Believe it or not, men’s chest hair has become a debatable issue because apparently chest hair is largely perceived as an indicator of men’s masculinity. In the 1970s, men started growing more chest hair as it was primarily associated with the disco arena. With the advancement of time, men with chest hair covered high-end fashion magazines and many Hollywood actors considered it as their pride. 

However, in the 1980s, the trend of clean shave took the momentum and you can observe men with flat chests showing off their muscular bodies on the magazine, big screens and sometimes even on streets. 

But in the contemporary era, a split between the choice of having or not having chest hair is extremely prevalent. Be that as it may, when it comes to your choice of having or not having chest hair, it is largely dependent on the people you surround yourself with and their feedback. Not only that but this relationship is also defined by the way you want it to be defined. 

More often than not, men are mostly and voluntarily skewed towards growing their facial, stomach and chest hair in the present times. However, if this is achieved by succumbing to the societal norms and definition of a ‘masculine man’, then it’s something to think about. Don’t you think?

With that said, let’s decode the mystery of men without chest hair. Is it by choice or is there a medical condition?

Why do men have no chest hair at all?

Contrary to common belief, some men don’t have chest hair at all. And even if they do, they are relatively small and fewer in number than the normal case. If you’re one of them, then the below-mentioned are some of the probable reasons that can help you unravel the mystery. 

1. Genetics:

Just like every unchangeable and uncontrollable thing, no chest hair is also one of the genetic factors. Under normal circumstances, the growth of chest hair is very natural in men and it facilitates when puberty hits them. However, when genes mess up with this process, it can get very difficult, even insurmountable to grow chest hair, if you want to. 

2. Hormones:

The dearth of androgen can cause a lack of chest and stomach hair. Androgen is predominantly considered to be a collection of male hormones such as androsterone and testosterone. A deficiency in these hormones can hinder the development of natural male development processes.  

3. Other factors:

Other factors such as the ageing process, special medications and dysfunctionalities in the pituitary gland can result in no or slow chest hair growth. 

How can men without chest hair increase the rate of hair growth?

As mentioned above, the rate of chest hair growth is different in different individuals. Some might experience quick hair growth with the onset of adulthood whereas some might observe sporadic hair growth in only a few places of their chest and stomach area. To facilitate the hair growth process, one can practice the following activities:

  • Massage your chest every day:

This is one of the important tips to consider for men without chest and stomach hair. When you massage the skin, you ameliorate overall blood circulation which facilitates hair growth and reduces hair loss.

You can start by gently rubbing a warm towel across your chest. Once you’re done with that, you can take a warm oil and massage it in a circular motion with the help of your fingertips. You can continue doing this for at least fifteen minutes and slightly massage your neck as well as the head area. Keep an eye on the oil temperature; it shouldn’t be too hot.

  • Shaving regularly:

As trimming your hair increases your hair growth, shaving your chest hair also facilitates the growth of more chest hair. The friction which is produced during the shaving process, will boost the growth of chest hair and even stimulate the growth of new hair.

Once you’re done with shaving your chest hair, you can complete the process by massaging olive oil which guarantees good quality hair. 

  • Consume more vitamins:

The consumption of your vitamins greatly determines the rate of chest hair growth. It also determines the quality of your hair. A busy life schedule can often make a healthy consumption of vitamins implausible. As a consequence, a poor diet that lacks vital vitamins and nutrients can hamper healthy hair growth in your body. 

Vitamins such as beta-carotene, vitamin B and vitamin C are often involved in promoting healthy and good quality hair growth. You’ll be able to get all these vitamins in your nearest grocery shop. 

  • Onions to your rescue:

You might have heard that applying onion juice to your hair can render voluminous and silky hair growth on your head. However, the same process also applies to your chest hair. What you can do is, cut an opinion in two pieces and start rubbing all over your chest area or the areas where you want more hair growth. 

Then, leave it for a while so that it can dry up. Next, wash those areas with lukewarm water. Gradually, you’ll realise that more oxygen is supplied to your hair shafts through this stimulation method. However, the smell of onion is strong enough to make you ignore this point. To get rid of the smell, you can spray some perfume after wearing clothes. 

  • Managing your stress levels:

Increased stress levels can hinder the growth and development of thick and good quality hair all over your body because stress promotes the development of premature catagen. If you’re experiencing slow or no hair growth, you must check your stress levels and manage them with exercise and meditation.

These are some of the most effective ways for men without chest hair to facilitate the growth of healthy and thick chest as well as stomach hair. If they do not work or the situation is exacerbated, it would be best to consult a dermatologist as it can be one of the symptoms of an underlying medical condition. 

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