To begin with, there will be two types of people when they read the heading. One type will be those who are going to exclaim I told them, it’s a real thing! And there will be another group who will be like It’s a real thing? And not just a euphemism for just sexual frustration?

Well, believe or not, blue balls are a real thing. And no, it’s not just a euphemism, and could actually result from sexual frustration or rather sexual arousal that hasn’t resulted in an orgasm. But it’s nothing too serious, and the ways to get rid of blue balls are quite simple too. It’s so harmless that there isn’t even a medical treatment that is available as no doctor considers it bad enough for you to require medicine or surgery for it. 

It is interesting to note that at one point, the blue balls syndrome was even considered to be psychosomatic when enough research was not put into it, you know because doctors never saw it as threatening the man’s health. It was suggested that it’s not a real thing and just something in people’s heads (brains!)

What are blue balls?

No, it’s not when your balls turn blue. Okay, they may turn into a little blue-ish tint, but nothing close to the actual colour blue. It’s more of them turning slightly darker than their natural colour. And they might sometimes hurt too. 

Blue balls or testicles are known as epididymal hypertension in medical terms. If you have done a little bit of science, you’ll guess that it has to do with the blood flow in your testicles. The epididymis is a tube that connects the vas deferens to each testicle. And hypertension means increased blood flow or pressure. 

Thus, epididymal hypertension means the simple increased flow to blood in your testicles, which usually takes place when you are aroused. Usually, the blood flow returns to normal once you have orgasmed; but in cases when you can’t orgasm and ejaculate, it takes time for your testicles and the blood flow to go back to normal. 

This can lead to discomfort and slight pain, depending on person to person. And the time it takes to get rid of blue balls naturally also varies from person to person.

How to get rid of blue balls?

blue balls
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As we just mentioned, usually this discomfort subsides naturally in a couple of minutes or hours, depending on your body. And since this has no long term effects or causes any damage to your reproductive system, you can wait for it to go away. However, if the discomfort is too much to handle, here are some ways to get rid of blue balls.

1. Ignore it

The ease with which you can ignore your boner differs from person to person. But in general, it is the easiest way to get rid of blue balls. Get away from what’s causing you the arousal and erection. If you are old and mature enough, you should probably be able to do this with a fair amount of ease. If you can’t, there are more answers to how to get rid of blue balls.

2. Distract yourself with some problem solving

A step further from the last method, divert your mind from the dirty things and put them into something that will make you wrack your brains on to something else. And the easiest way to do that is to focus on some problem-solving work which will require you to completely focus on it. Try getting some difficult task done to divert your mind.

3. Lie down and relax

If you are at the luxury of a bed or sofa, lie down and try to think about things which will not sexually arouse you. Lying down will help take the blood flow away from your blue balls and it again, one of the easier ways to get rid of blue balls. 

Also, don’t think of dirty things. What is the point of lying down to get rid of the increased blood flow from your testicles, when you are going to think about sexually arousing things?

4. Workout 

Exercising and will make your body increase the blood flow in the parts which you are using and which require more energy. For example, if you start working out your legs, your body will automatically divert more blood to your legs, hence, taking away even the excess blood away from your testicles. This should move the extra blood away from your testicles and should get rid of your blue balls. 

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5. Lift something heavy

A combination of some of the above-stated ways, lifting something heavy will not only move blood away from your testicles and make the blood flow normal in them but also divert your attention away, both aiding in getting rid of the blue balls. Exerting such pressure on your body physically, and mentally too because of the sheer weight to the object, should help you here.

6. Masturbate

If the above answers to how to get rid of blue balls don’t work out for you, then go for the trick you’ve probably heard the most – masturbate. It typically is the answer to most people’s sexual frustration, and probably the easiest too as you can do it yourself. 

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7. Ice packs

If the above ways are not for you or trying them out haven’t done you much good, go for the reliable pain reliever – ice packs. If you want you could go for some painkillers if the pain is too much to bear, but we would recommend not to consume painkillers for every little pain. If you can bear, use an ice pack. 

However, if the pain is too much, then there might be something more than just blue balls that are affecting you. We recommend you see a doctor if it’s a prolonged pain and happens too often

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