If there’s one obsession every traveler should have, it’s superior quality clothing from the best outdoor brands on the market. When we think about great outdoor clothing companies, we look to perceive if they have three things: comfort, stability, and style. This article is about 10 Best Outdoor And Hiking Brands.

The last of these often are liable to be the hardest to find. There’s no tip in having a warm coat that lasts a lifetime if it looks awful. Luckily, there is an abundance of gear out there that still looks excellent, even as you take on the great outdoors.

As a heads up for first-time buyers: outerwear can get costly. Outdoor clothing is pricey but well worth it. We are a strong believer in buying something for life—just as long as you get the correct travel gear

10 Best Outdoor And Hiking Brands to help get you started

1. Arc’teryx

Let’s begin with one of our favorite outerwear brands of all time. Vancouver-based Arc’teryx is one of the market’s best outdoor and hiking stores, hands down. It’s not the most inexpensive brand on the market, but their gear will last eternally (literally).

They make apparel of the finest quality, and it shows. Prepared for hiking, rock climbing, and other technical sports, Arc’teryx makes gear for all types of adventure. Though they are known for their premium clothing, they also sell an extensive variety of accessories, climbing gear, and backpacks.

2. Cotopaxi

Named after the well-known volcano in Ecuador, Cotopaxi is a company with a societal conscience.

10 Best Outdoor And Hiking Brands.

They built the Cotopaxi Foundation, which funds sustainable poverty mitigation projects. 1% of their annual revenue goes towards these diverse organizations, so you can buy their clothing knowing you’re adding to something good.

The outerwear on offer with Cotopaxi is on the lesser end of the price scale, but the company hasn’t compromised on excellence. Their bright line of parkas and fleeces is exceedingly comfortable. And their hoodies and tees are fabricated with recycled and organic materials.

Llama fiber and goose down are staple materials amongst the brand’s products—these guys are good. With Cotopaxi, you can stay warm while also doing your contribution to help the environment.


Mainly focused on mountain wear, KÜHL has made a name for itself because it collected pants. Most of their hiking pants are on a limited budget, making them one of the most reasonable brands. Besides pants, they also manufacture tees, outwear accessories for men.

Check out their website to perceive everything KÜHL has available. You’ll be able to narrow your search based on the fabric you desire, the size you require, or even the activity you’re preparing to undertake.

The clothes at KÜHL are perpetually top quality and are perhaps the most stylish outerwear companies on the market at the moment. Their exclusive fabrics and vintage washes make it one of our favorite travel clothing brands in the outdoor clothing group.

4. Kathmandu

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, Kathmandu has everything that you require.

Originally from New Zealand, this outdoor brand has everything you could ever require for almost every kind of outdoor activity. From carry-on backpacks to sleeping bags to rain covers for your belongings, Kathmandu has something for all categories.

The company also sells clothing, most of which are prepared using merino wool. There are tons of advantages to wearing merino wool. But the biggest advantage is that it can adjust your body temperature while also staying odor-resistant—a massive help for those showerless, multi-day treks!

Nevertheless, Kathmandu generates more than just outdoor clothes for traveling. Their v-neck sweaters, scarves, and pullovers can also be worn lounging at home or spending a day discovering the city. Check them out online and find something to keep you warm during your next trip!

5. Patagonia

Another one of the Best Outdoor and Hiking Brands is Patagonia, which differentiates itself in this sector with its promise to save the environment. The brand’s new ReCircle line has clothing made from renewable wood and recycled cotton fragments.

10 Best Outdoor And Hiking Brands.

They too give 1% of their earnings to non-profit groups and organizations. Over the past 35 years, they’ve contributed more than $89 million to diverse grassroots environmental campaigns around the world. This way you can shop for and wear your fresh gear guilt-free.

They sell a range of items, containing clothing, backpacks and bags, sleeping bags, and more. In terms of excellence, their items are high-end, but the prices linger in the midrange region. While jackets can run into the hundreds of dollars, you can gear yourself out plausibly well without breaking the bank.

6. Foresake Co.

A comfortable pair of boots is essential. Fortunately, the folks at Forsake Co. have designed a line of flexible footwear that can be worn almost anywhere. Unlike conventional bulky hiking boots, Forsake Co. shoes are fashionable and made to fit your active standard of living.

Strap on the jagged boots for a trek up the mountain, or slide on the moisture-wicking sneakers for a jaunt around the city. The best thing about Forsake Co. footwear is that you can wear them for roughly every type of activity.

We love their Phil Mid boot. Prepared from leather and breathable mesh, they’ve become our new favorite all-rounder boots for winter. But in all significance, their striking selection of efficient outdoor and hiking shoes makes them one of our preferred clothing brands.

7. Marmot

Marmot is one of those companies that present the golden mixture of good quality and rational prices. They’re more reasonable than other big-name brands on this list. 

10 Best Outdoor And Hiking Brands.

Though they produce great clothing, Marmot also focuses on outdoor gear, like sleeping bags and backpacks. This is one of the only brands that have all kinds of travel gear for sale on its website, together with backpacking tents of varying sizes.

8. Give’r

One of the things Give’r is best recognized for is its hardcore, heavy-duty gloves. These bad boys can knob fire, ice, boiling water – you name it. They’re fabricated with durable cowhide and water-resistant materials, which can endure temperatures from -40°F to 400°F.

10 Best Outdoor And Hiking Brands.

On top of its record of gloves, Give’r has an upright collection of headwear, shirts, and accessories. You’ll even find exclusive products like waterproof dog collars and straps, neck cosies, and stickers.

A remote cry from the like of full-service brands like Patagonia, Give’r’s product line is rather limited. However, the clothing on offer is exclusive and you’re unlikely to see any duplicates while you’re on the road. Plus, you’re sustaining one of the little guys, which always feels nice.

9. Black Diamond

Black Diamond is one of the best outdoor and hiking brands to concentrate on outdoor sports equipment and accessories. They produce stuff for almost every type of activity possible! Climbing, skiing, mountain and trail trekking – Black Diamond has covered it all.

10 Best Outdoor And Hiking Brands.

One of their best-selling items is the spring-loaded camming appliance for rock climbers. Nevertheless, check out their site for other accessories like helmets, harnesses, tents, and carabiners.

If you’re looking for clothing, then Black Diamond also has you enveloped. They sell outdoor and hiking jackets, hoodies, gloves, and hats to keep you warm and comfortable during your trip.

10. Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research‘s task is to provide gear that motivates people to venture outdoors. As one of the biggest outdoor brands in the United States, they sell thousands of clothing things for a wide range of actions. You’ll find jackets, ski pants, alpine gloves, and the whole thing in between.

They have also collaborated with dozens of brands and non-profits to endorse outdoor education and environmental stability. One of our beloved organizations they work with is #SheAdventures, a scholarship program to endorse and empower strong, female athletes.

Whether you are about to try the Kokoda Trail or whether you are just looking to drift down the nearest river on an inflatable thong, beer in one hand, and trail mix in the other (and certainly wearing some timeless wardrobe basics), these are the coolest and best outdoor and hiking brands to get into your life. (and hiking pack) this year.