The Collins Dictionary defines brolic as a “slang word describing someone with well-developed muscles”. This is a less common word used in the fitness community to describe someone with an extremely muscular physique.

Where did the word originate from and what is the meaning of the term?

There are good chances that you had been a fan of the anime Dragon Ball Z in your childhood days. Well, you obviously would remember the character Broly from it. Yes, that’s how the word ‘brolic’ originated. The original version of the character from Dragon Ball Z ‘Base Form Broly’ was sleek and lean in appearance. However, its later versions like ‘Legendary Super Saiyan Broly’ had an oversized muscular body, with huge muscles. 

Broly was highly superior in comparison to the other characters, capable of destroying planets. So, all you anime fans, you must definitely know about this term, and more so when you belong to the Dragon Ball Z fandom

Calling a man ‘brolic’ is a great compliment for them, while it can come across as a diss when used as an adjective for a woman since this basically means that the woman is manly in character or appearance. 

Tips for becoming brolic

Now that we’re on the topic and you’ve understood what does brolic mean, let us not leave without some tips on becoming brolic. Almost every man has an inspiration to become bigger. Hence, we are here and have compiled some ways for you to build a great body and muscles.

1.Protein is what you need:

You must have seen guys who go to the gym take extra protein supplements and protein shakes. Well, proteins are the building blocks of the body and its muscles. They aid in the recovery process greatly and are a must inclusion in your daily diet program.

2.Use dumbbells:

While using an excess of dumbbells right from the start of your training can be a little bad for you, you will have to eventually include it in your exercise routine, slowly and gradually. Using dumbbells presses the chest and this works well to get bigger muscles.

Young ripped man bodybuilder with perfect abs, shoulders,biceps, triceps and chest posing with a dumbbell


3.Take a good diet:

Eating big can actually lead to getting big, faster, and better. Like proteins, your body needs a lot of essential nutrients if you want to begin to get big muscles. Investing a lot of time in the gym, without paying proper attention to your diet might not be good, since it becomes difficult to attain your desired body that way. Making sure that you’re doing both things right is quite important. You must include chicken, egg, fish, milk, protein shakes, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, yams, etc. in your daily diet. 

Also, make sure that you eat small meals in between every 2-3 hours when you’re not sleeping.


Sleeping well rests your mind for you to function properly for the entire day. Also, you grow when you sleep. Thus, it is advised for you to necessarily take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. 


When you work so hard every day, do regular workouts, eat right and sleep well, then the next thing that you’d require is some supplements. Choose the right supplements, the ones that work for you, and take them regularly, as advised. 

6.Volume training:

Most bodybuilders adapt to volume training, which is one good way to enlarge those muscles. You can try it too.

7.Don’t stress yourself:

While avoiding being over-stressed about life and things in general works good for almost everything, it works bonkers with muscle making as well. Stress releases the hormone called cortisol in our bodies, which promotes muscle breakdown. Hence, it becomes extremely difficult for anybody to build muscles in that case.

8.Be consistent in your efforts:

Going to the gym maybe once in a while, and then starting to eat unhealthily, is not how it’s done. To become bigger and brolic, you’ll be required to be consistent in your efforts. Go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, and be consistent in this. Just do not abandon things in the middle. Remember that it might take time, but the result will be what you have always desired and it will be worth all of it.

9.Find the workout and set of exercises that work the best for you:

It is always important to understand what works well for your body. Different things might work for different people, and the aim of a workout session is essential to find out through practice, whatever suits your body and your strength.

10.The sky’s the limit:

Do not ever think that your body is incapable of doing something. With the right mind and body training, almost anything is possible. Well, you’ll realize all of this with practise as and when you’ll see yourself doing things that you never thought you’d be able to do.