2021 is the year to get your fitness goals back on track. And, it’s also time to spice things up in the gym. In an era where most gym equipment is made of iron, let us switch to something more dynamic: battle ropes. 

If you want a dynamic, fat-busting, hardcore full-body workout, you should ditch the weights and pick up the ropes. Battle ropes allow you to train each arm independently while eliminating massive strength and working on your balance to sculpt muscles. 

Depending on your routine, battle ropes training can give you a full-body workout that includes your arms, legs, chest, glutes, core, and anything in between. 

Let’s see how you can master the battle ropes. 

5 benefits of Battle Ropes Training

Battle ropes are very beneficial and make you physically active and flexible. Let us have a look at some of the benefits:

1. Battle ropes training increases mobility: 

Battle ropes training increases mobility. One of the major functional benefits of using battle ropes is that they help to boost your range of motion. Regular battle rope practice will improve your grip, thus, your mobility and the movement in your arms, shoulder joints, core, ankles, knees, and feet. By boosting mobility, your workouts in the gym will be more effective and day-to-day actions easier to perform.

2. Battle ropes help in Sculpting muscles:

Battle ropes are great for sculpting muscles. While several functional exercises help to sculpt muscles, no one does it better than battle ropes. What battle ropes training does is target muscles that are often left out of standard training exercises. You can train a host of muscles while learning how to use battle ropes. 

3. Battle ropes Blast fat: 

Battle ropes training is an amazing fat blaster. Just 10 to 12 minutes of swinging the ropes up and down can burn around 150 calories. Battle ropes are a great HIIT workout and have a metabolism-boosting magic formula. This makes battle ropes a favorite choice of professional athletes. 

4. Battle ropes training has a Low injury rate: 

Battle ropes training has a low likelihood of injuries. Lifting ropes require a certain balance that improves the stability of the body. It has a dual force dynamic effect which our body adapts to and thus, the likelihood of injuries is low as compared to lifting weights. And as you continue to train with battle ropes, your strength intensifies as your endurance and power grow. 

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5. Battle ropes are fun to use:

If you are looking to switch up your workout routine and incorporate fun into it, give battle ropes a go. Doing the same weight lifting repetitions can be monotonous, thus, battle ropes can combat the boredom. Who doesn’t want a muscle-ripping activity that is not only super effective but also fun to do? 

Battle Ropes

How to use battle ropes? 

Here are some useful tips on how to use battle ropes for beginners. 

1. Don’t limit yourself to a certain direction of movement

The key to an effective battle ropes exercise is to move in as many directions as possible. Don’t restrict yourself to the up and down motion. Try different motions that will work for different muscle groups. You can move the ropes in a circular motion to improve shoulder mobility, going from side to side works on your hips and core, and switching among different motions in your battle ropes training session will help you to maximize your functional workout. 

2. Use Ropes for Everything

Some fitness freaks only use ropes as a warming up or a finishing exercise in their workout routine. However, battle ropes make for a great workout in itself. Extending the time your muscles are under the tension of the battle ropes will help you build strength simultaneously as you shed fat.

3. Learn to adapt to the resistance

The amount of slack in the battle rope works to determine the load. When you move away from the anchor point, it decreases exercise intensity, while stepping toward the anchor point effectively increases it. Therefore, you must adjust the slack as you challenge yourself to complete each rep. When you’re doing a battle ropes workout, try to alternate between two minutes closer to the anchor point and one minute farther away from it. 

5 essential battle ropes training exercises

Now that you’ve learnt how to use battle ropes in your workout routine, try these 5 essential battle ropes training exercises. 

1. Bicep waves

While keeping the rest of your body stable and still, try to wave the ropes as fast as you can. Focus on high reps and increased altitude to prime the muscle-sculpting process. 

Make sure that you are in a quarter squat position with your back straight. You must keep your elbow movements to a minimum. 

2. Battling rope crossovers

Instead of making waves, you can try slamming the battle ropes hard to the ground. This movement will build more power while hammering your core. 

Make sure that both your feet are flat on the floor as you move the ropes in an arc above your head lifting them and then slamming it hard on the ground. Do these sets of two to four for about a minute or two.

3. Lying T

Prepare yourself for this hardcore body hammering exercise. Lay on the ground forming a T shape with your arms. Now move the battle ropes up and down as if you are preparing yourself for a lift-off. This battle ropes exercise works wonders for your posture and is a great activation drill.

4. The Jumping Slam

The jumping slam is the grand finale of battle ropes training. All you need to do is, jump up and bring both ropes down together aiming for high amplitude. Repeat this as much height, velocity and intensity as you can. 

5. Outside Spiral

The outside spiral is a great battle rope exercise which is extremely fun to do. With alternate arms, try making outward circles so that the battle ropes move in a corkscrew motion. This will work on your shoulders and rotator cuffs.

This was a complete guide to battle ropes training for beginners. Remember to be consistent as consistency is key to fulfilling any kind of fitness goal! And start small before working your way up to acing the battle ropes. 

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