Contrary to the common perception, life abounds with opportunities, which can change your life enormously. You may acknowledge them and understand them, but somehow, the mental trammels of your mind restrain you from grasping them. 

These mental trammels are collectively recognised as the comfort zone, which is characterised by familiarity and repetition. In simple terms, it implies that you’re so attached to your comfort zone because that’s what you know and that’s what you’ve been doing over and over again. For instance, you’ve been going to college with your friends on a train for a while now. However, one day your friend is feeling a bit under the weather and so he decides to do a rain check on the college. Now, going alone on the train is not something that you normally do. And that’s why you follow suit because going alone is out of your comfort zone. 

More often than not, it’s the thoughts that whirl inside your mind which impede your growth and development that’s possible only after your comfort zone. If your lack of advancement in life resonates with this idea, then you should thank yourself right now for landing on this webpage. This article on men’s comfort zones will help you get a comprehensive understanding of what a comfort zone is and how to move past it for achieving the unimaginable. 

What is the meaning of a comfort zone?

The term ‘comfort zone’ was initially coined by the management thinker Judith Bardwick in her book, ‘Danger in the Comfort Zone’ in 1991. She has corroborated the comfort zone to be a behavioural state where the person experiences a minimal level of anxiety and ensures a ‘steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk.’

As per this definition, one can infer that remaining in the comfort zone will not render you any benefits or take you to the pinnacle of any experiences. Without risks, your performance is just stalemated. 

It’s normal to feel anxious when you’re in a new environment, meeting new people. Under such circumstances, there are three common responses, fight, flight or freeze. Once you get acquainted with the new situation, it becomes your comfort zone and you’re afraid to move past it which impedes progress. 

Be that as it may, how many successful men do you know who have not challenged themselves to come out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals? Certainly, zero. Most men’s achievements are significantly dependent upon how much you pull yourself out of the zone.

With that said, let’s focus upon some of the undeniable benefits of leaving your comfort zone. You don’t know what you’re unlocking when you lock this smouldering room, which is heaven in paradise, called a comfort zone. 

Wonders of exiting from men’s comfort zone

  • Resilience:

The moment you step out of your comfort zone is the moment that you’ll face a plethora of uncertainties and unprecedented events in life. You cannot always expect something to happen in the future that you can control. Nuh-uh, that’s not how it works. Instead, you can hone yourself to be comfortable with this uncomfortable feeling to tolerate the unexpected in your life with more grace. Voila, here’s how you build resilience. 

Resultantly, you cultivate antifragility and don’t freeze in unprecedented situations as you used to do before. 

  • The paradigm shift in your mindset:

According to the research conducted by Stanford psychologist, Carol Dweck on mindsets, there are categorically two types: the fixed and the growth mindset. 

When a person has a fixed mindset, they evaluate their achievements based on the qualities and abilities they possess. Any sort of failure is marked by a spike in the feeling of inadequacy which is met halfway by the plummeting self-esteem. Resultantly, a fixed mindset will keep you tethered to the trammels of the fear of failing. 

On the other hand, a fixed mindset is more fluid, which recognises obstacles as opportunities for learning something new. You may not have a growth mindset before you leave your comfort zone. The development of such a type of mindset happens parallelly when you leave your comfort zone. 

  • Cultivation in the sense of security and self-efficacy:

Self-efficacy can be defined by the individual’s self-belief in the capabilities to achieve the goals. These goals can be short term and more specific. 

When you leave your comfort zone, the result might seem to be either a success or failure. However, leaving your comfort zone is in itself a success as you’re learning something new. This increases your self-efficacy and catalyses the development of a growth mindset. 

Having unravelled the benefits of leaving your comfort zone which can be easily reflected in older men’s achievements, let’s explore some of the ways that can help in breaking men’s comfort zones. 

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5 ways to break men’s comfort zone:
  • Be more creative:

To be more creative, doesn’t imply taking a brush and a canvas and start painting. Or write a poem even if you don’t know how to write one. All these things are creative but when it comes to your daily tasks, try to do them with some novelty. Be more creative in your routine so you can try new and unknown things and expect unexpected outcomes. It will hone your skills and help you develop a growth mindset. 

  • Do things differently:

This point is quite related to the one mentioned above. So, starting from today, try to do things differently. Challenge yourself to do quite the opposite of what you do normally. So for example, if you’ve been doing the same workout every day, do it a different one today. If you’ve been listening only to your playlist, listen to a different genre today, preferably the one that you think you wouldn’t like. These changes will break your routine, add the ‘un’ to the precedent and make your life a tad bit more interesting.

  • Reflect on your beliefs:

More often than not, the beliefs that we inherently possess and use as yardsticks for living our lives, are the ones that hold us back from experiencing life itself. Therefore, it would do you no harm to do a rain check on these deeply embedded beliefs. 

Once you get rid of the ones that held you back, you’ll realise how easy it is to embrace the new and unknown things. 

  • Be honest:

What better virtue than honesty to pull yourself out of your comfort zone? By being honest about your actions, intentions and yourself to your friend or yourself can be vulnerable and intimidating. However, get comfortable with this feeling and soon you’ll be on the path of personal growth.

  • Develop your skill sets:

By focusing on the development of your skill sets fosters self-confidence as you’re honing your personality and increasing your employability. If you do decide to focus upon this quality which often precedes wise men’s achievements, concentrate more on soft skills such as leadership, public speaking, negotiation and other interpersonal skills. 

These are some of the most helpful ways to break men’s comfort zones and achieve the unachievable in your life. Remember, everything is in front of you. You just need to unlock the doors of your mind and grasp it. It’s that easy!