“What is the secret to being a good dad?” is one of the questions most men encounter when they become fathers. It takes a lot to be a good dad, and no one should take it for granted. 

Most men struggle as fathers today. One thing’s for sure, no one wants to make the same mistakes their dads made. Looking back, if you think about it, even though you must have had a great dad, there are many things you wish he did differently. 

For most of us, it was really difficult to communicate with our fathers. They were strict and there was always a barrier that one couldn’t cross. This made things difficult and even soured the father-son relationship in some cases. 

Being a good dad isn’t easy, but it’s certainly rewarding. It’s important to be involved in your child’s life and be a good role model. 

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10 Tips On Being A Good Dad

If you are wondering how to be a good dad, you need to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes the previous generation did. If your kids feel loved and appreciated, they will grow up to be well-adjusted adults who succeed in life. Here are some tips on being a good dad!

1. Being committed to your family. 

A good father is a man who is committed to his family. Most times, fathers are so busy earning money and providing for their children, they forget to commit. Being a good dad doesn’t only mean bringing food to the table, but being involved in your kids’ lives. Treasure the moments you spend with your children. If you don’t spend enough time with your children, your children will grow up to resent you and you will most likely regret it. Thus, spend time with your kids. 

2. Keep your cool and don’t act unreasonably.

The worst thing a dad can do is lose his calm and act unreasonably in front of his kids. Remember that getting angry doesn’t help. Instead, it will make you lose your focus on being a good dad. Keep your cool during difficult situations and choose to respond rather than react. Give yourself time to process the situation and then take your actions. 

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3. Channel the person you want your kids to be.

“Like father, like son” is one of the good dad quotes that is true. Values are caught, not taught. Children learn from their parents by modeling the behavior of their parents. Your children are always watching you. Being a good dad means teaching your kids the value of hard work, integrity, and perseverance. The best way to inculcate any value in your kids is to follow them yourself. Therefore, be an example to your kids by channeling the person you want your kids to become. 

4. Be a cheerleader for your kids.

A good father appreciates his kids and encourages them to strive better. Most people aren’t the best at showing emotions, but this is one of the things you need to change if you want to be a good father. Be a cheerleader for your kids, be a champion to them by expressing your appreciation for them.

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5. Accept responsibility.

To be a good father, you need to accept responsibility. Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes. Everyone makes them. But, people always have a choice. The choice is to accept responsibility for what they can control. 

6. Teach your kids self-esteem.

One of the good dad gifts you will be rewarded with is when you see your children learn self-esteem. Self-esteem and self-respect are two of the most essential values in life. There is nothing a dad can do better than teaching his kids the value of self-esteem. There are a million ways in which you can do this. Start listening to what your kids have to say and praising them for the things they do. 

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7. Stand by the mother.

No matter what the circumstances are, that is, if the mother is your wife or you both are separated, you should stand by her always. Love your kids’ mother in front of them. You might have differences, and it’s okay. But, don’t contradict her in front of your kids. How you treat their mother affects their self-esteem and how they see you as a father. 

8. Teach your kids about finances.

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of parenthood. One of the most rewarding good dad gifts you will receive is when your kids start respecting money and take ownership of their finances. 

Start teaching your children the value of money from an early age. Teach them how to save and budget. When they are older, show them how to plan for the future, how to fill taxes, invest in mutual funds, etc. 

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9. Forgive your children.

No one is infallible. We all have our flaws. We all mistakes. With that being said, your kids will make many mistakes. If you want to know how to be a good dad, one of the things you should always do is forgive your children. If they make a mistake, instead of punishing them, turn it into a lesson. And, in the end, remember to be kind and show forgiveness. 

10. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Lastly, being a good dad means being good to yourself. You need to take care of yourself, pursue your passions, give yourself enough time, and be kind to yourself. Take care of your health, because remember you can’t take care of your children if you are not well. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just like your children, you are allowed to make mistakes as well. 

These were 10 lessons on being a good dad. Happy fatherhood!

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