Stars like Harry Styles and Jared Leto set a trend for braids, that has been here over a few years now and seems like it’s going to last. The hashtag ‘man braid’ is a trend on social media and has exploded among men quite quickly. 

Talking about trends, braids might have become popular in recent years, however, the origin of man braid dates back to old cultures stretching from Africa to China. Braids have also been looked up to as symbols and portrayals of power and status among people. 

While some men find it difficult and time-consuming to braid hair, some always keep oscillating between deciding whether to go for braids or not. But, let us tell you, braids would never disappoint you, and you’ll see it for yourself. You just need to decide and start.

How to braid hair for guys at home?

Braiding hair has, for a good amount of time, been considered something that just women do, which is why the whole process of braiding looks really arduous to men because they have never tried it. It is always relaxing to just sit down, and have somebody else comb and style your hair into beautiful braids.

However, if you are going to adopt braids as a regular hairstyle for yourself, you need to learn how to braid hair. A product to stiffen your hair and set them in a certain position is what you need to look for and grab first. You can try a wax or pomade for the same, or anything that will provide texture to your hair without making them very stiff or rough.

Divide your hair into strands, and pull each strand tightly, continuing from front to back, until you’ve braided all hair. To keep them in place, you can tie a rubber band at the end, or even leave them open if you’ve applied a gel/wax.

Also, you can always visit experts or stylists if you’re keen on styling your hair differently or making some intricate braids, which is not easy for men to do on their own.

Here is a step-by-step process to braid hair for guys:

  1. Start with a clean, fresh look. Shampoo your hair well, use a conditioner thereafter, and comb your hair properly. If you condition your hair well, it will be easier for you to grab a hold of your hair and arrange them into braids.
  1. The next step is to apply your hair product. Rub your hair wax/pomade through your fingers and apply it to your hair gently. These products will ensure that your hair does not sway away in different directions while you’re braiding them, and makes them stay in one particular setup for longer. After applying the product, comb it throughout your hair so that it evenly gets distributed in all your hair strands.
  1. Mould your middle hair, which you will be using for the braids.
  1. Among the middle moulded hair, divide into three equal sections. Cross the extreme right hair strand over the middle strand, then cross the left strand over the middle strand and repeat the same procedure.  You can do this according to the length of the braid you wish to keep. Leave it midway or make it up till the ends of the hair.
  1. Secure the hair with a band, where the braid finishes, and your braid is done.

Braid styles for men

Different braids need to be styled differently. However, to start, the most common step is to brush any tangle out from your hair, create a centre parting with the pointed end of your comb. After that, you’ll need to divide your hair into certain sections, depending upon the type of braid that you want. 

Here’s a list of some popular braid styles among men.

1. Cornrows:

Tight braids worn close to the head are termed as cornrows. This is one of the most popular braid styles among men and can be styled in various types of intricate braids, by experts. 

Braid Hair
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How to make cornrows?

The process of braiding cornrows might be a little difficult and different from the normal braid procedure given above, and hence have a look at how you are going to do this. Also, it takes more time and needs to be done neatly. 

  • After dividing your hair into three sections, as usual, move the right strand under the middle strand.
  • Do the same using the left strand.
  • Repeat.
  • The braid will start to form.
  • Keep grabbing more hair as you continue braiding. 
  • Make sure to add a uniform amount of hair each time, otherwise, the overall, complete look might not look that refined and good.
  • Secure the end of your braid with a band, if required.
  • Keeping a distance of 0.5 to 1 inch between two braids, braid the rest of your hair to create several braids on your hair, and get that traditional cornrow look.

2. Viking braid

Deriving their inspiration from historic Nordic warriors, Viking braids give you a really cool and rugged look. For the extra bold look, you can also pair these braids with a full beard, and dive deep into that fierce look. Viking haircut encompasses various men’s hairstyles, like braids, ponytails, Mohawk, undercut, etc. 

20 Viking Hairstyles for Men and Women of This Millennium - Haircuts &  Hairstyles 2021
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3. Single plait

Tired of styling those long locks with a simple standard ponytail? Try plaiting or braiding them, and it’ll look like you’ve put some good efforts into styling them (which you would have).

4. Layered braids

Layered braids can be styled in ponytails as well as on those open long hair locks. Also, it works well with both long as well as short hair, so you really don’t have to think about it a lot.

5. Braids Bun

Honestly, a man bun is one classy, hot hairstyle that men generally do not feel like giving upon. Nevertheless, you can always give in to some textures and variations to your favourite hairstyle, and what can be a better option than braids.  When styling your hair, you can go for multiple braids that run from your forehead into the topknot. 

50 Handsome Man Bun Hairstyles - Men Hairstyles World
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A man bun and a man braid are two of the most trending, alluring and attractive hairstyles to enter the fashion industry and endorsed by the men right now.