No matter how far you run away from it, you will once have to face the truth. With the advancement of age, you will have to bid adieu to your hair. If you are lucky, you might get the opportunity to see them grizzle, but if not, you will have to be comfortable with the shine on your head.

Baldness is difficult to deal with initially, but when you realize that you can style it in your favour and be more stylish than ever, you will know it was more of a boon than a bane. One of the most effective ways to embrace baldness is to adopt certain beard styles for bald men that can make them rock their bald look.

To add a cherry on top of the cake, women find bald men with beard attractive and confident. In addition to this, it makes you look like a ‘tough guy that everybody looks up to in times of distress. It also helps you in creating a balance in your face.

A shaved head with no beard can make someone look like an egg. On the contrary, a shaved head with a beard can help create positive impressions on people.

In addition to that, one of the major perks of keeping your shaved head with a beard and not opting for expensive hair treatments is that you will need not be worried or fussed over shaving your face every day. You will be saved from the hassle of shaving or trimming your beard if you are looking forward to keeping a medium-length or long beard.

You can just let it grow as per your choice and preferences. Be that as it may, it will take a little maintenance and care from your side for letting it grow. However, once you get in the groove of it and know for the fact that styling a shaved head with a beard can make you look younger and not older, you will not feel as tiresome as before.

Another perk of going bald and styling it with a beard is that you will look more attractive and handsome than you wear when you have hair. If you think losing hair on your head means losing the chance of meeting new girls, you couldn’t be more wrong.

You just need to style it with a beard and feel comfortable with it.

There are a plethora of beard styles for bald men. Here are some of the best beard styles for bald men to look out for.

Top 7 beard styles for bald men

7 Beard Styles For Bald Men To Rock
  1. Stubble:

This is one of the easiest yet perfect ways to rock a bald look. Don’t believe it? Just check Bruce Willis out and you will know. It is also lucky for people who are not lucky in the thick beard growth compartment.

If you are looking forward to keeping this style, you will need some clippers and trimmers to regularly style and trim it. If you want then you can also go one step further and see if a short beard looks good on you or not.

  1. Medium length beard:

If you have thick beard growth, then there is nothing wrong with maintaining a medium-length ordinary beard, if it looks good on you. However, it requires more maintenance and care than stubble as you will need to invest in certain beard care products such as beard shampoos, gels, and oils.

  1. Beard with a moustache:

A beard styled with a mustache is the perfect example of a ‘tough guy’ look. You can take one step further and allow your mustache to grow as well. You can style it in a handlebar form and see how attractive it looks on you.

  1. A simple long beard:

If you feel that styling a handlebar mustache is too overboard, you can simply just style a long beard. However, it is not that easy and simple to maintain a long beard though. It requires a lot of maintenance and care. Therefore, you need to know what you are getting into before diving deep into it.

If your beard hair is grizzled, no worries, you can style them too.

  1. The goatee beard:

Although the goatee beard came into fashion after Iron Man rocked in it, you can still style it with a shaved head. These beards are also simple and stylish to grow and maintain. It can give you a neat and debonair-ish look that will grab the attention of people near you.

Just look at Dwayne Johnson and you will realize the importance of it.

  1. Bohemian beard:

A bohemian hipster beard is the one where you allow your thick mane to grow and grow forever. It makes you look more masculine, tougher, and stronger than ever before. This is the perfect ‘bald with beard’ look that will never fail you.

  1. Just style it with a moustache:

If you think growing a beard is just too much maintenance and care, you can simply allow a mustache to grow and even style it your way. There are a plethora of mustaches that you can experiment with your bald head and those will never disappoint you.

7 Beard Styles For Bald Men To Rock

These are some of the best beard styles for bald men that will help you rock your bald look and never fail you no matter what. Although these styles imply growing other facial hair, you need not worry if you have no or minimal facial hair growth.

You just have to embrace your baldness and feel comfortable in your skin. When you are comfortable in your skin, you will be more confident, more charming, and more adorable than ever. If you feel that baldness can make you look un-masculine or strip away some manly qualities from you, then you are completely wrong.

Losing hair and going bald is a natural phenomenon that almost everybody will have to face at least at some point of time in their lives. There is no escape whatsoever. But what you can do is choose any of the above beard styles for bald men which can help you enhance and style your look to another level.