New TV shows for 2021, If it wasn’t for the TV, in all honesty, we would have given up on everything last year.

However, it is very difficult to foresee the degree to which coronavirus would affect the 2021 schedules. Development delays this year mean broadcast delays next year, but shooting is steadily ramping up across the world, which means things are getting better for everyone who wishes to find out what’s going on in the Roys, Shelbys and Windsors world. There is also a glut of one-off and limited episodes, as well as new versions of old classics. That’s meant to help us all move through whatever disaster comes next to us.

New TV shows for 2021

  1. The Serpent 

The BBC turns its hand on a sleek true-crime drama that tells the story of French serial killer Charles Sobhraj, identified as the Serpent, who targeted backpackers in South East Asia in the 1970s. The Prophet Tahar Rahim plays a creepy leading role, with Jenna Coleman (Victoria, Dr. Who) going darker than we’ve seen before, as Marie-Andree Leclerc, Sobhraj’s sexy French-Canadian accomplice.

  1. Euphoria 

New Season: Officially not for the season, but for the next standalone episode, January 24th, with a new season to come later this year.

It’s been years since we’ve had a full season of follow-up to Euphoria’s stunning first season. If you remember, Rue relapsed, Jules was on a train out of town, and well, high school is still even crazier than all of us remember. With Season Two postponed, the series has pleased viewers with a handful of stand-alone episodes. The first one came out just before Christmas 2020 in a stunning one-hour episode based on Rue. This January, a second debut will take place, directed by Hunter Schafer, who will star in a Jules-focused episode.

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  1. Night Stalker: The Hunt for A Serial Killer 

Netflix’s latest dive into the dark tells the story of the Night Stalker, a deranged and almost unmotivated murderer who scrambled through Los Angeles in the mid-eighties, sexually attacking and killing women ranging from six to 82. It’s a nicer version of true crime than the slow simmer of Making a Killer, but it’s sure to make you verify if your front door is double-locked.

  1. WandaVision

Wanda and Vision look like just another young couple in love, but they have a secret: they’re sentient robots, and they can control the structure of reality. The show pastiching 60 years of American sitcoms from The Dick Van Dyke Show to the New Family is a really weird way to kick off the next Marvel process, and it’s hard to see whether it’s any good or not yet when we’ve just got to what the plot looks like after three shows. It’s quite cool though, and the hard, polished pearls of Twin Peaks do seem to proceed to something Marvel-sized. Plus, at 20 minutes of an episode, Wandavision is moving along.

  1. It’s a Sin

In the emerging gay scene of early Eighties London, in what could be Russell T Davies’s masterpiece, three young men leave their old lives behind to pursue friendship, family, and sex. It’s warm, and it’s really funny, and it belts along at a giddy pace, but be warned: the Aids crisis is the backdrop, and several moments are completely gut-wrenching. As Callum Scott Howells put it when we talked to him, playing lovely Colin, “It’s kind of like, eps three and four are like someone shooting a gun at you and it hitting you and you’re like, ‘Fuck!’ And then ep five is like someone getting a knife and just repeatedly fucking stabbing you.”

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  1. Pose 

The pose was revived for Season Three, another FX series with a lot of heart. The good news is that a lot of scenes are being shot right now, but here’s the bad news for someone who knows the series well: there’s no way to shoot the ballroom scenes safely, ensuring production is still marginally postponed. Hopefully, there will soon be a remedy.

  1. Gossip Girl Reboot

The show of the established age (and influenced by a mass plaid skirt and headband obsession) is back with a whole new cast of a glossy high school student and the ubiquitous informant who knows all their secrets. Yeah, it’s fair to say, we’re pumped—but if lonely boy Dan Humphrey always trolls the Upper East Siders as Gossip Girl, we’re going to be PO’d. XOXO. XOXO.

  1. Call my Agent

For its fourth and final season, this French sitcom is back, taking the good bits of Extras (the great and good sending themselves up) while throwing out the tedious bits (Ricky Gervais getting on his high horse to chat about fame to everyone) and adding a top note of confusion scarcely managed. It follows the everyday life of the ASK talent agency in Paris and its workers who, on behalf of almost everyone who is French, are forever firefighting: Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jean Reno, Jean Dujardin et beaucoup plus pop up. It’s hilarious!! 

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  1. Inventing Anna

When a New York magazine feature reported that the party girl heiress was truly a fraudster who had swindled the wealthy of the city, Anna Delvey grabbed the headlines in 2018. The Netflix show (starting with Julia Garner) is ripe with juicy source content, but the blend (she’ll be producing) introduces Shonda Rhimes and you have the formula for a delightful weekend watch.

  1. A perfect planet 

There was a time when a recent BBC nature documentary led by David Attenborough was the tv equivalent to the most casual joggers and a hot boy, but DA has become even more urgent with his climate crisis alerts in the last few years and given it a little more edge again. So it’s with A Great World, which should have the full title Shame If Anyone Wanted To… Contaminate it. However, it’s very good: brilliantly put together and filled with insights, and the most impressive sequences give you the impression of sinking into a really deep, really warm bath. That, interestingly, if we don’t figure ourselves out, is what it’ll be like living in Margate in about 60 years. 

Here is the list of the best new tv shows for 2021 to look forward to!