What is minoxidil shedding?

The problem of hair loss in men is quite common today, and a large number of people tend to go for a lot of treatments and medications to tackle their problems of hair loss. Minoxidil is one such hair loss treatment, rather one of the best. It is a known treatment to rapidly boost hair growth and thickness of hair, but at the same time, it also comes with several side effects.

One of these side effects includes an increase in hair shedding, and this is commonly termed as ‘minoxidil shedding‘. This instant increase in the shedding of hair is actually quite common while using minoxidil, though a lot of people start panicking due to it, not understanding that this is a part of the regrowth cycle. This shedding is an indication that the telogen phase has come to an end, and the anagen phase of the growth of the hair has started. 

About minoxidil:

Since men face the major brunt of hair loss these days, minoxidil is quite popular among gender. It is a hair loss medication that comes in two forms: Rogaine and theroxidil. It is available in various strength variations as well, 2%, 5%, and 10 %. 

However, minoxidil does not help in fixing a receding hairline or prolonging a mature hairline to develop. Minoxidil is applied only on targeted spots and certain portions where hair growth needs to be stimulated. Used only upon prescriptions, minoxidil is generally by men aged 18 years and above. 

Why does shedding from minoxidil occur?

Shedding of around 100 hair per day is common and natural. This shedding happens when the telogen phase of the hair growth comes to an end and the anagen phase (the growing phase) begins. If you are using minoxidil for your hair growth, what it does is that it forces your hair follicles to leave the resting phase (telogen) and enter the growing phase (anagen). 

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Minoxidil Shedding

During this process, there is a sudden, rapid blood flow to the hair follicles which generally causes the existing, weak hair to shed off, causing minoxidil shedding or rogaine shedding. This is the shedding period wherein weak hair falls off and new, strong, healthy hair starts growing. Hence, this shedding is a part of the normal complete cycle, and your hair is certain to get through each stage and grow in a cyclic order.

Does minoxidil always cause shedding?

Within the initial days of the hair loss treatment through minoxidil, this type of shedding is pretty common and normal, i.e. nothing to be scared of.

When does rogaine shedding stop? This shedding from minoxidil that starts as a scary side effect slowly and gradually subsides and cools down within 2-8 weeks of usage, in most people. 

How to prevent or slow down minoxidil shedding?

Trying to stop the minoxidil or rogaine shedding completely sounds counter-intuitive since shedding is a normal step in the entire procedure of using minoxidil for treating your hair loss. The hair follicles have the ability to hold only one hair strand at a time. Hence, for newer, healthier hair to grow, the older and weaker hair is bound to fall off as a part of the process. 

However, we do understand that nobody really likes it or wants to go through this stage. There are ways you can make this shedding process short, and consequently, you would be able to reduce that period a little where you have to endure those severe bald spots

Let us talk about some ways you can shorten your shedding period when using minoxidil:

1. Oils:

To quicken the growth of new and stronger hair, your scalp must get the perfect nutrition and cleanliness to allow the hair to grow. Essential oils have now been used for ages to promote scalp health and nutrition. 

Extracted from various parts of plants, these oils are generally mixed with diluted oils and applied on the scalp to prevent the irritation they might cause when applied in concentrated form. 

These oils contain important vitamins and minerals that provide nutrition to the hair follicles and moisturize the skin on the head, which in turn, accelerates the hair growth process. 

A few essential oils are lavender oil (perfect moisturizer for the scalp), peppermint oil (helpful in removing dead skin and excessive skin oil), rosemary oil (helps in getting rid of excess dead cells, and deeply moisturizes the scalp). If you are looking for good carrier oils to dilute these essential oils, castor oil, argan oil, and coconut oil can be your go-to options.

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2. Diet:

All of it, the skincare, the hair care, everything linked to your body leads down to one important thing, and that is your diet. The nutrients that go into your body through the foods and drinks you consume daily are highly important in boosting your hair growth. Improving your diet also helps with the excess production of sebum in some men, which in turn reduces the excess amount of natural oil produced.

You must avoid or reduce your intake of sugar and excess fat, and start eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. 

3. Scalp wash:

Your scalp needs a good environment to let healthy and strong hair grow quicker. When that minoxidil shedding is going to begin and you’re going to lose a lot of your hair, more area of your skin is going to get exposed which will make it easy to deeply cleanse your scalp. 

Use a good shampoo, with antibacterial and antifungal properties that will prevent your skin from any kind of infection. You can also use a moisturizing conditioner along with the shampoo for better results, which will stimulate your hair growth. 

4. Stimulate the scalp:

Blood circulation to the scalp is one good way in which the hair strands and follicles acquire the nutritions that are essential for the growth and repair of the skin cells. To improve the blood circulation to your scalp, you can simply start by massaging your scalp with your fingers daily, just like that, or maybe while applying essential oils.

5-10 minutes of a scalp massage every day is going to give you long term benefits.

The steps mentioned above help a lot but it takes time for the results. Natural methods are good for health and body and don’t have any side-effects either, thereby benefiting the body in long-run.