These days, most men do not carry a handkerchief anymore. This tiny but quintessential menswear accessory, which was very trendy among the gentlemen of the old, has now become a non-essential item for the bulk of modern men.  For whatever reason, there are a shockingly low number of men Carry A Handkerchief. 

It is often wondered if this is a result of sheer laziness, not willing to take care of this accessory after purchase or by washing it daily after usage, or just ignored because of not knowing the importance and its use. This is certainly very disappointing.

This article is going to tell that the handkerchief is indeed one of the Top Accessories all Modern Gentleman Must Have in their Wardrobe and that every gentleman should carry a handkerchief every day. Not only are they exceedingly useful, but pulling out a good-looking handkerchief is a classy way to inflect one’s style. However, men’s handkerchief is not a topic that people discuss often as it is not considered a significant one.

Irrespective of how that a man has dressed, he wouldn’t be considered a complete gentleman without a handkerchief. 

Intrigued? Of course, everyone is. 

Keep on reading below for our handpicked, top 5 uses for handkerchiefs

1. Cleans the phone

It’s not wrong to say that humans are oily. Sometimes, this oil can get on their phones while taking an important call or on hour 4 of an intense Candy Crush session. Humans also eat and are usually pretty clumsy at it. Sometimes, they spill a little on phones but even a little is too much for phones. 

Sure, one can clean these messes with their shirt, but this might stain the shirt, and make the scenario a little awkward. There also might not be any napkins nearby, and who would want to risk staining their shirt? Instead, use the soft, smooth Handkerchief to safely clean the phone screen, leaving no residue and keeping the phone bright and shiny. 

2. Wipes sweat

Everyone knows the feeling. As the summer months draw near, the body’s sweat glands awaken from their winter slumber. Nothing’s worse than speed walking late to work in July, heart racing, just to sweat out in a hot office or while taking public transportation. 

A Handkerchief is one’s lifeline to wipe sweat from their face and body so they can clean themselves on those unbearably hot days. Also, one can even use a handkerchief to wipe off those inevitable anxious sweats right before they meet their friends for drinks. Regardless of the situation, a Handkerchief will be there to keep one feeling dry so that they need not worry about those extremely awkward sweat stains and instead focus on significant issues.

Carry A Handkerchief
3. Dries tears

The best reason to carry a handkerchief has more to do with others, especially ladies. It’s the chance to lend it to others in need. And that’s what a gentleman always does. Nobody could forgive Robert De Niro from the movie – The Intern, yes the one he played Ben – a 70-year-old ‘senior intern‘. He clarifies why gentlemen must dress to impress and to constantly carry a handkerchief – because women cry. Hence, the quote – A gentleman should always have a handkerchief, not for himself, but in case a lady needs one.

4. Brightens the suit

A clean man’s handkerchief creates a great pocket square. Try out a variety of prints and colors to give the outfit a pop of color. Subtle nautical-inspired motifs are highly recommended. They look sparkling, polished, and very handsome on a gentleman.

Make sure it’s folded well; a presidential fold (square fold) is the desired choice

men's black suit jacket

Less is more. As “totally classy dudes” the subtleties are what make a statement. One way to stand out is to inflect that suit with Handkerchief. There is an abundance of handkerchiefs that are designed to be used as the perfect pocket square to add a splash of flair to the charming nights. No doubt, these pocket squares will enhance the complete look and make it more charismatic and alluring. And the best part is no one would figure out that a handkerchief is a reason for the intriguing charm 

5. Dries hands

Do all people know what the worst is? When a bathroom is out of paper towels, and that’s usually when the dryer also isn’t working. Of course, this always happens when one is out at a bar or a festival, so the only way out is to wipe the wet hands on the perfect “Friday Night at Midnight” bar jacket or “Saturday Afternoon at Coachella” festival clothes.

With Handkerchiefs, one will never have wet hands or watermarks on their shirt. So, carry a handkerchief and go ahead and get together with people, shake their hands, give them dap, do whatever you want to, with confidence. Let others feel the uneasiness, from sweaty palms from being in the presence of greatness.

And it’s done giving 5 reasons, out of the many reasons why a man should always carry a handkerchief. To sum it up effectively – the handkerchief is a certain sign of a truly classy gentleman

A true gentleman or at least an aspiring one should always ensure to take care of all the little details related to the outfit and personality completely. Keeping these little details in mind always augments a man’s aura and is noted by all. Surprisingly such great aspects of perfection could be added to the overall personality by just a tiny little piece of cloth- a handkerchief. 

All the readers have learned one way to do it today – by having a handkerchief usable at all times.

Also, it’s not like paper towels are fine for the environment. It is a well-known fact. They sure are harmful, spilling everywhere, and adding to the already scattered garbage all over the place. But something could be done. Maybe one day everyone will have Handkerchiefs and paper towels could be less used for good. That is certainly the dream. So let’s all do our part.