Trends keep changing with time. What might be very much in fashion today, might not even be worn by people 5 years from now. The hairstyle that used to be among the popular trends in 2010, you might not even see people in that cut today. 

So is with beards. Sometimes, long beards are in fashion, while other times, people prefer clean shaved over everything. However, according to experts, facial hair in men has continuously been in trend for the past few years. The important question today is not whether to keep a beard or not but to choose the right beard for your face shape.  

What is your face shape?

It is very important to know the exact shape of your face to choose the perfect beard style and length for yourself. Just like not every haircut suits every person, likewise is with beards. You need to research a little, experiment with a few styles over the years, and then, find what suits your face the best!

Firstly, what determines your face shape?

beard for your face shape

There are some parts of your face whose measurements and shape collectively make up the shape of your face. These parts include mainly your forehead, cheekbones, total face length, and jawline. If you are still figuring out what your face shape is, we will make it easy for you.

Take the measurements of the above stated four facial parts and now follow the given guidelines to find your face shape following your measurements.

  • Rectangle: If your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline have almost similar measurements, with very little difference, and your face length is the largest measurement among all of them, the shape of your face is a rectangle. 
  • Oval:  Oval face types are generally very much recognizable on the face of it. But well, we are obviously here if you are still struggling with it. If your forehead measurement is more than the jawline, and your face length is greater than your cheekbones, tada! Oval it is!
  • Triangular: Triangle face shapes are rare, and you have one if the order of your face measurements is as follows: Jawline > cheekbones> forehead
  • Round face shape: a circle-shaped face is quite common. If your cheekbones and face length are almost equal and so are your forehead and your jawline, you are most probably to have a round-shaped face. However, the measure of the cheekbones/face length is greater than the measure of the forehead/ jawline.
  • Square: just like a square has equal sides, a square face has almost similar measurements of all facial components.
  • Diamond: A diamond shaped face is most likely to have measurements in the following order:

Face length> cheekbones> forehead>  jawline.

  • Heart shape: People with heart-shaped faces have a pointed chin and the measurement of the forehead is greater than the jawline and cheekbones.

How to choose the right beard for your face shape?

Hoping that you would have discovered your face shape by now, we move on to the next step, which is to find the right beard style for your face shape.

Let us discuss the most suitable beard styles for some common face shapes.

1. Rectangular face:

A rectangular face is a long face shape, a quite highlighted one, actually. If you want to go for a long, pointed, or a full beard with this shape, we would say it’s not that great an idea. Such styles are likely to exaggerate your face shape more, and won’t give you the best possible look.

What would look good on your face is slightly longer hair at the chin, with short hair on the sides. A luscious beard on the cheeks might make your jawline look a lot wider, and would hence, steal the entire look of the face.  

We would hence suggest you not going for a full beard, and trying some subtle beard style with a good moustache.

2. Oval face:

An oval-shaped face is highly versatile, and a lot of beard styles go well with this shape. Clean lines on the cheeks with shorter hair on the sides is likely to rock your face shape. 

You can go for a goatee with shorter side hair. This will enhance the shape of your face, giving you a full beard look and bringing out the best of your facial features.

Men hair and moustache styling. vintage gentleman haircut, beauty beard and fashion mustaches styles  illustration set

3. Triangular face:

A triangle-shaped face has a very prominent chin, and a beard is one asset that can greatly help you in reducing this prominence. 

A short beard or a stubble with a moustache can be the beard for your face shape. A goatee or a chin strap with a moustache also stand good chances to be the right beard style for your face shape.

4. Round face: 

A goatee with stubble on the cheeks is one option that can prove good for you, in our opinion. 

With a round face, you can try going for some beard style that is longer towards the chin. This will make your chin look more prominent and give you a stylish contemporary look.

5. Square face: 

A square face has strong, sharp features. If you want to soften your sharp jawline a bit, you can try increasing the volume of your beard on your chin or over the upper lip, keeping it short on the sides.

Narrow beard styles might not be the best option for you. However, it is quite easy for you to rock a full beard or a boxed beard.

Guy in the barbershop

6. Diamond face: 

A diamond-shaped face has wide cheekbones, and keeping more volume on the chin is the best idea to take the exaggeration off the cheekbones. However, we would advise you not to go too long on the chin.

Almost any style is bound to be just the beard for your face shape. You can pair it with a good moustache, and you’re ready to go!

7.Heart face: 

A heart-shaped face, with a comparatively lesser prominent chin, would look good when paired with a beard style having more length in the chin and a full voluminous moustache. 

You can try going for stubble beard, and it wouldn’t disappoint you.

Hope you find the right beard for your face shape. Till then, keep experimenting and learning!