The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

– Nelson Mandela

Believe it or not, no person on this planet has not experienced the shackles of his own fears. This truth stumps the idea of a fearless man which is only an idea and if you perceive the person to be quite literal as the word. 

Being fearless does not mean having any fears. It means acting despite them. These fearless people who are completely aware of the fears whirling inside them view their shackles with a different perspective. Instead of believing in their fears, they challenge them. They build a more lively relationship with them and enjoy this adrenaline rush knowing that sometimes, they may not come alive. 

Everybody talks about being brave and courageous, but when it comes to walking their talk, everyone allows their fears to cripple them into their mundane existence. At the end of the day, you’ll have two choices: either you try to fight your fears and come out of your comfort zone to build a growth mindset regardless of the outcome, or you fly away. 

Allowing your fears to hold you back will only make your existence narrower by the day and you’ll be left wishing. Everyone has the right to dream. Don’t trample your dreams by the potentiality of an unpreceded incident that’s not in your favor. 

Thinking about ways that something can go wrong will only waste your time and plummet your chances of growing. The only way you can ensure success is by making yourself comfortable in the uncomfortable tension. 

Becoming a fearless man

Evaluating the relationship you have with yourself is the first step to eliminating or managing your fears. More often than not, people hold themselves back whenever a new opportunity presents in front of them. The underlying reason they do so is that their lack of self-esteem and self-confidence magnify their shortcomings and make them believe in their incapabilities. 

Having a strong desire to achieve something is at a fearless man’s heart, along with elevated self-esteem which increases his self-efficacy and catalyses the development of a growth mindset. Initially, you’re bound to feel a mix of emotions whenever you’re trying something new or uncertain. 

It will plunge into the whirlpool of all the insecurities which will make you believe that you’re good for nothing. However, instead of believing them, feel these emotions and do whatever you’re supposed to do anyway! 

Once you do that thing over and over again, you’ll eventually feel comfortable with this uncomfortable feeling that tenses you. At the end of the day, you might conclude that those were just your nerves, reality was something else entirely. 

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What is a fearless man and how to become one?

When you were younger you must’ve dreamt to become an astronaut, or an actor or a singer or a dancer or a mixture of all. Have you achieved that dream? No? What happened then? What happened over these years that were not enough to achieve your goals? 

Everyone dreams of a successful, rich life consisting of a satisfying job, social life, and a great life partner. However, a plethora can achieve one of them, and perhaps not even then.

They settle for less thinking they don’t possess the potential to achieve something extraordinary. When you settle for a safe, secure job that promises minimum risks you are voluntarily giving power in the hands of fear. Resultantly, fear takes control of your life. So, you think that you’re enjoying a stable life every day, doing the same job over and over again with the weekends where you ‘enjoy’ binge-watching your favorite series. 

In reality, your aspirations could’ve been much more than a simple paycheck and incentives. Money is indubitably important. But, it’s also important to respect your goals and aspirations, no matter how high they are. At least try it. You’ll never know until you try. 

One of the best ways the fearless man of determination can achieve all his goals is to evaluate his fears by journaling. Take a small book and a pen. Start writing your dreams that you would’ve achieved or you want to achieve if you were fearless. 

For some, it might be small and short term like dating several people without the fear of their judgments or going grocery shopping without worrying about what people will think about their purchases. 

For others, it might be a big and long term such as working for the topmost position in the company they’re employed in or becoming the most famous stage performer. 

When you begin to get comfortable with your fears, you spend less time worrying about the external factors and more on working upon yourself by reflection and concentration.

Sometimes, inaction is also fuelled by inherent fears that echo in our minds. These fears unconsciously stem from negative beliefs which are sourced by some negative incidents in our lives. But we must understand that reinventing yourself and viewing the present with the lens that is besmirched by past or future are the only ways to move past any fear. This demands mindfulness of every action influenced by every thought and replacing it with a positive one. 

In conclusion, we can infer that the preliminary step to becoming fearless is to trust yourself. By trusting yourself you are fueling your self-esteem and ameliorating your self-efficacy. Fearless doesn’t mean taking any risks, quite the opposite. It means taking calculated risks and executing your goals.

Lastly, don’t avoid fear. Plunge straight into it. Get yourself comfortable with this uncomfortable feeling and eventually, you’ll realize how easy it has always been. Sometimes, shutting out those redundant thoughts by saying to yourself, ‘just do it, man’ is all that is required to change your life once and for all and turn yourself into a fearless man.