A suit is one of the most confident attires a man can don and as a result, it is often reserved for formal occasions and certain important festivities. A two-piece suit echoes a significant level of sophistication which, if accompanied with correct accessories, will make a perfect style statement on formal occasions. This article will help you to know about brands for Business Suit Men.

Be that as it may, finding the right suit for you is easier than done. It requires a good deal of time, effort and knowledge to pick the right one for you that will suit your style, taste and body type. In addition, a good deal of research is also required concerning the fit and fabric of the suit which is two of the most paramount things to be considered. 

Therefore, to make your work easier, here are some of the trustworthy brands that provide the best business suit men like you would always want. 

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11 Popular Brands for Business Suit Men want:

1. Tom Ford

Tom Ford was formerly the creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, and anyone who is well aware of these brands will know how classy and luxurious the clothes are. When it comes to Tom Ford’s suits, these are some of the vanguard and best business suits men could wear. 

Brands for Business Suit Men

They are often characterised by their slim-cut, with a variety of fabrics and styles that will certainly up your fashion game

2. Giorgio Armani

Created in 1975, Giorgio Armani was one of the most famous and high-end fashion brands by 2001. The suits are often popular for their clean lines and authentic formal wear. Believe it or not, many businessmen often wear a Giorgio Armani suit as a status and success symbol, especially in the meetings when they want to gain an upper hand. 

3. Ralph Lauren

Who doesn’t know Ralph Lauren? Launched in 1967, this high-end fashion brand is one of the best brands that guarantee craftsmanship and intricate designs in their formal wear. Out of all its productions, the suits established by Purple Label are impeccable when it comes to tailoring and design. 

With Ralph Lauren, you will never have to complain about fabrics, materials or styles. 

4. Kingsman

Many are not aware of this, but when ‘Kingsman: Secret Service’ was released, Mr Porter, a British e-tailer joined hands with the film’s costume designer and launched ‘Kingsman’.

Kingsman guarantees some of the best double-breasted suits that are chic with a structured silhouette which is often considered as a convention for a British. 

5. Calvin Klein

Another popular brand, Calvin Klein, believes in minimal aesthetics which is often created as a result of concocting the basics with unstructured tailoring. In the end, one gets to wear the best business suit men would always prefer to make a style statement.  

The suits always emanate a regal elegance which is seldom found in other companies. The company was launched in 1968 by Clavin Richard Klein. 

6. Brioni

Brioni was launched in Rome in 1945 and is known for dressing Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan. Brioni suits are most popular for their ready-to-wear and customised styles which are extremely luxurious and chic. Their highly-praised fashion and style are a result of thousands of hours of work that are dedicated to each suit. 

7. Dolce & Gabbana

Formed in the 1980s, Dolce & Gabbana is one of the luxury fashion brands which has become one of the high-end, status symbols, worn by business professionals. 

The suits offered by Dolce & Gabbana are indelible and intricate that help in accentuating your body shape. From intricately embroidered silk to a dark and debonair suit, this brand will help you look special and establish you as an authoritative individual. 

8. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is another trustworthy and popular brand that guarantees the best business suit men across the globe would prefer to wear. It helps in emanating masculinity and elegance in a classic fit

If you are a boss or a person with higher authority in your office, you can regularly wear a Hugo Boss suit which will ensure comfort and regular fit. It will embrace the shape of your body and the contours which will emanate a fashion-forward look. 

9. Gucci

Gucci is largely popular for its eye-catching, attractive, bold printed and patterned details which often set a business-casual tone in a formal setting. Although it might be perceived as ‘over-the-top’ by a majority of people, with impeccable dressing and the right choice of clothes, you will certainly be able to nail it. 

In addition, Gucci also designs more traditional suits in chic and sleek colours, if ‘over-the-top’ is not your thing.   

Brands for Business Suit Men
10. Canali

Founded by Giacomo Canali in 1934, Canali is one of the best Italian luxury brands that offer impeccable men’s clothing that also includes suits and other accessories. Although it began in the mid-20th century, it continues to mould the fashion world today which says a lot about the brand. 

If you’ve seen the Michael Clayton movie, then you should know that George Clooney wore Canali suits which added to his personality and confidence. Although they are quite pricey, almost all of them are, but they are quite detailed and intricate which makes them worth it. 

11. Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna is an Italian fashion brand that was established in 1910. The most striking quality about this high-end fashion brand is its approach towards running a business that is often associated with preserving nature and using nature-friendly raw materials. 

This fashion brand is highly known for its supreme quality fabrics and wool production. Statistically, Ermenegildo Zegna is considered to be the largest menswear brand in the world inclusive of smart and basic designs. 

These are some of the best and trustworthy brands that promise high-end business suit men would always prefer in a professional setting. Choose any suit by any of these brands and you will be able to establish an effective presence in your office.