A bachelor party is considered as the last boys’ trip a man gets to have before he finally gets married. It is assumed and often rightly so that after marriage, the priorities change with the addition of responsibilities and a new individual into one’s life. 

These parties are often associated with doing things which the guy might not be able to do after marriage, activities which are typically considered immature or rather irresponsible. But they don’t always have to be. Different people have different choices and lifestyle, and not all of them might like the bachelor party advertised by today’s media or are obsessed with the idea of a trip to Goa!

Here we have come up with a list that will consider a variety of different places and their individual qualities, and you can see for yourself what appeals to you. Since India is a huge country with a variety of terrain and each region with its own culture and unique qualities and experiences they can provide, these are some of the bachelor party destinations in India that you might want to consider.

1. Ladakh 

A road trip in Ladakh is something you probably have already thought about if you are planning a bachelor party. It is one of the best places for a bachelor in India because of the road trip and the adventures that come along with one. We all have seen those Buddhist-Tibetan colourful flags on the motorbikes of the adventurer kind. This hype of the place is real, and no way it is overrated. 

The most suited vehicle for this would be a motorbike, which you won’t be using much after getting married as you tend to use and rely on a car more then. Take your motorbike with your buddies from Manali to Leh and it’s one of the most beautiful road journeys you’ll ever take. There are cool winds, serene lakes, peaceful monasteries and small villages all along the way.

Since this is a common travel route for many adventurers, there are ample facilities available for tourists. Also, since the climate is on the cooler side, you don’t really sweat much and so don’t have to take a shower regularly. This makes the trip more relaxing!

2. Rishikesh

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas with its many rivers and cliffs, Rishikesh is an adventure junkies’ paradise. Relatively less crowded but with ample facilities and experiences made for tourists, the place has good hotels and other conveniences. 

bachelor party

We recommend Rishikesh as a good place for a bachelor party because adventure sports are not something that every married man gets to do because of the risks they have. Being a bachelor for the last time, you should not let go of this one last chance of being able to do something that involves a bit of danger.

The place is a good mix of adventurous days and relaxed nights. You can go for white water rafting, bungee jumping, trekking with the locals and other refreshing sports in the daytime, and then end your day with drinks and chilling sessions around a campfire next to the river.

You can have deep conversations and reminisce about your younger days and everything you have been through together, or just ponder over things over a drink under the cool starry skies. If you wish, you can take motorbikes and travel further to other places around it, visit the old temples and discover the beauty of these hills. 

3. Puducherry

A place not only filled with colourful buildings but also a colourful history, Puducherry provides you with a balanced mix of Indian and French culture. A place not typically seen as one of the bachelor party destinations in India, it actually has a lot more to offer than you would think. 

Getting married can seem intimidating because of all the pressure that comes with it. And a bachelor party is just meant for you to ease yourself up. There are two ways to that – either you go on a drinking and partying relay for days, or have a more meaningful and self-realising trip with your buddies. But what if you could do both of them in one place? That would be Puducherry, or as most of us like to call it, Pondy. 

With serene beaches and plenty of places to have a good time and good food, it is a great place to unwind. You can go for water sports too. Also, with tourists from all around the world trying to discover themselves and find inner peace, there is a lot of perspective and spirituality you can pick up from the people you meet here. The mix of the typical two different types of bachelor trips available in one location makes Puducherry the ideal bachelor party destinations in India.

4. Jaisalmer

Not a typical place for a bachelor trip, this is for people interested in culture, stunning lakes, desert sports and of course if you are okay with the temperatures. With tourism being the main economy of the city, the hospitality industry is well developed and you can find a variety of places you can stay. 

You can enjoy the Desert Festival that showcases the local culture and is a huge attraction for tourists from all around the world. You can also go around the many Jain temples in and around the city or just simply walk around and observe the simplistic lifestyle of the locals and make it your journey of self-discovery. If you are more of the adventurer kind, you can spend nights in the desert or go for camel rides and desert safaris on the sand dunes, as Jaisalmer is located in the heart of Thar Desert, and makes it  one of the more unconventional bachelor party destinations in India. 

5. Your house

Nothing can be as good to the wallet as a good old party in your house. If you are tight on budget, then having a bachelor party at home is the best destination. There are plenty of things you can do, and with all the experience we all have had to party in the house, nothing much can really go wrong. Here are some ways to help you out. It is also the best places for bachelor in India or anywhere in this world. 

After you are done with your bachelor party, it is important to look out for your partner and make sure that they have had their share of fun and their bachelor party too. And after these independent times, it’s time you prep yourselves up and hypes up your relationship and it’s transition and growth into some new and more mature. What better way to do that than a pre-wedding photoshoot! Look at some of the best places you can consider