You might think it is a fairly simple daily routine to wash your face. You are good to go get a straightforward wash with soap bar and water. Isn’t it? Apparently, it turns out that many men needlessly complicate the process or usually skip a step that could lead to irritation, dryness and acne. 

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Use a men’s face wash to start the day right. It continues to keep your face fresh and offers a thorough cleaning of your skin. A facial wash for men brings you a fulfilling, fresh feeling and cleans the skin of any residual and sticky contaminants by digging deeply through pores. Follow the men’s skincare regimen to make the most of the facial washing for men.

Although there is no fixed answer to the question, ‘how to wash your face?’ but the less complicated you keep it when it comes to skincare and washing your face, the better it would be for you. 

That being said, there are several rules that will ensure that you do the work without damaging your skin. We outline here seven simple steps that you should take to ensure that you give your face the wash it requires.

Facial cleansing is an important part of the everyday routine. Washing your face can seem a boring job, but it may weaken your efforts and discourage you from producing the best results if done incorrectly.  

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You should wash your face regularly, whether you have dry skin or oily skin. In case you have acne, a face wash every day is much more relevant. Ideally, you should never wash your face with soap bar soap. 

Wash Your Face

Keep reading for some directions to wash your face correctly in order to make good use of our face wash and love the clean, young skin each and every day. 

Step 1: Understand how to wash your face correctly

You could perhaps usually be washing your face two times a day, even then when you look in a mirror you could probably notice dirt on your face.

Oils accumulate constantly on the face and therefore need to be washed to avoid clogged pores as well as other issues. We suggest that you wash your face in the morning before you begin your day and in the night before going to bed. You should not wash your face more than twice in one day to avoid dryness and discomfort. 

Step 2: Clean your Hands 

You are going to be using your hands to wash your face, innit? But when your hands are dirty before you start this procedure, you can rub the dirt directly into the skin on your face, which may lead to unintended results. Before you start washing your face, clean your hair vigorously with soap to remove dust and other pollutants.

Step 3: Moving Your Warm Water Face 

Wet your face with warm water before applying any face wash. Make sure that this water should not be very hot because the skin could be damaged by hot water. Make sure that the water you are using is warm and comfortable. Wet your whole face prior to proceeding to the next step. 

Step 4: Wash your face 

Take in the palm of your hand a small amount of face wash. Roughly the size of nickel of the face wash should be enough. Using less will not clean your face completely but the use of more cleanser will be wasteful. A minuscule amount goes a very long way and using a lot of for every wash will not offer you any additional benefits.

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 That being said, it is important to remember that not all face washes are similarly formulated to suit the needs of your skin. Understand the need for skin and ideally go for a face wash which is made up of natural ingredients (not all natural face washes are made up of natural products!)

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Step 5: Dissemination 

Rub your hands together before applying the cleanser on your skin. Although some poor quality facial washings are somehow producing a foam,  do not use dangerous chemicals that bubble products. The product when spread over your hands ends to increase the cleaning quality since more parts of your face are being covered. 

Step 6: Cleanse 

Using gentle circular gestures to apply the product on your forehead, front (and under your chin). Lightly rub and do not pressure it. Be vigilant not to get the product in your eyes as you cleanse.

Resist the desire to cleanse using any aid such as with a sponge or wet wipe. It can cause skin irritation by using these products. The trick is to go slow and steady. 

Step 7: Face Rinse 

Rinse your face with warm waters after pressing the purifier onto your skin and washing it adequately. The temperature of this water ought to be close to the one you used when you wet your face before the cleansing. Do not use too warm water a reaffirmation because it can be an irritant. Please ensure that you carefully rinse the areas around your eyes as natural ingredients can irritate the eyes if they are not thoroughly rinsed.

Step 8: Drying 

If you do not intend to exfoliate, after rinsing, you would then dry your skin. Put a wet, soft towel on your skin to dry your face. Do not massage your face with a towel if you have acne, since this could very well cause irritation to your skin. 

Step 9: Moisturizing 

It is still a smart idea to use an effective moisturizer after you are done washing and drying your face. In case you need to apply an anti-ageing cream or an eye cream only do it before you apply the moisturizer.

Be gentle and avoid pressuring or pulling your skin while you apply the moisturizer. You must also protect your eyes from getting the moisturizer. Whatever product you use, while washing your face, the simple measures you can take remain essentially the same. Thus, use a natural facial moisturizer for men to get the best results.

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