You’ve made the first move, asked her out on a date, and spent a couple of months (or, maybe years) together. Now, you’re considering whether to ask her to move in with you. Well, before you take the big leap, find out more about couple-friendly sleep positions. 

The way someone sleeps says a lot about them. And, if you’re in a happy and healthy relationship, how you sleep and cuddle together can say a lot about your relationship. Keep in mind that sleeping beside each other is an intimate act, both of you are at your most vulnerable, and how you act around each other when you’ve let your guards down can say a lot about the future of the relationship. 

If you’re having trouble sleeping or not getting a good night’s sleep, it is most likely related to your sleep position. And, when you’re sleeping with someone, space is an issue. Partners can often disturb each other’s sleep and don’t want to sleep apart.

Sleep Positions

Research conducted by the University of Hertfordshire has revealed that the most popular and preferred couple sleeping position is back-to-back, followed by the facing-the-same-direction sleep position. The least popular sleep position is the one where couples face each other. 

The most important thing in a long-term or a live-in relationship is to find a good sleep position for couples that will give you your personal space and not disturb your sleep, while also keeping you connected to your partner. 

On that note, let’s explore the popular sleeping positions for couples and see what they mean. 

Best Couple Sleeping Positions

1. The Spoon

The Spoon is the most comfortable and preferred couple sleeping position in the world. In a classic and timeless sleep position, one part has to take lead and assume a protective and intimate stance from behind (the big spoon). While the second person leans their back against their front. It’s a skin-on-skin position and is known to provide the ultimate comfort, both physical and emotional. 

sleep position

Gone are the days when men could only be the big spoon. Men like to be the small spoon, too! And, it’s a fact. Thus, the small spoon and the big spoon can be interchanged once in a while. This sleep position is seen as a safe cocooned position and implies that both partners have a deep level of commitment. 

If either of you has sleep apnea, you should consider this position. 

2. Back-to-back

The back-to-back is another popular sleep position for couples. It’s a “liberty” position that indicates that the relationship has balance. This is the best sleep position for couples who like to stay connected and maintain their individuality at the same time. The back-to-back shows affection and care. 

Also, those who fall asleep with their spines connected imply that show closeness, it means that both of you are sexually connected while still comfortable facing away from each other.

Couples who sleep in this position are very secure and committed in their relationship. 

3. Sweetheart’s Cradle

You’ve seen this one in movies a lot! The sweetheart’s cradle is a timeless post-sex couple sleeping position. It’s a sweet and nurturing position. One partner (usually, the woman but not necessarily) rests her head on the other’s shoulder or chest. The other partner nuzzles closer. This sleep position is very romantic and is known to keep couples connected. The love hormone, also known as oxytocin is released in this position.

The sweetheart’s cradle is a passionate sleep position. You will want to save this one for special days like after meaningful sex or trying to make up for an intense fight. 

A couple who prefers this sleep position has a high level of trust between them. This sleep position shows protection. 

4. Fully Intertwined

Yet another intimate and romantic sleep position, this should be used only if you both are very comfortable with each other! If you have problems deep sleeping or sleeping well, you should give this one a go! 

The fully intertwined sleep position is very popular among young and new couples, especially when you’re in the honeymoon phase of the relationship. Some couples maintain this position and some do not. It is a personal choice. You should stick with whatever you’re comfortable in.

During the fully intertwined sleep position, if you feel your hands or body feeling numb then you can gently shift or transition to the classic spoon couple sleeping position.

5. Pillow talk

If you and your partner are comfortable in sleeping facing each other but not touching, pillow talks sleep position will be your best friend! Studies have found that extroverts usually prefer the pillow talk sleep position.

This position implies that you have a close and comfortable bond. You’re comfortable talking to each other about anything. It signifies teamwork and trust. 

For extra comfort in the pillow talk sleep position, find a firm density pillow with enough support. Curved pillows work well too!

Worst Sleep Positions for Couples

Just like there are best sleep positions for couples, there are also some worst ones that you would want to avoid at any cost! 

1. The Headlock

In the headlock sleep position, one partner has their arm around the other’s neck. It’s a very uncomfortable position and can send the wrong signals of being obsessed or possessive. If the other partner falls asleep, the headlock can become stronger choking them. It’s dangerous. You don’t want to strangle your partner. 

2. The Starfish

Starfish sleepers is a mock term for those people who need a lot of space when they sleep. The Starfish sleep position is the one where one partner takes up all the space and spreads themselves on the bed leaving little to no room for the other partner. You don’t want to be a space hogger while sleeping with someone you love! 

This is hands down one of the worst couple sleeping positions. Avoid this one at any cost. Your partner might get the wrong impression that you don’t care about them

The bottom line is that no matter what sleep position you choose, make sure both you and your partner are 100 per cent comfortable and secure. Both of you must be able to get a good night’s sleep. 

Couples need to find a coordinated couple sleeping position. It is more crucial than you think as it can determine the future of your relationship. And, trust us on this. Nobody wants to break up because you couldn’t find a comfortable sleep position for you and your partner.