorants are your best friends when it comes to controlling body odour and sweat and giving you a refreshing feel. Remember body odour can be a major turn-off when you are among people and in the situation can get extremely baffling in summers when it gets hard to control your own body scent. So men, get a good deodorant and keep body odour at bay.

3. Face wash

A fresh face equals a fresh mind. Although it might sound funny, you cannot underestimate the power of a fresh face. It is really important for men to invest in good quality face-wash which suits their skin types. 

Men with oily skin-type should go for a face-wash that helps remove excess oil without drying out their skin whereas men with dry-skin type should use a gentle moisturising face-wash. Men with normal or combination skin type should opt for a mild face-wash.

4. Exfoliator 

To reveal the bright youthful skin that is resting beneath all that grime and dead skin cells on your face, it is important to invest in a good exfoliator. An exfoliator helps remove the dead skin cells from your face and reveals the brighter skin layer thus giving you an instantly bright and glowy look. So men, get your hands on a mild and effective cleanser and you will be good to go.

5. A hydrating moisturiser

 With all that effort going into skincare, it is a product that needs no mention. Good hydrating moisture helps protect the mixture barrier of the skin by providing intense hydration and locking the moisture in. Moisturiser is a holy grail product in a man’s grooming routine and must be used religiously to notice visible results. 

grooming products

A moisturiser if used sincerely and regular as a part of one’s daily skincare routine can help you achieve healthy and glowing skin. You should choose your moisturiser based on your skin type and concern to get the best results.

6. A lip balm 

How can you underestimate the power of those bright and soft lips? Lips, although a very small organ of your body, can make a huge statement if groomed properly. Bright and well moisturised soft lips are a prerequisite if you want a complete skincare and grooming routine. 

So men, invest in that lip balm and achieve those luscious lips to serve your purpose.

7. Shower gel

The god of all personal hygiene products, you can never go wrong with a shower gel. A shower gel helps you clean all the dirt and sweat from your body and provides and leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

A shower gel comes in various fragrances and formulations to suit various body types and preferences. So men, get your priorities right and achieve the dream of feeling refreshed every day by investing in a good quality shower gel.

8. Shaving Kit

Shaving kit, for years has remained a man’s best friend. A classic shaving kit saves you the hassle of running to a saloon to get that clean shave or your desired cut. 

Hence, it goes without saying that men should invest in an affordable yet effective shaving kit to help them achieve that razor-sharp look.

 9. Pocket Comb 

Legends say that classics never go out of style and it is hard to imagine the classic pocket comb to ever lose its charm and importance. Unless you are trying to rock the classic bald look, a pocket comb can never go wrong. 

It can save you on a windy day or on days when you have an emergency meeting in five minutes and oh well, maybe even on a date where you forgot to comb your hair. This is the perfect grooming product to seal the deal for your men’s grooming tools list.

Remember, the first impression is the last impression no matter what the walk of life. And a well-groomed man is higher on the pedestal of making a positive impression on anyone. 

It must be noted that grooming is like an act of discipline, a discipline of keeping yourself prim and proper to look good physically, feel good mentally and appear presentable to others. 

So men, get your hands on these recommended men’s grooming products and tick-off your list so that the next time a girl asks you out on a date, you do not ask for a week-long notice period to transform into your best self. In the end, we all must practise self-love, take care of ourselves and break all the stereotypes.