The glutes are a man’s body’s strongest and largest muscle group. Did you know? But, most men ignore this region while working out. This is why your butt and glutes are most likely to be undertrained when you prepare your body for powerlifting. And since your glutes are big, working them can boost your metabolism! On that note, let’s see some fun butt workouts. 

Ask any woman what they find most attractive in a man’s body. The unanimous answer will be, “his butt”. We can guarantee this! What everyone’s looking for is a cute and firm butt (maybe, a little spank-able if you know what I mean). Nobody likes a flat looking butt. Let’s be real. It’s not the best shape.

Thanks to Instagram and social media in general, we’re in the middle of a glutes renaissance! With the focus on functional fitness, everyone wants a good looking butt. 

A good butt workout can also perform wonders for your sex life! Let’s explore the anatomy of the butt.

The glutes workout and the anatomy of the butt

As we said, the glutes along with the back, hamstrings, and calves are the largest and the most powerful muscle group in the human body. Called the “posterior chain”, this muscle group is responsible for how your body looks and feels to touch. It generates more force than any other muscle in the human body and is extremely crucial for performing those deadlifts. 

A good butt is not just sexy, it’s important for lifting things and for basic functioning. And, sitting on your ass all day in an office, can do more harm to your body than you can anticipate. 

It’s time to do a butt workout and work those glutes. Not only will you look extremely hot in yoga pants, but you’ll also be able to perform compound looks with much ease. 

The best butt workouts to build your glutes


Butt Workout

Whether you love them or hate them, you gotta squat them. The classic squat is the most timeless butt exercise for men. You don’t need to be a fitness guru to know that! Remember to squat low. You can enhance your butt workout by holding weights like a barbell, a kettlebell, or a slam ball. Try out squat variations, throw in a few jumps in the mix! Whatever you do, make it fun. And, if you think doing squats is an easy glutes workout, you’re probably doing it wrong. Check your stance!

2.Glute kickbacks

This is another fun butt exercise! Position yourself in a doggy position (yes, you heard that right), keep your head slightly raised. Now, slowly lift each of your legs backwards, keeping them straight in a 90 degrees angle. Hold it there for a good few seconds. Repeat it with your other leg and continue doing it in reps. Try to squeeze your butt and thigh muscles while doing this. 

3.Barbell Hip Thrust

Hold on, this one’s gonna be thrust. The barbell hip thrust is one of the most effective butt exercises for men. If done correctly, it will work wonders. Start by resting your upper back on a sturdy stool or bench and try to sit on the floor with legs fully extended. Now, you will have to roll a loaded barbell up to your thighs until the bar sits on your lap comfortably. You should place a towel or a mat on your hips for comfort. Now, brace your abs tightly and drive your heels into the floor to extend your hips with full force, trying to raise them until your thighs and your upper body are hundred per cent parallel to the floor. 

4.Kettlebell swing

There isn’t a better butt exercise for men than the kettlebell swing. This move has a pure explosive hip extension and will work like magic. If you do it right and push your hips backwards with full force in every move and then squeeze your glutes aggressively, you’ll have a popping butt in just two weeks! But, you have to do it right!

  1. Hover to Drive Lunge

Any type of lunges or any butt exercises that works your thigh at the same time is super effective! The Hover to Drive lunge is another great butt workout move for a picture-perfect butt. A key function of your butt is to drive your hips into extension. Doing that in an aggressive contraction while balancing the rest of the body is a great butt exercise. The Hover to Drive lunge challenges both power and balance and is super effective!

6.Side-Lying Clam

The Side-Lying Clam is single handedly the best butt exercise if you want to show off your butt! It also tightens your hip muscles and overall makes a great butt workout! If you’re doing it right, then the movement will look something like a clamshell opening. You just have to start by lying on your side on the floor and bend your knees 90 degrees straight. Your knees and feet should be absolutely stacked. Now, place one hand on your glutes and try to push through your heel as you rotate your hip open swiftly, raising the knee until it points straight to the ceiling.

7.Single-Leg Deadlift

The single-leg deadlift, another timeless butt exercise has two bonus features: you’re training your glutes to perfection just as much as you do with traditional deadlifts and you’re also working on your glutes to stabilize the frontal plane. This works wonders in tightening your butt. However, for it to work with full force as a butt workout, you should actively squeeze your glutes. This one’s a glute mayhem when done right!

So, what did you learn? How to get that perfect butt? Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! Remember that no matter what you do and how much of it you do, if you don’t squeeze your glutes in, your butt workout will fail. 

Sculpting a good butt is not just about the aesthetics and the sex part. It goes way deeper than that. Having a firm butt improves your posture, improves speed, can decrease the risk of injury. If you’re a sports person, then you should definitely include a butt workout in your fitness regime! It will boost your overall performance. 

When you finally get the butt of your dreams, show them off in super-tight joggers