Have you ever felt sexually aroused just by looking at your reflection in the mirror? Or felt just too hot to even notice anybody attractive? If yes, then you are probably an autosexual. If you have not heard this word, then you better get your ears alert, as it is now popularly one of the sexual identities.

Before we begin understanding the technicalities of the term, let us know what is autosexual and who is more prone to it.

Who is an Autosexual?

Autosexuality is one of the sexual identities where people are attracted to themselves and if given choice between sex and masturbation, they will choose the latter one. Weird, but true. Now, autosexual people will have sexual relationships with other people but they will be sexually stimulated by themselves only.

The term auto sexuality did not gain momentum till the 21st century due to the lack of study and research done in the related areas. Some people identify as autosexuals and display autosexual tendencies such as masturbation, self-stimulation, having sexual fantasies about themselves, etc.  

Is Autosexual similar to Autoeroticism, Autosexuality and Autoromanticism?

There are a variety of sexual orientations and an individual may belong to any one of them as per his choice and his preferences. A person can be heterosexual and still be bisexual, that is, having sexual and romantic feelings for both the genders as well.

What is the difference between Autoromantic and Autosexual?

More often than not, a relationship works when a couple has sexual as well as romantic feelings for one another. However, when a person feels romantic towards himself and has a personal relationship, he is called an auto romantic. They are different from autosexuals, as the latter only have sexual feelings towards themselves.

An auto romantic person will be in a relationship with himself or herself just as any other person is with another. They may be in a relationship with other people or dating others, but they will always be treating themselves as lovers. For instance, on Valentine’s Day, they might buy a gift for themselves, etc.

An autosexual, as mentioned earlier, will be sexually aroused and stimulated by themselves. They may be in a sexual or romantic relationship with others, but they would prefer self-stimulation more than sexual intercourse between two people.    


What is the difference between Autoeroticism and Autosexuality?

Autoeroticism is a practice of self-stimulation, like masturbation. Although it sounds quite similar to auto sexuality, it is however not. Autoeroticism is an action and not a sexual orientation. It is extremely common and normal, being a healthy expression of what you feel. On the other hand, auto sexuality meaning focuses upon one being sexually aroused or attracted by oneself.

Sometimes, people often indulge in extreme forms of autoeroticism such as Hypoxyphilia and Asphyxiaphilia which includes choking and other forms of hindering the breath of someone to gain sexual pleasure. No matter how often one does or how experienced they call themselves, it is a dangerous practice that could lead to some serious health issues.   

What are the myths and misconceptions about Autosexuality?

More often than not, people take auto sexuality as narcissistic, abnormal and even relate it to unbalanced mental health. This is an extremely wrong conception of auto sexuality. Autosexuality is one of the sexual identities and as a human one has a right to embrace their identity and know who they are and what they feel.

Another common misconception revolving around autosexual people is that such people do not have any kind of relationship with others. Again, this is not true. As mentioned earlier, autosexual people may or may not have a relationship with other people. It is solely based upon their preferences. However, when it comes to sexual stimulation they prefer masturbation more than sexual intercourse.

Another common stigma associated with this is the fact that people often considered autosexual people to be emotionally unavailable and cold in the relationship. The truth of the matter is that autosexuals do like to give their partner pleasure and fun, but they like to think and enjoy more about touching and stimulating themselves.

Sometimes, people also confuse themselves to be autosexuals when they have failed relationships one too many. Therefore, their answer to such relationships would always be a relationship with themselves and loving themselves genuinely. 

autosexual meaning

How has society grappled with the idea of Autosexuals?

Like all the other unconventional sexual identities, society has yet to come to terms with autosexuals. More often than not, a large portion of the population often defies any such possibility by believing that this is just a phase or often labels an autosexual to be mentally ill. This can often lead to unwanted feelings of pain, shame, and guilt, even when the person has done nothing wrong.

In addition to that, society has always favored the relationships which are partnered. They often question the people who are single for the majority of their lives. This behavior might make people who identify themselves with different sexual identities, as being not enough or even develop an inferiority complex.

Moreover, auto sexuality or not, people have always stigmatized the act of self-stimulation, which creates a negative self-image in one’s mind. There is nothing wrong with gaining some sexual pleasure from yourself if there is no other way of gaining from any other person. It is better to work on yourself, care for yourself and love yourself before you seek love from someone else, who probably doesn’t know how to love himself or herself.

Be that as it may, these misconceptions and misunderstandings do not appear out of thin air. They are the result of years and years of misinformation ingrained right from our houses to our schools. From the very beginning, we are told that sexual pleasure is a reaction to an external stimulus. Therefore, we always keep searching outside, looking for the perfect one in every way.

Never once we were taught to focus on ourselves and gain pleasure from ourselves like an autosexual, which is extremely normal, at least what society defines to be normal.