In earlier times, buying a pair of jeans used to be extremely easy due to its limited options. However, with the spike in the variety of jeans you see every day in the offline as well as online stores, it makes it difficult for many men to choose.

With the increase in the variety of jeans, there is an exorbitant amount of confusion regarding some styling details such as weight, wash and detailing. Not only this but sometimes men are also confused regarding the different types of jeans that would suit them.

The first thing to keep in mind when you buy jeans is to see how they fit you. The fit of the jeans is everything. It determines your look, your personality to how good it makes you feel. So, here are some different types of fit that you need to keep in mind when you buy men’s jeans.

Types of fit

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1.       Slim fit:

Slim-fit jeans should make you look clean, sharp and neat. However, they should not completely hug your lower body, as jeggings. If they completely fit your lower body, it will make you look skinny, which you do not want. Therefore, they should hang loosely around your ankles, and not extremely tight around your thighs and calves.

2.       Straight-leg fit:

Feels a little similar to the slim-fit, but looser. Wearing such kind of jeans, gives you a straight look, without accentuating any shape. It is a bit tight around your thighs and loses around your knees, calves and ankles.

3.       Classic fit:

Classic fit is one of the most common types of jeans fittings that you will find. It is cut-loose throughout your lower body. Therefore, if you wish to buy jeans of a similar fitting, make sure that you buy half an inch shorter than your regular size. Due to its extra size, your classic fit can turn into bell-bottom fit, if bought at your exact size. Or if you really like this one, you can just cuff it up.   

4.       Relaxed fit:

This is the most comfortable of all jeans fittings, as it hangs loosely around your lower body, giving your legs as much space as they want. If you like this kind, make sure they are not excessively loose, which might cause some unwanted mishaps in the public. Therefore, to fit them perfectly, make sure they fit your waist and do not hang loose there.

Now that we know the most staple kind of fittings that are available in different types of jeans for men, let us understand the process of buying jeans keeping in mind your physique.

How to buy jeans

1.       Jeans for skinny man:

Skinny men are often called ectomorph due to their lean muscles, narrow shoulders, flat chest and overall light build. As it becomes difficult for them to gain weight, it is essential to style their jeans in a way that does not accentuate their light figure.

Type of jeans: A straight-leg jeans would suit them the best as it neither accentuates the figure nor is completely hanging loose around their body.

If possible, try to avoid wearing wide-leg or relaxed baggy jeans as that would look too loose around you. Moreover, don’t style skinny jeans as that would emphasize your slim figure. High rise jeans are also not a good option for you as those would highlight your light build and also draw attention to your flat butts.

2.       Jeans for athletes:

If you have an athletic physique you have all the reasons in the world, to accentuate that body and flaunt those toned buttocks.

Type of jeans: To flex your hard work at the gym, make sure you wear a slim fit or straight-leg jeans as they would work best to draw everyone’s attention to your toned lower body. Moreover, low rise jeans might be more suitable than high-rise ones.  

If possible avoid wearing baggy, relaxed jeans or regular fits with wide legs as they would not show your athletic figure.  You don’t want all your blood, sweat and tears you spent at the gym to go in vain, do you?

3.       Jeans for well built man:

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If you are built-up and have a bulkier physique, your legs will probably not fit inside slim-fit or skinny jeans. And even if they do by your Herculean energy, you will not be thankful for the consequences. Skinny jeans make your thighs and buttocks look extremely bigger and bulkier.

Types of jeans:

Straight-fit with wider legs suits you the best if you have a muscular physique. These kinds of jeans also help in emphasizing your toned lower body.

Secret tip: If you want to make your butts look smaller, keep your pockets large, close and deep.

4.       Jeans for men with wide hips:

Soccer players are generally the men with large hips along with thick and wide legs, larger than the waist. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to style jeans with an equal leg width appropriate to your physique.

Types of jeans: If you have wide hips, then probably you are the luckiest man on earth as there are a variety of jeans that would go along with your physique:

  •  Relaxed-fit jeans are the best suitable for your lower body as it does not draw anyone’s attention to your bulky thighs.
  •  Straight-leg jeans hang loosely around your legs therefore, they do not hug your lower booty so tightly. Moreover, straight-leg jeans with high-rise help in maintaining equal width from the beginning of your lower body to the hem.
  •  You might also want to style loose jeans with wide-leg for a more casual street style.

If possible try and avoid wearing skinny or slim-fit jeans as your toned or bulky legs would not make a good appearance. Moreover, a low rise is also not a good option for you as they accentuate the wideness of your hip which you do not want.

5.       Jeans for plus size man:

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Healthy men generally have large thighs, buttocks, calves which make the styling of jeans a little difficult, not impossible.

Types of Jeans: If you belong to this category, then straight-cut jeans with wide legs are the best options for you as they would hug your skin too tightly nor hang extremely loose which makes you look wider. Another type of jeans that also go with your physique is relaxed jeans. However, it is very essential that the jeans have to get the measure right with such kind of jeans.

If possible avoid styling skinny or slim-fit jeans as it would create an imbalance in your overall posture. Along with this, try and avoid wearing flared or boot cut jeans as they would make your lower body look even wider.