Fine thin hair just happens. Blame it on your genes, blame it for hormones, blame it for the passing of time, blame it for aggression. More stylists, however, say that consumers criticize their fine, thin hair than any other salon circumstance.  Check out these tips on adding volume to thin hair for the perfect way to thicken your hair.

How to add volume to thinning hair? 

  • Getting it checked by a professional 

Thinning hair may be caused by a medical disorder, but it’s rare. If you find an extremely large amount of hair in the shower drain, it may be due to a disease called androgenetic alopecia if the section is getting larger or you are having patches of hair loss. Although this genetic disorder may begin as early as your 20s, although, after menopause, it is more prevalent.

In fact, by the age of 50, about 50 percent of all women suffer any form of hair loss. Normally, this type of alopecia is rooted in genetics. Thyroid complications, iron deficiency or anemia, and an increase in male hormones, both of which can be treated, are medical conditions that contribute directly to hair loss.

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  • Eat nutritious veggies

The inside is where good hair growth begins. Excellent edible options include foods high in iron such as spinach, kale, chard, beans and tofu, both of which are excellent sources of iron and biotin and zinc, two ingredients that can promote healthy hair development. 

Bananas, beans, cauliflower, eggs, peanuts, lentils, and salmon are also associated with biotin. For dense and strong hair, protein is also important. Get this from poultry, lean red meats, eggs, nuts, whole grains, soybeans, seafood, and low-fat dairy products.

Cooking with coconut and olive oil is also recommended by experts; limiting caffeine, alcohol and tobacco; and restricting the intake of processed and refined foods that can deplete the body’s essential nutrients. And drink lots of water to hold the strands you’ve got supple and elegant!

  • Try to have your scalp massaged

The hair follicles in the scalp where hair growth starts can be nourished by good circulation, and massage is a simple, excellent (and marvelous) way to rev up circulation. To increase blood flow into those follicles and plump up your beautiful, thin hair, treat yourself to daily scalp massages. Simply inject a few drops of light hair care oil into your fingers and apply in a circular motion all over your scalp for a few minutes before shampooing.

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Add Volume To Thinning Hair
  • Wash your hair the correct way!

Even anything as easy as a particular way of washing your hair will add thickness. What you have to do is obey a pair of universal rules:

1. Start by using hot water to clean your hair. The cuticles will open, which is useful for extracting any dirt or substance that is stuck in the scalp. When the hair is rinsed with warm water, through the skin, it loosens the oils and exposes the cuticles so that the oil can be absorbed.

2. Use shampoo to your roots only. Distribute the lather down the length of your hair. You still have drier and more fragile ends of your hair, so you do not rub them.

3. Just add a mask or conditioner around the length of your hair. If added to the roots, hydrating shampoos only make them heavier and flatten the hair down.

4. Wash your scalp regularly.   This would increase the circulation of the blood and also get rid of dead cells.

5. Avoid washing your hair every single day.  This will strip from your hair a defensive coating which results in it becoming weaker, depriving it of volume in turn. Using dry shampoo is safer, too.

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  • Try not to use too much styling foam

The hair can be fused and turn thicker with an undue amount of grooming foam, making it very difficult to obtain the extra volume in exchange. Apply this rule: What you need is a ball of foam about the size of a walnut for styling short hair. It should be about the size of a hen’s egg for medium-length hair, and the size of a tennis ball for long hair.

  • Try to lift your roots

There is a range of choices available nowadays for you to add more volume to your roots, starting with special sprays and hair tongs and finishing with the curlers used by our moms and grandmothers. Try using ordinary hairpins if you don’t have any of these on hand. Just put them in your wet hair and do not remove them until your hair dries. Your roots would be somewhat elevated, but without giving you so much unnatural volume.

Here is how you style fine hair for more volume

Add Volume To Thinning Hair
1. Get your hair washed

Your scalp generates oil and it makes your hair oily as it is mixed with salt, sweat, and pollutants. Sticky hair likes to lay flat on the back, and thickness in it is hard to obtain.

You must wash your hair frequently, along with a decent conditioner, to solve this issue.

You get too dry when you use a hard shampoo or do not use a conditioner, which allows your scalp to leak still more oil.

Any second day, try to wash your hair with a healthy shampoo and use a conditioner afterward.

Do not make the mistake of too regularly washing your hair. It will cause the scalp to get very dry if you wash your hair too much, so it will generate much more oil.

It will build a pattern, shortly after washing your hair, your hair will start getting greasy and the more frequently you wash them the greasier they will become. Avoid doing so, then.

So, at least wash your hair twice a week, just don’t do it more than 3 or 4 days a week.

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2. Use a blow dryer next

To add texture to your hair, the best advice we can give you is to use a decent blow dryer.

Blow drying your hair will add length to your hair and for a longer time will help set your hairstyle.

If you want to get extra length, then blow dry your hair in the opposite direction to that of which your hair splits. Our hair generally has a normal direction of parting. Naturally, suppose the hair parts to the right and split it to the left when blow-drying, then if you are about to finish then you should split it back to the right.

If your hairstyle doesn’t last more than a few minutes, the cold setting should complete the blow-drying. Use the blow dryer as you usually do on the hot setting and turn to the cool setting until your hairstyle is nearly finished and it will help you lock your hair in place for a longer time.

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3. Use the right hair product!

It is also very important to use the right hair gel to keep your hair from falling.

Every kind of oil-based product such as pomade should be avoided and products such as wax, mousse or clay should be used instead. To add extra texture to hair, you can even try items that are specially designed. Apart from this, matte goods are typically ideal at producing more volume than glossy ones.

Another thing people usually do incorrectly is that they use so much of the brand. No matter how good the item is for length, it can make your hair messy and flat if you use too much of it. Before adding it to your scalp, you can use a coin-sized sum and thoroughly rub it in your hands.

As promised, here are ways you can add volume to thinning hair!